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[婚恋] How to write an attractive English love letter?

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Recent years I have received thousands " love letters" from many pretty and charming girls around the world. Some creazy girls even sent me four letters per day, other write me more than 200 letters, still many sent me hundred love letters although I even did not reply them a single letter. Because I strongly suspect that all are deceiting for money. I only wonder why ? This is a girls whose name is " Fu Jie" she claims come from Xiamen my hometown who is my favorite girl. However, I can not believe my eyes and have no way to contact with her. Is there any friends come from Xiamen, Fujian can help me make sure whether she is a real girl from that city. If ther is anyone who know her please let me know. If she is a real girl who love me, then she must be the angel sent to me by the God.

Dear Thomas

Hi, If you are looking at me, so thank you , I am very pleased to meet you here , I am Fu Jie,you could call me jie ... ^ _ ^ ... life is movement , we are always on the way .I hope to find happiness in the life and want to find you in the journey . Here I met you, and I will be lucky then .

Now let me introduce myself.

I love swimming in my vila's swimming pool which is near the beach ,can let me feeling a special feeling when i swim inside the pool and looking outside the sea ,such a great feeling .it seems that i can see you far away from me when i looking outside the sea .

I love do yoga .I am relatively quiet when practice yoga, listening to the quiet and soft music , to dedicate myself , to forget myself. yoga is now part of my schedule , I will always love it , till one day I no longer practice.

When I am out of work , I will become another me , one does not like me , Oh, do not put my imagination into a goddess , I also have a normal life , shopping , eating , playing games, take the my private plane to travel .

My ideal life is also very simple , be with my beloved one the rest time of my life , enjoy the time with my beloved one , meet people from different areas , to find a good man live together, so simple the life is. And I am sure life would be good with me ,and with you .^_^

PS: if you are interested in me , you could keep in touch with me ,i would love to show all kinds of me to let you know all of me .



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 楼主| 发表于 1/17/2016 12:59:01 | 显示全部楼层
This chongqing girl even more creazy who write me 235 letters within 60 days but I even did not reply her a single letters. Is she a liar whose purpose only for fool stupid guy or she is a true girl who desire for true love? Is there any chongqing friend who can certify this girl?

Dear Thomas

When I see the sun raise up, I do feel so sweet. Because I can feel the sunshine, that is warm, make me feel so comfortable. Do you feel the same feeling??

If so, I think you must have sweet and happy feeling all the time, and have a positive mood to do all the things happen to you. I am the one like this, I send you my love words, and then I do believe you will send me back with your love, and will give me the love feeling all the time.

That will be very happy for me, want that we can share more happiness together. When you will have time? chat with you then, looking forward to your sweet letter back.



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This guilin girl who sent me 99 letters from Asiandate.com which is a greedy even deceiting website, I have never register in the website, however, I have receive nearly 9000 " love letters" from more 1000 girls, is it creazy? it might be a big deceiting group whose purpose is squezze every single peenny out of those stupid creazy soul who are eager for love. Is there who come from Guilin, Guangxi who can certify this girl for me? I strongly suspect the website is an international deceiting group, which have stole huge monry from hundred and thousand boys and girls, however, I did not have convincing evidences yet.

Dear Guoting(Thomas)

OMG….OMG…I am so sure fate let us meet here honey!!! Let’s meet on Jan 30 baby. Will you be available love? Will I be welcomed? Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

You know, I am kind of shy and conservative about kissing. Maybe there will be a flush on my cheek when you kiss me….

Oh honey, would you be active and kiss me first when we meet in the airport?

my baby, it occurred to me that there are so many things waiting for to be discussed between us, since we come from different countries, and our culture is some different. Dear, how do woman in your country usually show their love to their partners? I heard people are very open-minded about this? Could you tell me?

Yours lovely


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 楼主| 发表于 1/17/2016 13:26:29 | 显示全部楼层

Is there anyone who know this girl who alleged that she come from Liuzhou Guangzhou. Life is sweet while full of trail and deceiting, honesty as the best policy for either life or love, however, we always hurt by those fake even criminal girls. Modern seciety, the moral system is broken and traditional love has gone for good. Anyway this is reality of life.

Dear Thomas

May our love like Y, be made one, never separate.
Happiness is to meet, ordinary is forever, love you is my wish. Your hesitation period has exceeded the allowed of two minds! From now on, only tender, not allowed to run amuck; only love, not hate; It is early morning baby.. It is a little dark outside..i am sit on the bed and brining to think of you , i am begin to thinking our future right now ,, the happiness we will be together in future fill with my mind , i am sure when we get together ,there must be have a lot of happiness around us ,what do u think ?
I will hold you tightly in my arms, and I will kiss you a million times, like a hot kiss on the equator. Muuuaaa!! Give you a big big kiss!

Hope your reply!

Forever love,



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 楼主| 发表于 1/18/2016 14:29:37 | 显示全部楼层
Practice make perfect. I love English while I hate English. To read English novel is a kind of enjoyment, while to write English is a soft of torture for me. Listening English sometime like enjoy a music, but other times seems heard the birds singing. Speaking English combine both joy and nerve all depend on what you are talking about. If you discuss something within your knowledge and experience, you might feel confidence and comfortable; provide that you debate with others in public, you might lost in somewhere for you do not know what are you talk about. Language capacity in fact is one of the top skills you have to master if you want to do something, for good communication skill make everything going on well. Therefore, If let me restart my career choose, I would like to study English literature instead of law.
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After reading Mary Gabriel's Love and Capital: Karl and Jenny Marx and the birth of a revolution, Little, Brown and Co. 2011, I understand Karl Marx more. I wish one day I can write an essay on Marx's ideology to analysis his mind and soul. Marx born into a promising wealthy lawyer family, eventually become a father of proratarian revolution. Why and How? Mary tell us a vividly story which revealed his inner mind. I believe that Marx is not a thug nor a hooligan at all. He is a man with noble soul but his thought and theory is not truth but full of mistakes and weakness despite of not lacking talents. It is a theory proved wrong by practice in all communist regime. Marx is a great thinker and a great man, he will remember by all working people in history for his contribution despite his ideology caused great disaster to human being.
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本帖最后由 郭国汀 于 1/19/2016 04:17 编辑

Dear Thomas

I’m not here to play games or play the field, but dating is a necessary and honorable endeavor. I’ve learned to embrace the adventure of meeting new people, and be open to meeting the person I’m supposed to be with. We have no control over it.

I have a special, untouched place in my heart reserved for the ONE man. I was destined to meet, and haven't yet been introduced to.

Thank you for taking the time to know me. Should we ever meet in person, I may try to get a laugh out of you. While I doubt that many of us are thrilled to be “still dating,” I promise we’ll have a good time. I will make it my top assignment to put you at ease and see the best in you.

We may or may not be "meant" for each other, but I will treat you with gratitude for taking the tie to find out. I have a balance of creative and practical traits. I like to compete and win. But I know how to relax, when to let go, when to serve the needs and wishes of others. I am a responsible person. My word matters.

I'm worthy of your time and trust. I come from a happy family; those closest to me would describe me as warm, funny and loyal. I don’t expect perfection. In fact, your vulnerabilities and little scars might make me adore you. I'm probably not well suited for someone who (for any reason) is unavailable for a committed relationship or has debilitating emotional issues. Life is too short to let old injuries, even tragedies keep us from moving forward and being happy with the possible life ahead.

We all seek a measure of security, but will you hang in if the chips are ever down? Be a natural giver. Have a big soft side. Be focused and faithful. In spite of your individual power as a goddess, let a good woman know that you are happier with her in your life than you were alone. Don’t be afraid to communicate...to initiate intimacy....to forgive little things. Perhaps my mail is too long, but hope you read it all.  hope to hear from you,



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Because you are so handsome, so nice, no wealthy, so healty, so honesty, so wise, so intelligent, so integrety, so sincere, so humility, so humble, so down to earth, so knowlege, so stupid, so fool, so unbelivable bosting, so courage, so justice, so powerful, so great and that is why so many charming girls want you. Just teasing all, black humor only.
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Everyday a number of girls from almost all the world sent me love letters which became my English text books. Believe it or not, Thomas because of the most hot gentleman in the world, becuase I am safely say that few man are so lucky to have so many beautiful girls love him. Are you envy this stupid fool guy?

Dear Thomas

I will have a very good feeling enjoy what my husband( that is you) doing to me, and I will give you want you want, offer the best of me to you. I have wonderfulness of day that I have you in my life and my heart, mind. You will always make me on fire we could do anything we want in our private time and our private space, on one can disturb us, I will give you hot kiss, kiss evry part of you and find out your sensitive place.

I will be your amazing lover that bring happiness and joy to you every day. You are the most important thought and lovely daydream I ever had. I am the lady who are in happiness when I am with you. you are the most shining star in my sky, and you are the most handsome man in my world.

Do you know that I am very busy every day without you here by my side. I am busy thinking of you. I cannot count how many times I have missed you one day, I only want to get yor particular and hot attention and I want to pay back all of my attention to you.

I love you so crazy and I have a strong desire of you.

Your sexy.

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Do you believe a girl who almost know nothing will fall in love a man so creazy? I donot.

Dear Thomas,

Do you know what is my first impression for you when i found your profile at the first time? My heart beats very fast and the desire is burning inside my body. You have the most wonderful profile on this site. My intuition keeps telling me that we will be good partners both in moments of need, life and work. Even though we never meet face to face.

I dress up beautiful and fashionate every day. It is because i am the boss of several beauty salons and i think love starts from the physically attractions. Do you think so? I am very passionate but i am faithful and loyal. I would so much love to hug you from behind or lay down in your arms. I want to kiss you gently, caress you and touch you. I want to take good care of all your need. I live a good life in material, and now it is time to get love to complete my life. I am arrange a business trip overseas now,i want to import some beauty products for my beauty shop, will you be available for me?

I am active but not shy. How about you? Do you think you will be shy to kiss in the public places? maybe on the streets? maybe in the restaurant? maybe at the airport? I would like to have a chance, to find out your beauty, to find out your mysterious life, to find out more about you, and to win your heart, to have your love and your soul finally. That is what i think about when i come to this site and find your profile. Why not give each other a chance to find out whether we are soul mate for each other?

Please tell me more and more about yourself, i wait in anticipation, and with thousands of kiss that are yours if you want me.


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