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[法律人士] Who and What is Thomas GT Guo?

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Except for military and security reason, dealing with the human being’s crazy desire for powers, prevent the abuse the political powers by government, in order to protect people avoid the tyranny with separated the power and restrain the Leviathan, is the main reason why human being create the federation; Seeking and fighting for freedom and liberty, self-rule and self-government is the motion for people to establish the federal system. To protect minority and individual rights, federal system through “self-rule plus shared rule” or “dividing and sharing powers”, in a complicated partnership political arrangement, protect people’s rights.Although some federal system were the response to ethnolinguistic or religious and cultural diversity and conflict, there is a number of the federal government have no such factor, for example, Australia is closer to Germany and Austria in history has no linguistic homogeneity. It has no territorially based diversity, the most important political salient social cleavage remained the class, and Australian political system remains formally federal with the nationwide political division.It is the most homogeneous federal system; [1]but the contents of politics have often divided the Australian political landscape. [2] Federalism as a liberal idea while as a protection of individuals from the immense power of government, with Pluralism among elites combine Restrictions with Dispersed and divided political power, create checks and balances in the political system, although decision-making procedures might cumbersome under federal system, which finally provides the people, especially minority and individuals, the best possible protection against the Leviathan’s dangerous and inevitable abused power deprive people’s liberty and property. -by Thomas G Guo-

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I agree with your opinion about the values, however, the issues is that whether Mr. trump' values is like your comment, when where he reveal his values of life? is there any research paper to back up your arguments? what kind of values Mr. Trump believe? If you believe his values is like your defined, at least you should prove it and show it, then your argument has more convincing power.
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Recently an old friend of mine criticizes me for my openly against Mr. Liu Xiaobo as a leader of freedom and justice movement. However, I disagree with his judgment, My analysis of Mr.Liu years ago even today, only proved my judgment are absolutely correct! Only political democratic revolution can change China, but Liu claim "political-reform" under the leadership of the CCP! How can such a blind politician guy lead Chinese people?! To my years extensive study of the CCP regime, My conclusion is that Human Rights Lawyer Mr. Gao Zhisheng and a number of other genuine political revolutionary are true leaders of China democratic movement, but Mr. Liu is only a fake leader who is controllable and cooperative by the CCP. The spirits Of Mr. Gao Zhisheng is what China need.
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The friendship is the second to none value of love. Unfortunately, many do not value the friendship but money in Canada society. If one love to pet and care them much better than a human being, I doubt his mind and soul whether his love of an animal is simply a kind of Hippocratic fake feeling. because of mankind is the top animal of all, if someone treats people like nothing or like rubbish, while loving all kind of small animal, while claim his mind full of love. I utterly disagree such Hippocratic person, for he might only an animal without a heart of human being. Chinese culture value the true friendship equal to life. Our friends come from all over the world. If one respect others dignity equally treat all people no matter how poor he is no matter how wealthy he might be, we call him a gentleman.
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The News In China: Prominent poet Mr.Wangchang, for his heroic openly supporting HongKong revolution, is arrested and put into jail by the CCP regime, who has been tortured by Beijing policemen, caused heart disease, and he told his defense lawyer Shui Muqing that he is to face the worst situation, but only care and worry his wife and son and aged parents. It is said at least more than 50 Chinese have been arrested by the regime for their supporting HongKong revolution.-2014 by Thomas G Guo-
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I utterly disagree with your judgment of Chinese traditional cultures, which is one of the greatest cultures in the world. please on our website to debate I am waiting for you there.

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共产主义固然危害甚大,但是"传统文化绝对"是推波助澜的毒药".此论断完全不能成立。有关论证请上天易网公开讨论争辩。全球90个共产党其中有44个一度夺取政权,其余之43个共党并无中国传统文化的影响,然而他们全部与苏联共产党及中共一样犯有基本相同的罪恶的事实足以驳倒汝之并无根据的论断。此外,中共所有的罪恶制度几乎100%皆可从列宁及斯大林主义中找到原创。比如最典型之“民主集中制”,又如95%好人,5%坏蛋,无产阶级专政,阶级斗争,集中营,特务统治,恐怖,欺诈,利用流氓,与传统文化宗教决裂, 列宁式党国体制,全民所有制,无法无天,公然实行专制暴政,党政军联合办案。。。全部源于列宁和斯大林,决非中国传统文化之产物, 有限的几个毛之独创之精神强暴洗脑(brainwashing)群众运动,批斗会,人民恐怖战争,忠字舞,文化大反革命, 千万知青上山下,并非中国传统文化主流之罪。
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Human Rights lawyer Mr. Wang Quanzhang, a great lawyer is growing up, and confirmed by the criminal regime of the CCP! My dear friends, do not worry about the charge at all, it is glorious you might obtain from this moment of great change, through your courageous and elegant fighting for the human rights! We are backing you up and never let you alone!
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大三时我曾怀疑马克思的逻辑思维能力有限,然而2007年10月间我在维多利业大学法学院读LLM时我的法学教授Mike却对我说:“马克思的逻辑是完美的”!“对您的结论我深表怀疑!如果马之逻辑思维是完美的,其基本理论体系必定完善, 那么按照马克思主义理论进行的无产阶级暴力革命与阶级斗争以及无产阶级专政,无论理论还是实践都应当是顺理成章理所当然的。然而,马克思列宁主义在全世界范围内经过一个多世纪的实践,给人类社会带来的仅是无穷无尽的灾难的事实充分证明马克思理论是错误的,而该错误显然与构建理论的逻辑错误有关。”多年后,迫于生存压力,我重返维多利亚大学攻读政治学,大三时选修了一门马克思原著选读。只到此时才偶然找到马克思逻辑思维能力有限的铁证:马克思在学生时代尽管德语诗作非常优秀,其数学能力却非常差,连基本运算都不行。无独有偶,毛泽东学生时代数学几何经常得零分。而人的数学能力与人的逻辑思维能力成正比。
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