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[法律人士] Who and What is Thomas GT Guo?

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Who and What is Thomas GT Guo?

In July 2004, New York Time have my profile need a photo which took by a professional photography. a half year later I was arrested because of my strongly and openly defense of Political dissidents, FLG practitioner, the victims of eviction and other human rights cases. I created the defense strategy of "under the sunshine" which brought Lawyer Zheng Enchong, Journalist Shitao, democratic fighter Yang Tianshui, writer and party organizer Huang Jingqiu, eviction victim Ms. Ma Yalian, and FLG practitioners Qi Yanlai, Chen Guang Hui, as well as Mr. Zhang Lin all become prominent both in domestic and International, most of them win the rewards of both international and domestic, some of them win even great reward beyond I expectation, which scares the CCP leaders to death, Thus that coward former the CCP general secretary Hu Jintao personally ordered:" from now on, all media should never reveal any message and news of Lawyer Guo Guoting (Thomas G Guo)"! I was house arrested by morn than 30 policemen for 75 days until kicked out of the country in May 2005, finally turn me into the poorest great lawyer in the world as the great reward for my struggle for the freedom and justice of China and the world.


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My reward as Mr. Shitao's defense Lawyer by Thomas GT Guo

I have lost any information about Mr.Shitao since I was detained and under house arrested on 6 March 2005, Shitao already regains his freedom years ago, but I have never heard any news about him. Maybe he has forgotten his defense lawyer? who become a penniless and homeless wonder in the world. that is, if you were a rich wealthy man, even living in the deepest mountain always there are the relative visit you, while none will remember you even if you live in New York!Provided that you are poor.  However, In a large sense, it is me, who help him become one of the most famous heroes in the world which finally brought him a wealthy about US$ 3.5 million  and other four international awards mainly because I create the defense strategy that put the sensitive and political case under the Sun, which leads him to become a most prominent heroes in the world.

Unfortunately, myself earn the reward by the CCP regime seized my law firm "Tian Yi law group" in Shanghai and my law license for good. As the direct result, my ex-wife divorced me, my only beloved daughter hates me, my siblings did not understand me at all. All my law school classmates deny or utterly forgot me as if I have disappeared in the world, almost all my colleagues of law school and law firm completely ignorant my existence as if I have never existence, nearly all my students in the whole country simply choose to keep silence to avoid trouble, when I faced the open hearing, none lawyer dare stand up as my defense lawyer, only Mr. Wei Ruqiu, Mr. Pu Zhiqiang, and Mr. Zhang Shizhi, offered their kind help, otherwise I had to stand on the court alone, a famous lawyer deny my requirement to defense for me, because It is too dangerous to defense you, we need remain anti-CCP's strength" He excused.

To my great disappointed is that, since Shitao regains his freedom years ago, he never said or write a single word or try to contact me to show his gratitude or appreciate to me. Because he was misled by Mr Zhang Yaojie, who claimed that I forced his wife to pay my lawyer's fees $ 50000, which is utter nonsense because I never asked his family or his ex-wife to pay me a penny. I only required and received a small part of my lawyer's fees $ 30000 Chinese Yuan, include all costs for three-time from Shanghai to Changsha airplane tickets and each time's Hotel fees and hire a local lawyer's fee. Therefore, for Shitao's defense, myself as the chief defense lawyer only have $ 12000, and I paid my assistance lawyer $ 10000, and the fees were paid directly by the committee of the prison of the Independent Chinese Pen rather than his ex-wife.

To my great despair is that, I have been totally denied almost all my credits by Either Happer or Trudeau government during my 12 years forced exiled in Canada, all my application for the position of China Issues, such as, China analyst, Chinese Translator, Chinese language communication analyst, etc, in 2007, 2011, 2015, 2016 and 2017 all met deaf ears. I published an essay highly praised Mr. Happer as "the best friend of Chinese people" in July 2005; while I have received 13 letters sent and signed by Trudeau personal which repeatedly asks and begged me to support him to win the position of the Prime Minister of Canada, although I have neither job nor income for past ten years and as the poorest man in Canada, I did donated $ 120 to him before he became the leader of Canada, which means I donate to him 200% my income for him, however, when he win the position, one of my best friends at the Uvic suggested me to apply for a position in Trudeau's government which I did. As to the result, I do not want to say anything.

I have safely concluded that "those who fight for freedom and justice always have to suffer lost their own liberty and usually received the most injustice treatment as the rewards" in 2007 when the Happer government turn down my application for the position of the China analyst in Ottawa. My exiled life in Canada repeatedly proved it is correct, and this is why I always tease myself as the "stupid fool" and the "poorest great lawyer" in the world!

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Justice fighter is those being with the noble soul who sacrifice their own interesting for the nation, state, society, community, and others. In essence, they are idealist rather than materialize, they must come from heaven but earth, for graceful soul beloves to holy state. Since majority human beings are materialist and life is never easy, for making live one has to work hard, either suffer backbreaking labors or bear the death of huge number cell of a brain, in reality, only a few people concern or care about justice. everyone has their own right and benefit according to their ability, might be fit the natural justice, since the human being is social and political animal, only natural justice is not enough, thus social justice as a balanced power adjust divide wealth among social members through tax redelivery natural source. Due to selfish is a human nature, all above reason decide that justice fighter has to suffer the greatest injustice first and even forever them. In any situation, they are the noblest souls in the universality.
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Thomas, this is your answer to a question you've been asking yourself for a long time! You are a special and wonderful person. Your qualities speak for themselves and nobody can compete with you. Every one of your friends is thankful to have you in their life! Waw! Am I such a wonderful old boy?! you are a stupid fool?!

IN my life, I have a number of close and valuable friends. I want to make friends with anyone who shares my values which are honesty, justice, fairness, integrity, responsibility, care, kind heart, love the God, Love nature, Love life, Love friends!

Justice fighting, no matter how hard it will be, no matter how high price have to pay, it will be done with the God bless finally¨. Thomas G Guo put it ten years ago, however, the true justice fighter always has to suffer the greatest injustice himself first, even forever, this is might be the price has to pay.
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Thomas, you have wanted to say this to the world for a long time! You have always held this truth close to your heart, and now you want to inspire all the people around you with these wise words. You are a role model! I will fight together with all of you until the utterly eliminate the evilest criminal CCP regime, and restore of the Republic of China base on the rule of law, human rights, constitutional, and democracy.

You're going to be showered with kisses, Thomas! Big ones, small ones, passionate ones and friendly ones - there'll probably be a few hugs thrown in along the way too! You're sure to end the day feeling completely loved and adored. Reality is that as a penniless, homeless, hopeless wonder in the world I never have such privilege being love or dare to love.

是共党的意识形态马列主义必定使共党分子最终变得人性丧尽,一般而言,权力和党性与人性成反比,权力越大党性越强者越没人性;其源于“理性至上”论及“白板说”,前者有创造共产主义新人理论,后者指人性有可塑性,即老毛之白纸说,“一张白纸,没有负担,可画最新最美的图画”。问题是人类不是纸,国家建设或管理与纸性质相差十万八千里。“与传统观念,习俗,文化,宗教。。。作最彻底的决裂” 是马恩之《共产党宣言》最著名的名言,上述种种原因必然造成人性皆丧失殆尽。因此,恐怕不是独裁导致共党没人性,因为世上独裁政体有无数,历史上绝大多数政权实质上或多或少皆具独裁性,但唯有共党暴政下,人性丧失殆尽的事实表明独裁不是共党人性丧失的唯一或根本原因。”我们拟牺牲1000000人夺取政权“,秘鲁共党哥斯曼公然宣称。”我们只需要1000000人建设社会主义“,马基斯坦共党头目叫啸!苏联共党害杀害超过20000000人,中国共产党则害死超过80000000!把人不当人,而当做可以随心所欲改造的物(东西)才是共党没人性的根源。
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最高法院经济庭原交通庭长冯立奇大法官称我是”才子律师“。“你是海商法大师!”广西海事法院院长在给我的一封信中写道。“你应下地狱!”上海海事法院研究室主任当面对我说,因为我赠送给他由我主译校的《当代国际经济贸易法学译丛》包括:《CIF和FOB合同》第三版,复旦大学出版社;《SCRUTTON船舶租船合同》法律出版社;《OMAY保险合同与政策》法律出版社;《现代提单》大连海运学院出版社等九部专译著。最高法院副院长奚晓明是位平易近人的学者型大法官,曾给我留下很好印象,他是我的吉大校友,当我面赠该译丛给他时,他惊讶得连声赞叹,太了不起了!可惜数月前他不幸成为中共政治权力斗争的牺牲品。他的落难主要不是因所谓受贿而主要因为站错了队,中共暴政下不受贿的法官可能绝对无仅有,除非由我出任最高院院长,而且凡是法官拥有独立审判权及终身不降薪的法律保障。广州海事法院正副院长每次我出差广州均热诚请我喝一杯,我是《海事审判年刊》特约撰稿人。也是当时全国专职律师双料仲裁员。有一次我出差武汉海事法院办案,路过院长办室,我请求给我3分钟简介绍自已。结果院长一把拉我座下,一杯香茶,一通神聊海侃,一谈就是一个小时,还不让我走要请我上酒店。院长是全国海事法院唯一的博士院长。山东青岛海事法院院长当我赠书给他时一脸茫然,因为显然他不知道郭国汀何许人也。最有意思的是::上海海事法院将我赠送给三位正副院长且均已曙名的译丛原封退回。因为新上任的女院长说:法官不得受贿!因为书也是财物!其实,她本来应当按书价付款不就两全其美:既未接受财务又享精神食量,还尊重译作者。LEGAL 500, 一家国际律师行及律师评机构,我被其评选为2002年度中国最佳海事律师第一名。当时我是已执业18年的海事律师,而且我的海事海商案件的胜诉率高达80%以上。 中华全国律师协会海事专业委员会主任黄顺刚大律师,也是我的终身好友,受命两度找我谈话:他与杨律师和我在天津高院审判庭时,再次劝我弃人权律师业务因为实在太危险,“你放弃海事律师业实在太可惜,每年至少要损失200万元”。我答道:“谢谢老兄关心,你的心意我领了,人各有志,你不要再劝我,我有我的志向,我当律师主要不是为了钱,而是兴趣爱好,海事律师当然更容易赚钱,但国家更需要人权律师,我对人权法治司法公正更感兴趣。我已作好一切准备,让他们来吧,我不怕任何人。"一个月后我被刑事拘留逮捕软禁在上海世外源家中长达75天,直至登上加航上海---温哥华班机,外表刚强的我悲愤难忍情不自禁,两行热泪长流不止。不知哪年哪日才能回到我可爱的祖国?!从此以后,原来坚强无比的大男儿居然变得时常泪流不止。每每想到我的祖国和人民,我时常痛哭不已以致失声。
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1993年3月某日《律师与法制》总编告诉我经评选,我被评先为中国四大青年名律师之二,第一名是北京巩沙律师,第三名是上海陶武平律师,第四名是河北李伟民律师。我是第二名来自福建福洲。由于并非官方正式评选,并没有奖金。奖品是每人在该专业杂志推介四期。巩沙理所当然成为第一位重点推介的自传作者。其自传绝大多数内容早已忘记,但他主要是因成为电影美女明星刘晓庆的辩护律师而成为名律师。我的《坎坷九年律师路》一问世,大有络阳纸贵之势,收到全国除了西藏新疆之外,全国各地县市不少来函来电,以致令我好不得意。不过,人一旦骄傲准得摔跟斗。吾之所以有今日之难不是没有原因的。坦率地说,吾之自传应是励志经典,正能量直冲云霄。四川有位资深老律师读后,极力向他的任教小学的女胥推荐,而这位仁兄读后随即犹如换了一人,经过不懈努力,他从小学老师连升三级上大学研读法律,考研成博,最终成为西南政法大学一位名法学教授。还有不少类似的故事,均得益于精读吾之自传。当全国12万律师几乎无人敢为我辩护之际,唯有魏汝久律师挺身而出,自告奋勇成为我的义务辩护律师,因为堂堂大律师竟被中共暴政长期政治迫害导致出不起辩护律师费了!在上海司法审理全国首例律师违宪案之听证会上,他之所以勇敢地面对各种可想而知的巨大压力,就是因为他早年读过我的《坎坷九年律师路》。胡晓达律师写道:”郭律师:我92年走进律师队伍时,你的《九年坎坷律师路》就对我有很大影响。虽然10年来,我在《中国律师》上很少听到你的声音,也没有你的消息, 我知道你肯定又会遭到10年的打击和坎坷,果然如我所料一样,你仍然在战斗!整整20年呀!律师队伍里增加一批又一批奴才和法氓-----民主与法治的奴才、法盲和流氓。而你我仍然各自战斗,相信我们终会胜利!十年生死两茫茫,不思量,自难忘“!另一位我称之为网警弟兄的小C则写道:“强烈挽留郭国汀律师:在此我不想多说些什么,只想把最崇高的敬意献给郭兄,同时祝郭兄身体健康,工作顺利,万事如意。您是我最崇拜的一位长者,您的才华让晚辈钦佩不已。更难得是 您的一身浩然正气感染了中国律师网互动社区的每一个人。您是最具人格魅力的网友。少了您中律真的会失色不少。 最后,再次请郭兄能留下,同以前一样继续关注和支持中国律师网互动社区,也希望您能同以前一样亲切的称呼我 “小C”。上海姑娘璘傲写道:“至于郭国汀律师,我实在没什么好说的。我本不认识郭律师,更加无从听说郭律师,只是看到郭国汀律师在网上为郑恩宠律师慷慨激昂,才开始关注起他的文章,他 的思想。渐渐的,璘傲感受到郭律师的人格力量与人格魅力,他是一位大仁,大义,大智,大勇的真正的大律师。其无论对敌对友都谦恭有礼,不耻与内心阴暗鸡鸣狗盗之徒相交,依然以错兄待之,并循循善诱,晓之以理动之以情。此等大气,此等磊落胸怀是为大仁也;言及大义,见好友蒙难即挺身而出,两肋插刀,可见郭律师之情深义重。而其大智,只需看看郭律师网上的帖子,与英语论坛中的英语小诗,其博学多才与思想光辉即可见一斑;至于大勇,明知为郑恩宠大律师打官司,很可能会落得与郑律师一样的结局,但其为了正义,为了兄弟情谊义无反顾,奋不顾身,勇往直前。此大仁,大义,大智,大勇的尊敬长者叫璘傲除了喝彩与深深敬佩还有什么好说的?璘傲身在外企,不可能因替郭律师歌功颂德而遭老板开除,也不可能因痛骂、诋毁、诬蔑郭律师而从此官运亨通,连升三级!璘傲要说的,只是一个普通上海市民想说的,也该说的”。
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多年前有位民运领袖人物在我面前对韩寒赞不绝口,他的依据是韩寒之文在大陆点击率成亿。我认为那是中共当局克意误导公众的花招。若非中共当局长期克意彻底封杀,他未必是我的对手。2002年3月,我创办上海市天易律师事务所。由于没有广告经费,主要为推广扩大事务所知名度,我第一次登陆北大法律信息网,当时贺卫方教授是该网首页重点推介的独一作者。可是不到两周我便取代了贺教授,成为该网首页重点推介唯一的作者,而且持续了一年。主因是我的文论在北大法律信息网受到广大读者的热爱。《我的大学日记》《九年坎坷律师路》吸引了无数法律人。加之,我的全部文论均供广大学生免费阅读下载,因为我的目的就是要让学生们知道我的政治理念思想和主张。而当年该网绝大多数专家教授学者之网文全部是收费的,而且贵得惊人。我则根本不在乎那点稿费。因为我办一个海事诉讼案少说也有几万元,多则数十万,理论上甚至有上百万的,然而,我的目的是影响法界学子。(亦即吾之网络律师生涯始于《北大法律信网》,尤其值得一提的是:中国律师网于2005年2月23日奉北京之命删除了郭大律师的全部文章,而且凡是涉及郭律师的任何论题全被删的一干二净!然而北大法律信息网除了短暂删除《我的大学生涯》之外,全部保留了郭律师文集。)随后我在《中国海事审判网》《中国航运网》《中国保险网》《中国律师网》 先后设立专栏,而我的文论几乎在所有的网站均是点击率最高者。2003年1月《中国律师网》升级,作者能够自主上载任何文章。我随即重返该网,迅速成为中国律师网最受欢迎的写手。迄今我可能是中文世界唯一没有读过韩寒文的一位,因为我根本不相信他能有什么值得一提的成就。一位北大法学硕士,哥伦比亚大学法学博士,北大哲学在读博士曾公然嘲讽我的知识象杂货店。吾不谦逊地答道:非也,吾之哲思与知识犹如百货商店,可能超市更帖切!我时常调侃自己:心理年龄20岁,生理年龄30岁,实际年龄60岁,但我的知识年龄应有80岁。真是个长不大的老顽童!其实贺卫方是我非常赞赏的一位德高望重的法学教授,我创办天易律师行时请的第一位高级顾问就是他,“我从未接受过任何其他律师行的请求”教授告诉我,于是天易律师行成为贺教授第一家任顾问的律师行。此外,张思之大律师,王工大律师,朱曾杰教授,刘书剑教授,张湘兰教授,及另一位上海海事法院大法官均欣然接受我的请求成为天易律师行的高级顾问。当然主要是精神支持,我甚至从未请过他们吃过一顿饭,也未付过一文钱,他们纯属友情第一。此深厚的友情令我终身难忘怀。
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非常奇怪我的中学和大学期间,我爱恋的及追我的几乎都是红二代。军代表之女我从初一一直暗恋她到高中毕业。更奇怪的是1971-73年,我在龙第三中学与她同窗, 1973年我返回长汀,她也随军代表之父从风动厂调到长汀红旗厂又同在长汀第一中学同学,但她改了名字。可惜的是当年的我整个一个孔孟信徒,长达五年期间虽有无数良机,但我终未能向她表白心中的爱恋,甚至从未说过那怕一句话。尽管内心爱慕她却连个Hello or Hi there 都不敢问,以致她迄今仍不知道我曾那么痴情地爱过她。1980年我考取吉林大学法律系,一位军区师政委之女猛追我,可是我却看上一位有典雅高贵气质的聪慧美女,她是大学期间国际法专业全班同学考试成绩唯一全部五分的学生。随后一路顺风成为北大法学硕士,续尔美国名校法律博士,后成为美国执业律师,现为一家国际大公司的法律总裁。她父亲为共军空军政委。她是我一生中的最爱之一。同学们皆以为我们在恋爱,甚至吉林大学学生会主席刘再平特意送我两张歌剧票,让我约她前往,不解风情的书痴居然对她说:“我这里有两张票,我对歌剧不感兴趣,你要否?”结果她约了一位狂追她的帅哥观赏,后果很严重!其实她曾反复暗示我,我却犹如木头无动于衷。她建议我读《红与黑》《飘》并说她最爱于连和白瑞德。读后我告诉她,我对于连这类缺德男人厌恶致极,《飘》中主角我更爱Malanny .事实上她的性格酷似郝思嘉。虽然她是我的红颜知已,由于我的胆怯,始终不敢超雷池一步,我们长达三年均在吉大图书馆学习,且几乎每天都是最晚离开图书馆,一路上畅谈人生,理想,事业,海阔天空,文学,英语,学习研究方法,她爱好极广,诗歌,小说,音乐,美术,中西洋画,样样通晓且她的英语好听极了。四年同窗共学我们几乎无话不谈,但我们唯一未说的就是那三个神奇的字,以致最终失去了她,令我后悔不已。如果生命能够重来,她大概跑不掉了。教训是极深刻的,心中有爱就要大胆地说出来,明确表达爱有可能成功,不敢或不会表达心声注定失败。
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我的中学同学中对我最好的几乎都是红二代,例如,1971年一打三反运动中,我父亲被罗织“历史反革命”罪名被银行开除回老家龙岩当农民。我在龙岩第三中学初中部,班上对我最好的同学除了曾宪仪以外,即是任勇和刘建成,后两人皆是红二代。 当时我暗恋一位何姓军代表之女也是红二代,而我本人则是标准的黑五类子弟。(地主加国民党三青团臭老九!)1973年父亲获平反返长汀,我在长汀一中高中,对我最好的是金福生,王叙平(后成夫妻),两人都是红二代,而且我与他们保持着终身友谊。因此,依吾之见,红二代不一定都是混蛋,其中也有不少善良之人。另一红二代焦星际也是我的终身好友。因此,不能以出身一概而论。
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