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the CCP intently created the worst famine in the history of the world whichkilled nearly 40 million farmers in ChinaThe CCP statistics from 1999 downplays the death toll and officialstatistics report about 20 million deaths. This famine was one of the worst inhuman history worldwide. Then, the second worst famine happened from 1887to1888, between 9 and13 million people starved to death. From 1932 to1934, 6million people died of starvation in former Soviet Union. During the years 1957to1961, 48% of pigs and 30% of all household animals were slaughtered. In GansuProvince, the famine, with people starving to death, lasted until1962. Even inTibet, where no famine was ever recorded in the history, alleged 700,000 peopledied from starvation. 65
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How many Chinese farmers were murdered by the CCP during the great famine?
by ThomasG Guo on Thursday, August 18, 2011 at 11:16am
Your note has been created.
Different estimates on the number of deaths following the great famine arebeing put forward. Among them, Mr. Zhao Ziyang, the General Secretary of theCCP estimates is most reliable:
1) The Great Famine, caused by the CCP, Zhao Ziyang stated that between 43million and 46 million people die.
2) During the Great Famine, Chairman Liu Shaoqi told former Soviet Unionambassador Stephan Chervonenke in early 1961 that over 30 million people diedof an unnatural death.
3) Ms. Rong Zhang in her book “Mao the unknown Story,” suggested, “Duringthe Great Leap Forward there were 38 million Chinese starving to death.”
4) The book “Twists and turns during the development years,” published bythe Publishing House of the Central Party History of the CPC, said “at thattime” unnatural deaths and less births amounted to about 4,000 losses inChina's population.
5) Another book published by the same publishing house disclosed, “Duringthe Great Leap Forward, the number of unnatural deaths and reduction in birthsreached 40 million.”
6) Mr. Jisheng Yang in his well-known work “Tombstone” verified that thenumber of deaths reached 38 million.
7) Hui Jing wrote an article “Memorandum of Three years of naturaldisasters,” published in the journal of “Society” (April and May combined copyin 1993), which was sponsored by the Department of Sociology at ShanghaiUniversity. His analysis was based on statistic released by China's NationalBureau of Statistics. It stated that the number of unnatural deaths in theentire country during the great famine accounted for 40.4 million to 43.1.9 million.
8) In 1996, British reporter Baker in his “Hungry Ghosts” estimated thatduring the Great Famine, at least 30 million people died of starvation.
9) The magazine “Contend” reported in November 2005 that the declassifieddocuments from internal files within the Communist Party, revealed when fileswere declassified that from 1959 to1962, China's death toll from starvationreached over 37.5 million.
10) At the end of 2009, when the well-known rice expert Mr. Longping Yuan inan was interviewed, it was mentioned, for the first time that during the GreatFamine 45 million people died of starvation.
11) In the early 2010, Professor Shuji Cao of Fudan University stated atseminars that according to official statistics the death numbers fromstarvation ranged from 30 million to 32 million.
12) Frank Dikotter, a scholar specializing in modern Chinese history in hisbooks on “the Great Famine Created by Mao” published in Britain in May2010,concluded upon reviewing rims of documents that over 45 million peopledied of starvation and violence. He said, “Food was still available, but due topolitics, someone was making the decision who received or who didn't receivefood."
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It is intented murder not so-called "three years nature disaster"at all!The CCP used food as another weapon to kill people. Any one that fell asleepduring a meeting, or were running late for work in the field, not healthy, orconsidered undesirable politically, was not provided food and prevented fromgoing to the cafeteria. Therefore, they died of starvation.
“According to records, 80% of those who died of starvation had been deprivedof food, and were not allowed to go to the cafeteria for meals.”
In Hunan Province, a child stole a little bit of food. Forced by anofficial, his father buried him alive. A few weeks later, this father died ofextremely guilt. For stealing a photo, someone was hung up upside down with astone on his back.
At that time, China bought equipment from the Soviet Union, and the paymentswere due. Zhou Enlai said: “I’d rather not have any meal than owing that debt.”Deng Xiaoping said: “As long as every one of us eats a little bit less thenwe’ll be able to make the payments.”

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What is my life Misson?
Many people asked me, "We know the CCP is vilest criminals, but they are so strong in power, how can we overthrow such rogue regime? they are so great in power we have no hope at all", I always told them that the CCP is a true paper tiger and a soil-foot giant which is not real strong but very weak indeed. The only way for Chinese to get rid off such a criminal rogue regime is that wake up of all Chinese. When most majorities of Chinese learn the truth of the CCP's criminal history, and what they are committing the heinous crimes, and know the evil nature of the CCP, then the time of the death of the CCP comes. For this purpose, I have been fighting for justice of China since 1984, and will never give up my life mission: to end of the CCP regime is the duty of mine, which is the God's plan for me. I know I have nothing now, for the CCP has seized my law firm in Shanghai, ruin my career in China, destroy my family and forced me into exile; However, I know I am much strong than the CCP and eventually we will win the greatest battle of the history, that is to end of the CCP regime and establish a new liberal constitutional government with the rule of law under the blessing of our Lord. For the God love justice and the God is justice!

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Sun Zhi(298-238 B.C.), a great philosopher of ancient China, points out that "human nature is evil",similar as Christianity idea of the "sin" of human nature, while his idea of the highest brevity is that one always boldly to take up his position in the place of the universally acknowledged Mean; fearlessly to carry into practice his views of the doctrines of the ancient Kings; in a high situation, not to defer to a bad sovereign, and in a low situation not to follow the current of a bad person; to consider that there is no poverty where there is virtue, and no wealth neither honor where virtue disappear; when appreciated by the world , to desire to share in all men's joys and sorrows; when unknown by the world, to stand up grandly alone between heaven and earth, and have no fears: this is the man with the highest brevity.
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