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Beijing lawyer Ni Yulan has beenarrested and tortured several times since she began defending people forciblyevicted from their homes in her neighbourhood in the lead up to the 2008Beijing Olympics. She lost her license to practicelaw and was disbarred permanently in 2002 and her own home wasdemolished by the authorities. While in custody, shewas beaten so badly that she is now unable to walk unaided and iswheelchair bound.

Ni Yulan was first arrested in April 2002 when she filmed thedemolition of a client’s home and presented that material as evidence in courtin a forced evictions court case she was representing. The police detained herwithout trial for 75 days. After her release in September 2002, she protestedagainst her illegal detention and was promptly detained again by police inXinjiekou police station, Beijing who beat her so severely on her back and legs that she has been unable to walk without crutchessince.

Recalling the experience, Ni Yulan said in June 2010, “I heard my bonescrack. It was so painful, my mind went blank.” She was charged with “obstructing the performance of official duties”in November and sentenced to one year in prison. During that year, she continued to be tortured and was refused medical treatment for her injuries.79

Nevertheless, she continued to provide legal aid to “high-risk” clients,particularly Falun Gong practitioners and victims of forced eviction. In April2008, the authorities demolished Ni Yulan’s home. When she challenged thelegality of their actions, the police confiscated her crutches and took her tothe Xinjiekou police station, Beijing where they claimed that she had kicked apolice officer in his “lower body” causing him a “testicular contusion”. She was taken to a dark room, beaten and interrogated.They charged her with “obstructing the performanceof official duties” again, and jailed her fortwo years.

During her incarceration, she wasdeprived of her crutches so that she had no choice but to crawl on the floor,up and down the stairs and even onto the toilet. Ni Yulan was finally releasedin April 2010, and had been living in guesthouses and other temporaryaccommodation until, on 7 April 2011 she and her husband Dong Jiqin were detainedby Bejing police. On 13 April, Beijing Xicheng District Public Security Bureau issueda formal notice of Ni Yulan’s detention to her daughter indicating she wasbeing held on suspicion of committing the offence of “pickingquarrels and provoking trouble.” Police issued a similar detentionnotice for Dong Jiqin on 15 April. One month later on 17 May 2011, she alonewas formally charged with the offence. The couple is reportedly held at the Changqiaopolice detention centre in Beijing.80
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A long-time petitioner (who did not want to benamed) continued to seek out Ni Yulan, even when Ni was detained, due tointense gratitude for having found a person willing to provide legal advice.One week after Ni Yulan and her husband had been taken away by police early morning7 April 2011, this person told Amnesty International:

“I still come to see her place wishing one day she willbe released and will be here to give us legal advice again, because we do notknow where else we can go to seek help. We have suffered so much injustice inour case. We have spent all our money and gone into debt to seek justice inBeijing, but we are like a ball being kicked from one department to another, oftendetained in black jails or beaten while being returned to our hometowns. Ourwhole life has been dragged into the situation, our family is broken apart, andhas become so poor. This lawyer gave us hope, we also send her clothes and foodto support her since she lost the use of her legs due to helping people likeus, she was imprisoned and forced to live on the streets… There is no justicein China, the law is just paper, or it protects the people in power, it doesnothing for the vulnerable and poor like us. We were lucky to find that thereare still a few conscientious lawyers, but their situation is as poor as oursnowadays….”104
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不只是法律人冷漠,自私。专制统治下人人自危,只扫自家门前雪。运动让我们不敢相信家庭关系,不敢相信朋友 ...


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是啊,中共的法律只是一个摆设而已,是用来约束普通老百姓的,不是用来约束政府的。律 ...


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