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[法律人士] Who and What is Thomas GT Guo?

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Xi Jinping is a typical fake Ph.D, who almost know nothing of the spirits of law or the rule of law, by the contrary, he repeatedly proved himself a stupid fool in the most important issues, he even might be killed by his CCP evil party member who are ambition to seized the power at any time. Since 9 July 2005, He ordered to arrested and detained more than 300 human rights lawyers and activists, I started defined him as the stupid fool and strongly look down upon this coward! because he even does not understand what is his long term essence benefits or interests. He either become an evil criminal or be murdered by his colleague, ambitious such as Jiang and Zeng, Hu and hundred and thus ambitious challengers, despite he has the great opportunity to become one of the greatest heroes in The history remain a good name for The true Chinese do not have any slavery nature at all, anyone who respects Confucius and Mencius is master rather than slavery. hundred thousand Counter-revolutionists, and subvert state power heroes repeatedly proved that Chinese are same as western country people. It is the time we all stand up to say NO to the CCP rogue regime. As Mr. Gao Zhisheng put it: the CCP regime will be gone for good in 2017, it is the message sent to him he the God, which I concur because at 4:30 pm on November 2005, at the wonderland in the Vancouver, while I fell half asleep and half awake, I had received the similar message sent by the God which I believe is the truth. Therefore, 2017 is the time to eliminate the evilest criminal regime of the CCP!I dare not share with the judgment on " nature of slavery", Chinese, large number, in essence, are same Either westerners or others nations. It is the totalitarian and despotic more than 66 years force brain-waa large number of Chinese become the stupid fool, neither because of traditional culture, nor their nature cause such a result. Only get rid of the CCP rogue regime can rescue China.Chinese did not like to read longer article and essay, they only enjoy short sentence or slogan, I have been invited all leaders of democratic liberty of China to join our website to discuss and debate any issues about future China, however, most of them seems too busy to attend or simply ignorant it. for they only interest in power, money, ladies and girls? show no interest in politics, law, economics, society, religions or community. I have enough patient to wait and welcome all of you, it is the time united together and fight together for the liberty and justice of China.Welcomed Home all my dear friends in China and the world.
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Thomas G Guo
Thomas G Guo 我的吉大校友成千上万,其中不乏高官专家学者,然而,他们全部装作不知道当年被誉为”吉林大学的骄傲“的我到底怎么了?!我曾先后被称为 “吉大的骄傲”,“福建人的骄傲!”“闽西人的骄傲”,“长汀人的骄傲”!如今则变成一文不名,负债累累,家破人(流)亡,妻离女散,前途渺茫,无家可归的”丧家犬“(共匪五毛语),不过,我时常自嘲郭律师不过是个“愚蠢的笨蛋”!同时自称郭律师是个“天生的高贵灵魂”!而且是天注定动地惊天之人还必将成为:“中国人的骄傲!”
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Thomas G Guo
Thomas G Guo 我的吉大校友成千上万,其中不乏高官专家学者,然而,他们全部装作不知道当年被誉为”吉林大学的骄傲“的我到底怎么了?!我曾先后被称为 “吉大的骄傲”,“福建人的骄傲!”“闽西人的骄傲”,“长汀人的骄傲”!如今则变成一文不名,负债累累,家破人(流)亡,妻离女散,前途渺茫,无家可归的”丧家犬“(共匪五毛语),不过,我时常自嘲郭律师不过是个“愚蠢的笨蛋”!同时自称郭律师是个“天生的高贵灵魂”!而且是天注定动地惊天之人还必将成为:“中国人的骄傲!”

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sometimes we do not know whether a new idea is good or bad even an evil one, and this is why the free speech, free expression, free media, and free academic, as well as debate, discuss, are so important for a complicated society. The truth did not afraid any public discuss and debate, and only in a free market of thought, any ideas may obtain its position and recognized by the public through justice and fairness competition rather through terror, cheating, and brainwashing. and this is why the freedom and justice as the top values of any society forever.
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To my understanding, Genuine Chinese gentleman always has much higher moral standard than any other nation's people, at least not lower than any others. They are honesty, integrity, and trustable person, who respect other's opinion and never force others to obey their own will. They persist principles, the courage to do justice and fairness, open their mind and heart, treat others with equal and dignity, never pursue violence to bully others. I am proud that I am such a genuine Chinese gentleman. Although, this is "the age of injustice" and this is why the true gentlemen have to suffer a great deal all the time in almost anywhere, for benefit and interests become the top value amount common people as well as leaders in the world.
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The noble liar and for the purpose to use any means by Thomas G Guo

The noble liar means tell something not true or cover something for good reason or justify purpose in order to avoid some unnecessary trouble. For instance, a doctor tells his patient a liar to cover his serious illness to avoid a shock. Another example is that a husband told his wife or girlfriend a liar in order to avoid her jealous. The noble liar is not same as "for the purpose to use any mean". The former usually do nobody harm, the later always create disasters. For Good purpose, even tell a liar or cover a truth, usually bring better result; by the contrary, used evil means can never reach a noble purpose, because if a purpose has to use the evil mean to realize it, which prove that purpose itself is not the good one. I have a good reputation for honesty and integrity man in my whole life, but I have to recognize that I am not hundred percent tell truth, for I also had experienced a telling false massage or cover some truths, especially dealing with female friends. My friends tell me that western culture respect hundred percent honest, and liar is a liar, even with a noble purpose. However, I really doubt it, if there is anyone in the world who in every area at any time, never tell a single liar or never cover a single fact. If there is anyone is such pure honest man or woman, please show me.

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The good and bad ideas by Thomas G.Guo

The Good ideas always bring wonderful achievements, while the bad ideas usually caused disasters; Therefore, ideas, whether good or bad, are vitally important for societies and communities. If an individual or common people accept and perform some bad ideas, it only causes personal loss or unlimited loss and disaster. Provided a country’s leader adopt the bad ideas, it always produces huge disaster for the whole country, especially in those countries under dictatorship or authoritarian or tyranny or totalitarian ruling. Such as Nazi's Hitler use the racism to kill six million innocent Jewish people as the "final resolve", and the CCP regime under Mao's totalitarian dictatorship, in the name of the communism, more than eighty million Chinese people were either killed or forced die of starvation by the "great, glorious, correct" communist party of China!

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I did not research and study Trump for I think Chinese issues mainly have to resolve by Chinese people themselves, depend on foreign country is unreliable, because each country have their own interest, it is proved that all liberal democratic countries paid more lip service rather than substance to Chinese liberal democratic campaign, from the time of Sun Wen to up to date, is the same.
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please reference Mr. Tan Baiqiao's and Cao Changqing's comment on Trump,in principle I support Trump rather than Hilary who clearly cooperate with the CCP in some important matters, while Trump's government used a number of strongly against the communist ideology guy, to judgment a president we should look at what kind of adviser he prefer then we can tell what kind of person he is.
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