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I want to thank great lawyer Thomas G Guo with my heart

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Exceptionally I want to thank great lawyer Thomas G Guo with my heart
By Huang Jingqiu

"I did not know my lawyer Guo Guoting is so well-known before, I just wonder, he not only looks quite young, his mind and spirit also vigorous, full of passions and poem melody, so while I was in prison in Nanjing, Jiangsu province, I sent him a letter asking for setting brotherhood with him, he accept my demand right away without any famous figure's pride. Later when I learn his persecuted, my heart so painful that I thought it is because for defending me he received the persecution, which deprived his law license, closed his law firm, caused his wife left and daughter separated, led his arrested and lost his career, and finally he was forced to exile oversea... Later I heard my room-prisoners who come from Shanghai that Shanghai Tian-Yee law group is one of the top law firms, and Guo is one of the top lawyers in Shanghai, only after I was released from the prison I learn that Lawyer Guo had handled so many well-known important cases......these high risk political sensitive cases,will scare any common lawyers away, but Mr. Guo not only did not run away but courageously take these cases and strongly defence his clients! He gives up his top maritime lawyer's handsome income, ignorant to the huge loss of his law firm, persistence heavy pressure from all side, bravely deal with the most risks and the lowest profits human rights law cases, why? !
We do not know tomorrow what will happen, who can give up completely today's happy life for that unknowable future? Especially, Guo living in Shanghai, where citizen are most calculated and practice for individual private benefits, how can Lawyer Guo not consider his own risk career and family interest? However, he still acts as if he know nothing that he has to face the risks, loss, suffer, and damage. He stands up firmly and bravely to defend rights and justice, appeal public concern and support,challenge the ridicule and evil legal and political system! For those being treated by the CCP dictatorship regime as the enemy's prisoners. It is imaginable that, no matter whether in court, or in prison, or at the home, what he have to face certainly is not smiling welcomed or flowers, sure enough, many friends and-and colleague will avoid him, as if run away from the plague. How powerful his inner mind, how alone he is! Cadre in my prison said that " this guy is much radical than you!" The special case team handles my case mentioned that "this lawyer post many nonsenses online, that only make worse of your case"; High court judge in Jiangsu even sent letters to Shanghai Judicial Bureau charging Mr.Guo "in the court openly against party!"......but I know there is a burning fire in his breast, the fire for justice that do not willing to quench, the fire made him keep youthful mind, led him unselfish and do not fear evil, caused him refuse to compromise with the CCP for his principle, forward him to say others dare not say, to outrage that others dare not show! Therefore, I understand Mr. Guo, I comprehend his unyielding and forbearance! Thus, when whole society facing the CCP bloody criminal ruling, only keeping deathly silence,like "ten thousand horse lost their voice at the same time", Guo dare courageously and strongly defend for FLG practitioners whose soul are killing by the CCP, but ignorant even by a democratic society. He touches the most dangerous cases that even superior to my own case! (overthrow state power which faces ten years to death sentence). I do not know whether Mr. Guo in that far away and ice-covered death-cold Canada, will feel abandoned, but I see he certainly without any guilty sense in his heart! His heroic name and great achievements, make Chinese lawyers have shining light! led Chinese Human rights lawyers earn the world respected with surprise!
Note: Huang Jingqiu or " Qing Shuijun" who was charged by the CCP as "subvert state power: and illegally sentenced to 12 years in prison, In October 2004 in Jiangsu Province high court, for his organize an alleged political party online in the world.

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Starting from Sui Dynasty through the public examination open to all for choose officers, in fact, the most advanced and justice and fairness political system in the world. Western countries learn from China only after 18 century. In ancient China, during Tang Dynasty, the whole country only need about ten thousand officers who can govern the country so well which now need more than hundred times officers to do basically the same job. However, The CCP not only destroyed any traditional Chinese civilization, but ruin every good legacy, forbidden the sons and daughters of "the black five family" that is the landlord, rich peasants, counter-revolutionary, bad elements, and rightist, to have higher education. Under the CCP rogue regime, it is almost impossible to have noble gentlemen class, but beget a large number of shameless bandits, hooligans, privileges class, thus, the CCP regime is the most injustice and ridicule regime in the history of the world.


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You've done many good deeds in your life and that's why your karma is full of positive energy. Everything you send out will eventually come back to you. You will experience many good things in life because you deserve them thanks to your kindhearted nature! Even yesterday morning I thought all my struggle for freedom and justice is hopeless, however, it proved wrong. a promising brighter future is welcoming you, soon everything will change a great deal. Thanks the God!
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One glance is enough and everyone sees that you're a noble person! You are full of grace and elegance, which makes you unique! You're admired by everyone because you've got a royal appearance and an incomparable personality! absolutely correct, I always believe that I must be a born nature noble soul and this is why many believe I am a stupid fool who give up his senior lawyer profession become a freedom and justice fighter, as the result turn into a penniless and hopeless soul wonder in this cold world. however, I always believe that my sunshine will warm my heart soon.
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By the way, this comment is by computer base upon my facebook information, which sounds marvellous . In fact, I am so disappointed with myself for I almost meet the end of the world, all my application for the position of my expert's knowledge, talent, experience met deaf ear, and I was forced to suspend go to focus my mind on even give up the fighting for Chinese freedom and justice for surviving reason. Actually, before I went to university to read my law degree, I was an excellent carpenter and a mechanic, to survive in a free country as a carpenter or mechanic is not shame nor difficult, but simply waste my unique talent and knowledge as an expert on China issue and a passionate and sincerely fighter for freedom and justice.
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本帖最后由 郭国汀 于 10/2/2016 21:29 编辑

PhD. Wang Bingzhang, the first Chinese oversea fighter of freedom and justice, is one of the greatest hero in the history who was kidnapped by the CCP 14 years ago and illegally sentenced to life prison based upon alleged overthrew state power, he has been denying fundamental human rights in jail, deny medicine, even deny interview with his sibling for years, currently he suffered three shocks and clearly has mental disorder, we worry his healthy and afraid whether he can survive any longer, we appeal both international and domestic society and community concern and support for his rights.

Dr. Wang Bingzhang,who enjoy ninth Number One, an excellent leader and one of the greatest hero in the world, have been suffering horribly tortured in his life prison since 14 years ago by the rogue regime of the CCP,who is ignorant by young generation utterly, who almost forget by the world. I learn that he has suffered three times of shock..... do not forget our great hero and let us do something for our great leader.

Like Dr. Sun Wen ( Sun Yatsen) Dr. Wang Bingzhang give up his profession as a doctor and choose to be a politician and democratic fighter, instead of enjoying comfortable and promising professional life and career, he chooses the most danger and hardest way to change China. He know what he is doing, and how difficult work as well as how great price he might have to pay, He never hesitate and raise up his head, facing the evilest regime in the world, as a fighter, a monk wonder in the world, hold on the flag of freedom and democracy, to fulfill his great dream of a freedom, justice and democratic constitutional new China, that is, restore the Republic of China!

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Whenever losing confidence, I will re-read these letters which help me understand who I am and what is my life mission, therefore inspire me to continue to fight for freedom and justice of China, which is to restore the Republic of China, build a real and genuine liberal, republic, constitutional democracy base on the rule of law. I do not know whether I have a chance to fulfill my great dreams, I will fight to the last breath of mine and never give up!
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Communist Party of China is a criminal organization which killed and murdered more than hundred million people, robbing public and private property repeatedly, destroy the mind and spirit of Chinese people, polluted nature, and ecology of China permanently. The evil CCP should be put in trialed as soon as possible, otherwise, it definitely will damage the world.
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"Chinese people do not have human rights in essence, for even Human rights lawyers in China have no such thing as human rights at all, how can common people have such privilege to enjoy it?" quoted from the presentation of Thomas G Guo in October 2008 in Ottawa parliament building. It is said that the Lawyers are the elite of society, while human rights lawyers are the expert of human rights law. Under the CCP rogue regime, even the human rights lawyers have no human rights at all, and this is why I defined Mr. Xi Jingping as a " stupid fool" who either ignorant law or simply an evil fool.
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Dr. Wang Bingzhang,who enjoy ninth Number One, an excellent leader and one of the greatest hero in the world, have been suffering horribly tortured in his life prison since 14 years ago by the rogue regime of the CCP,who is ignorant by young generation utterly, who almost forget by the world. I learn that he has suffered three times of shock..... do not forget our great hero and let us do something for our great leader.
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