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[法律人士] recommendation letter

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Re:  GUO, Guoting Visiting Scholar Application
I am very pleased to support Guo Guoting’s application.
Mr. Guo emerged as a leading Human Rights lawyer in China during 2003, and very quickly achieved recognition on the international stage.  He was subsequently profiled in a New York Times article highlighting his courageous devotion to defending critics of the Chinese Communist Party, persecuted Falun Gong practitioners, political dissidents, and others who had become targets of the Chinese Communist Party.
When the Times article appeared, Mr. Guo was already experiencing intimidation by the Party and by the “Justice” Ministry controlled by the Party.  He had first provoked the wrath of the CCP by defending fellow lawyer Zheng Enchong on spurious charges of unlawfully providing state secrets to foreigners.  Zheng had run afoul of the Party by bringing a class action on behalf of some five hundred Shanghai homeowners evicted from their homes without compensation in order to facilitate a major project by a powerful Shanghai developer who was in bed with the Shanghai authorities.  After Guo Guoting stepped forward to undertake Zheng’s legal defence, he was repeatedly warned by “Justice” Ministry officials, and lawyers instructed by those officials, that he should walk away from the case and that if he did not, his career would be seriously damaged.  But Guo Guoting ignored all the pressure, saw the trial of Zheng Enchong through to the end, and publicly excoriated the Chinese Communist Party.
It is difficult to comprehend, and impossible to exaggerate, the courage which Guo Guoting demonstrated between 2003 and 2005.
First, “Justice” Ministry officials broke into his office and confiscated his computer, containing all his legal files and records generated over twenty years of practice.  Then the “Justice” Ministry subjected him to a bogus and disgraceful “hearing” which concluded with the confiscation of his licence to practise law.  The authorities also closed down his office and made every possible effort to dissuade his clients from contacting him.  He was deprived of his right to earn a livelihood.
In the interim, he had also defended or acted for several Falun Gong practitioners, notwithstanding the Chinese Communist Party prohibition against all lawyers from providing legal representation to Falun Gong practitioners; he had defended the famous political dissident, Shi Tao; he had also defended a number of individuals deemed “enemies” by the Chinese Communist Party, including Huang Jingqiu, who was jailed for attempting to organize a political party, and Qi Yanlai, who was persecuted for telling the truth about Falun Gong.
Mr. Guo in this period also proceeded to publish a large number of internet critiques of the Communist Party one-party dictatorship, in absolutely scathing terms.
To the best of my knowledge, Mr. Guo was the first Chinese lawyer to publicly expose the Chinese “judicial” system for the fraudulent and cynical theatre that it is.  He was pointing out the obvious, but no one else had dared say it before:  If one political party controls all legislation, exercises control over all lawyers and prosecutors, and completely manipulates all courts and judges, how can it be possible to argue the existence of judicial independence and the Rule of Law?  Mr. Guo argued that justice and equity cannot possibly exist in a system in which almost 100% of all judges, members of the Judicial Committees, and Secretaries of the Political/Legal Committees which stand above the “courts” are Communist Party members.  
Eventually, in early 2005 Mr. Guo and his family were placed under house arrest.  Approximately thirty Shanghai police officers were stationed outside his residence each day, his home telephone was cut off, and his cell phone was confiscated.  Police indicated that formal “criminal” charges were being prepared against Mr. Guo.
However, before police had laid charges, Mr. Guo had attracted such international attention that his continued persecution had become an embarrassment to the Chinese Communist Party Government.  Lawyers Rights Watch Canada and other human rights organizations wrote open letters to Hu Jintao.  As the Party had done with Wang Dan, Wei Jingsheng, and others, it decided to minimize its embarrassment by allowing Guo to go abroad.  He came to Canada as a refugee and has worked unstintingly and unceasingly ever since in the cause of human rights in China, the defence of Chinese Human Rights advocates in China, and the promotion of democracy in China.  In all three of these areas, Guo Guoting has published voluminously on the internet.
I have had the opportunity and privilege of working with Mr. Guo over these past four years and have often participated in public forums with him.  I have no hesitation in testifying to his honesty, integrity, and tireless devotion to the causes of human rights, democracy, and the Rule of Law in China.
I continue to marvel at the unbelievable courage Mr. Guo displayed in standing up to the Chinese Communist Party and clinging steadfastly to his principles in the days before he went into exile abroad.
Guo Guoting is a maritime lawyer by training and practised maritime law for eighteen years in Shanghai, where I also practised maritime law for fourteen years.  
For the last two years of his practice in China, Mr. Guo changed his area of practice to that of human rights and criminal law, courageously defending individuals whom the Chinese government was persecuting, notwithstanding the Party’s clear prohibition against all Chinese lawyers from providing legal services to such people.  
I am the China Country monitor for Lawyers’ Rights Watch Canada, and was in that capacity involved with the operation which brought Mr. Guo to Canada, where he has now been granted the status of Convention Refugee.  Since his arrival in Canada, he and I have worked closely together.
Over the course of these last few years, he has made outstanding contributions to the defence of many prisoners of conscience in China. Indeed, as a committed and active exiled dissident, Guo Guoting has unceasingly devoted himself since coming to Canada to the struggle for democracy and human rights in China.
1.  Critical thinking and judgement.    Mr. Guo is a very independent thinker, extremely critical as an analyst, and defends his viewpoints tenaciously.
2.  Independence.  Mr. Guo has an almost unbelievably voracious appetite for knowledge.  After arriving in Canada in May of 2005, he worked closely with me for more than a year, during which period I had the opportunity to observe him for fourteen or fifteen hours each day.  He begins his day with a long run; after that he almost never looks up from his computer which he uses to search the internet for new material.  He is always either downloading material or writing articles, or editing a book.  I frankly have never before witnessed such drive and single-mindedness.
3.  Perseverance.  Mr. Guo’s perseverance in the face of the most extreme adversity is a matter of record.  He stood up to and took on the Chinese Communist Party.  He behaved as a lawyer in the face of a lawless regime.  When he insisted on defending people whom the Chinese government had decreed did not have the right to legal defence, his office was closed, his files confiscated, his licence to practice revoked, and his clients intimidated.  Still, he persisted.  Finally, he was placed under house arrest and threatened with criminal charges.  Since arriving in Canada, even before being granted refugee status, he provided affidavits in refugee cases here which directly contradicted arguments being put forward by Citizenship and Immigration Canada, the very bureaucracy which would decide his own fate.
4.  Originality.  I would tend toward a high assessment in this area, but I find this more difficult to assess.  He is passionate in his views, and certainly does not depend on others for his ideas.  
5.  Organizational Skills.  In my observation, Mr. Guo is extremely well organized and is constantly involved in the organization of judicial action on an international level.  
7.  Research ability.  Mr. Guo appears to be a born scholar.  He is the quintessential “bookworm” and is largely oblivious to everything around him other than sources of knowledge.
Should you require further comment from me, please let me know and I shall respond immediately.
Yours Truly,
Clive Ansley

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