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Why Does the CCP Harvest the Living Falun Gong Practitioner’s Organ?

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Why Does the CCP Harvest the Living Falun Gong Practitioner’s Organ?
By Thomas G.Guo[1]
I  background:

Several students askedme why the CCP harvest the living FLG practitioner’s organ? Is it really true?Is it just for money? It is Unbelievable! Since March 8, 2006, A journalist anda doctor’s wife on March 17, revealed a shocked news which exposed theharvesting of the living organ in Sujiatun concentration camp, all main mediain the world kept silence for months; however, on July 6,2006,
The Report of the investigation carried by twoprominent Canada formal M.P. David Kilgour and Human Right Lawyer David Madas,in which confirmed the Living Organ harvesting is true. The world main mediaall reported the news right away. Nevertheless, still there are many People hardlybelieve such horrible evil crime against human being and don’t understand why?Before answer this enquires, we have to learn some basic fact, what has happenin FLG practitioners?

II what has happen?

1  on March 8, 2006 a journalist, Mr. Peter,revealed the shocked news that there are 6000 FLG practitioners have being harvestedtheir organ sale for transplant with high price then incinerating thebodies. The World Organization to Investigate the Persecution ofFalun Gong (WOIPFG) confirmed that hospitals and transplant centers in China to useorgans from living Falun Gong practitioners for transplants.[2]( on March 28, Chinagovernment openly denied the accused. Speakereven declare that” Most organs in the organ transplant operations in China havebeen from voluntary donation of Chinese citizens when they were passing awayand very few from death penalty criminals” [3] However, thevice-minister of Health Minister of China, Mr.Huang Jiefu, admited that themajority of the donors are from executed prisoners and there are only 5 % comefrom voluntary donors.[4])
2  on March 17,2006, thesurgeon’s wife, Ms. Anny, proved that her formal-husband taken away about 2000FLG practitioner’ corneas during the early of 2001 to the end of 2003. InApril, 2006, The Weekly Standard interviewed Ms. Anny who proved thatthe doctors remove FLG’s kidneys, livers hearts skin tissue and corneas. [5]

3 on April, a militarydoctor confirmed that there are 36 similar concentration camps in China allinvolving harvesting live organ business.[6].

4 on July 6, twoprominent Canadahuman right activitors investigation report confirm that the harvesting istrue, and about 41000 organ transplant could not explain at all. and “"Thisis a form of evil we have yet to see on this planet," [7]( at the same day China embassy Canada deniedthe charge again.[8])

A lots of evidences show that the Harvestingthe living FLG’s practitioner is true

The reports ofDavid Kilgort and David Madas collect 18 kinds of evidence to prove the fact ofharvesting human organ:

1 FLG’s corpses withmissing organs (pictures). The picture could explain better more than thousandwords. Mr.Wand Bin, a FLG’s practitioner from Hei Longjiang province wastortured to death than his heart and brain all disappear.[9]Mr.Ren Pengwu, a FLG’s Practitioner from Ha Erbing, was tortured to death andhis body organ all harvesting than his body was forced burn up. Ms.Hao Runjun,a FLG’s practitionear from Guangzhou,was tortured by police to death then her body was opened without consent of therelative. Mr.Sun Duanjiang, a FLG’s practionar from Ningde Fujian Province, also torturedto death by police and his body was opened without the consent of his wife.[10]

2 The surgeon’s wife’sconfess that her formal husband had operation 2000 FLG’s corneas in two years.

3 China hospitalsadmitted. Telephone investigation the doctors admit their donors are FLG’s.forexample, on April 28, 2006,the doctor of Airforce Hospital in Chengdu confirmed thatthey can offer young health FLG’s practitioners donors.[11]

waiting for transplant time only need one ortwo weeks, maxima was one month, show there are huge bank of living organ are waitingfor donors, and must be have a computer date of donors. In North American the transplanthas to waiting three years. on April 28, 2006, the People’s Hospital of Hu Nangoffered to transplant 20 liver or kidney for free![12]Justbecause of there are too much livers and Sidney to donors.

4 victims interviewproved that all FLG has the blood test while in camps. Practitioners indetention are systematically blood tested. It is a pro-requisite for organtransplant. Donors need to be matched with recipients so that the antibodies ofthe recipients don’t reject the organs of the donors.

human rights violations generally in China. in theend of 2005 Chinagovernment first admit use the organ of executed prisons, however, this happenmore than 20 years. in 1984, Chinagovernment enacted an Temporally regulation of use of the body or other organsof detained prisoners. In June 2001 Mr.Wang Guoqi, a military doctor of Chinain the Hearing hold by Common House of the United States, confirmed that he hadtaken morn than 100 execute prisoner’s organ, all without the consent of thedonors.

the numbers of transplants soar since 1999when the CCP banned FLG. The average number of executed prisoners between 1995and 1999 was 1680 per year, 2000 and 2005 was 1666 per year. There were about30000 transplants in total done in China before 1999 and about 18500in the six year period 1994 to 1999. There were about 90000 in total up until2005, leaving about 60000 in the six year period 2000 to 2005 since persecutionof FLG. Therefore, there are 41000 transplants are not explain where the donorsare come from.[13] Aswe already mention that China Government even deny taken the executed prisonersorgan until December 3, 2005, but on March 28, 2006, China deny the accuse ofharvesting and said that the most of the organ come from voluntary and only veryfew from death penalty criminal!

financial considerations. Followinginformation come from the
“ChinaInternational Supporting Centers of Transplant Internet” which disappearedafter the reveal the harvesting living FLG practitioner news on Mach 2006: kidney$ 62000; liver $98000-130000; liver and Sidney $160000-180000; lung$150000-170000; heart $130000-160000; corneas $30000.

8 corruption and lowermoral standard; long term smear FLG make the people think the FLG was evilcult, the CCP treat the FLG as the biggest enemy already, therefore the policeto deal with FLG deliver in oral is
“ tosmear in name, bankrupt in economic and destroy in body”, the CCP always treatso call enemy without mercy at all in it history.

legislation: “FLG if be tortured to deathtreated as suicide, not necessary to make sure who are they and burn updirectly”. the formal president Jiang Zeming ordered.

10 credibility: China CCPalways tell liars and deceits. They cover the Sars; hide the bird flu, and onlyadmit in the end of 2005 that Chinause the executed prisoners organ for transplant. The CCP totally controlled themedia and cheating people.

Above evidences ifsolely look really are not enough to prove the fact of harvesting the livingFLG practitioner’s organ; however, combine them together, a vivid horriblepicture is quite clear. The CCP with purpose and intently harvesting the livingFLG practitioner’s organs!

IV the reason the CCPto harvest the live FLG practitioner’s organ

In my opinion,The CCP is the most evil party which never respects the human being. It is acriminal regime this is the main reason. In detail the reason why the CCP areso cruel to harvest the living FLG practitioner’s organ including following:

1 From the point of history view that The CCP always rely on forceand violence to destroy their enemy; during the land reform in early 1950killed million landlords just because they are rice not because they did anycriminal action; in 1959 to 1961 so called hunger years make peasants die at least30 million indirectly, for the CCP use civil-military men forbid any one escapeto be beg in cities which make the death numbers increase manmade; durling thecultural revolution killed and eaten 7 million victims; Tiananmen Massacre usedtank to killed thousands of the students and citizens just ask for democracyand freedom peacefully ; since 1999 the CCP have been detained millions FLGpractitioners and tortured to death 2926 up to date while harvesting theirorgan;

2 the CCP afraid ofFLG for their spirit belief and treated them as the biggest enemy, so made thepolicy to smear in name, bankrupt in economic, destroy in body. Torture them todeath treated as suicide and burn out directly and not necessary to find outwho are they. This policy make the FLG Practitioner become out of lawprotection and make the policemen and doctors become even more cruel and Grady.

3 the CCP never meetsuch strong enemy before and Jiang Zeming declared to destroy the FLG withinthree months; however, years passed the FLG did not disappear but develop tomore than 70 countries which make the CCP even more crazy, because they losstheir face, so they want to keep their dignity and the tragedy has to happen.

4 the harvest organ ofexecuted prisoners make huge profits since many FLG refuse to reveal their truename and address for protect their relative and employee, so kill them formoney there is no danger while can earn huge money. The CCP never treat detaineesas human being, in addition that the moral of Chinese people after 57 years ofcommunist brainwashing become the lowest point and the directorship regimealways make “the people become very crude and unreasonable”.[14]

V conclusion

Thousands FLGdisappear detention or force into labour camps then torture to death, theharvesting their organ is a kind new Evil which never happen in human history;the most horrible result is that the citizen who are practice FLG without trialand defense and totally out of law protect than disappear forever, how can oneimagine such horrible evil action? But unfortunately it is true and the crimeagainst the human being is going on without enough attention in the world. Thewhole world media just keep silence since March 8, only after the Report ofDavid and Madas, then such news known around the world. Hereby I would like toshow my gratitude and respect to Both David for their great humanitarian

Such commit crime againsthumanity should be stoped immediately. It is the time for whole world to learnthe truth and to do something for fundament human rights. The largest Evil exitis the Communist Party of China,such dictatorship regime should be overturn as soon as possible, such evilregime could not able reform at all. Such killing is the system’s evil not onlyJiang Zeming’s personal evil, if the Communist regime stand still, it is themost danger evil force in the world. Only destroy such evil regime, the lastingpiece of the world could be keep and come.

All media newspapersmagazine TV radio internet, should reveal such horrible facts and discuss howto deal with the CCP, all the world should say good bye to the CCP and refuseto do any business with the CCP, openly critisize their policy and supportChina democracy movement and help them to build up a Freedom and Democratic ConstitutionalGovernment.

[1]China Human Right Lawyer, formal senior partner of Tian Yee Law GroupShanghai and professor of Wuhanuniversity Law School.

[3]Embassy Responds To Story ofHarvesting Human Organ”Updated: 17:30,Wednesday April 19, 2006

[4] Starisland HongKong newspaper December 3, 2005

[6]“Military DoctorReveals Process of CCPs Organ Harvesting from Falun Gong Practitioners” The Epoch Times | May2 2006 http://www.theepochtimes.com/news/6-5-1/41053.html

[7]China harvesting FalunGong organs report alleges David Kilgour” Last Updated Thu, 06 Jul 2006 20:15:17 EDT CBC News

[8]Chinese embassy denies organharvesting report” Updated Thu. Jul. 6 2006 11:36 PM ET CTV.ca News Staff


[12] Hunang Xiaoxiang Morning Newspaper April 28, 2006.http://www.epochtimes.com/gb/6/4/30/n1303279.htm.

[13]Report Into Allegations Of Organ Harvesting Of Falun GongPractitioners In Chinaby David Kilgiol and David Madas.

[14]Breaking the Real Axis of Evil by Mark Palmer page 272

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Why does the CCP Harvest the Living Falun Gong Practitioner’s Organ?
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Yes, this is really true.
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