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My reward as Mr. Shitao's defense Lawyer by Thomas GT Guo

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My reward as Mr. Shitao's defense Lawyer by Thomas GT Guo

I have lost any information about Mr.Shitao since I was detained and under house arrested on 6 March 2005, Shitao already regains his freedom years ago, but I have never heard any news about him. Maybe he has forgotten his defense lawyer? who become a penniless and homeless wonder in the world. that is, even living in the deepest mountain always there are the relative visit you, while none will remember you even if you live in New York! However, In a large sense, it is me, who help him become one of the most famous heroes in the world which finally brought him a wealthy about US$ 3.5 million  and other four international awards mainly because I create the defense strategy that put the sensitive and political case under the Sun, which leads him to become a most prominent heroes in the world.

Unfortunately, myself earn the reward by the CCP regime seized my law firm "Tian Yi law group" in Shanghai and my law license for good. As the direct result, my ex-wife divorced me, my only beloved daughter hates me, my siblings did not understand me at all. All my law school classmates deny or utterly forgot me as if I have disappeared in the world, almost all my colleagues of law school and law firm completely ignorant my existence as if I have never existence, nearly all my students in the whole country simply choose to keep silence to avoid trouble, when I faced the open hearing, none lawyer dare stand up as my defense lawyer, only Mr. Wei Ruqiu, Mr. Pu Zhiqiang, and Mr. Zhang Shizhi, offered their kind help, otherwise I had to stand on the court alone, a famous lawyer deny my requirement to defense for me, because It is too dangerous to defense you, we need remain anti-CCP's strength" He excused.

To my great disappointed is that, since Shitao regains his freedom years ago, he never said or write a single word or try to contact me to show his gratitude or appreciate to me. Because he was misled by Mr Zhang Yaojie, who claimed that I forced his wife to pay my lawyer's fees $ 50000, which is utter nonsense because I never asked his family or his ex-wife to pay me a penny. I only required and received a small part of my lawyer's fees $ 30000 Chinese Yuan, include all costs for three-time from Shanghai to Changsha airplane tickets and each time's Hotel fees and hire a local lawyer's fee. Therefore, for Shitao's defense, myself as the chief defense lawyer only have $ 12000, and I paid my assistance lawyer $ 10000, and the fees were paid directly by the committee of the prison of the Independent Chinese Pen rather than his ex-wife.

To my great despair is that, I have been totally denied almost all my credits by Either Happer or Teru Trudeau government during my 12 forced exiled in Canada, all my application for the position of China Issues, such as, China analyst, Chinese Translator, Chinese language communication analyst, etc, in 2007, 2011, 2015, 2016 and 2017 all met deaf ears. I published an essay highly praised Mr. Happer as "the best friend of Chinese people" in July 2005; while I have received 13 letters sent and signed by Trudeau personal which repeatedly asks and begged me to support him to win the position of the Prime Minister of Canada, although I have neither job nor income for past ten years and as the poorest man in Canada, I did donated $ 120 to him before he became the leader of Canada, which means I donate to him 200% my income for him, however, when he win the position, one of my best friends at the Uvic suggested me to apply for a position in Trudeau's government which I did. As to the result, I do not want to say anything.

I have safely concluded that "those who fight for freedom and justice always have to suffer lost their own liberty and usually received the most injustice treatment as the rewards" in 2007 when the Happer government turn down my application for the position of the China analyst in Ottawa. My exiled life in Canada repeatedly proved it is correct, and this is why I always tease myself as the "stupid fool" and the "poorest great lawyer" in the world!


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You have got everything one could wish for! You are unique, which is what your friends truly appreciate about you! This note perfectly describes who you are and what you believe in.
Almost perfect. simply because I also enjoy love, so I dare not describe myself as a holy man but a born noble soul, despite as the poorest great lawyer in the world. Because either Happer or Trudeau government utterly deny all my credits although I published an essays in January 2006 described Mr. Happer as the
true friend of Chinese people", while Trudeau sent and signed personal 13 letters which asked and begged me to support him to win the campaign, which I did donate 200% of my income , However, mine apply for hundred of government jobs relevant either China issues or paralegal or legal assistance or insurance or banking, even policemen and jailers, all met denied, as if I was nothing, because almost all my application for any jobs met deaf ears for the past nearly 12 years, and this is the only reason this great free country turn the top Maritime and human rights lawyer in China into a penniless and in heavy debt poorest lawyer in Canada. However, I still firmly believe that I am a born noble soul whose life mission is to eliminate the evilest criminal rogue CCP regime.

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Confucius is one of my best teachers in my whole life; however, only after being 26 years old, I started to read his classical works once and forever become his disciples even since. His idea of gentlemen influence me so much, and I believe that I am an exact such gentleman indeed. Ironically, many modern Chinese, especially those under the CCP regime, who almost know nothing of Confucianism, criticize his doctrine as the causes of disasters China. If you do not know something, recognize it, do not pretend that you know everything, this is the wisdom. He believed that a nation of good sons and kind daughters could not help making an orderly, peaceful harmony happy nation. He thought that through masses education and personal cultivation, all sons and daughters may become good and kind. The best way to educate and cultivation are ritual and music, as well as knowledge. Therefore, 2500 years ago China reached a rather highly civilization and Liyi nation, common people learn good manner to treat with each other, respect authority while kind treat others, "do not do anything unwilling yourself, which others will do to you", all dispute resolved through mediation rather than lawsuits, enjoying more culture and entertainment; thus, ancient Chinese in fact enjoy a high civilization life with a good social order and harmony relationship. However, what lacking in China is the rule of law, and constitutional government to limit the political power, which is the precondition of justice and fairness. For modern industrial commercial society is much more complicated than agricultural society, which has much more interests conflicts among differents class and groups. What China needs is to learn from the Western liberal democratic constitutional government with rule of law, free media, and independent judicial political system, which keep her ancient traditional values, moral and ethics.
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Thomas, you have a very special message from above! Listening to this message and applying it to your daily life will transform your whole existence. It's a message that will make you even stronger than you already are.
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