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[法律人士] Who and What is Thomas GT Guo?

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Thank you, all friends sincerely concerned. however, it is to reveal some truth only, which tell the truth of exile life and the fighter of democracy freedom and justice's real situation. and it describes the situation six years ago, nowaday, as a fighter even have to suffer morn than that. Simply because I have been devoting my life to eliminate the evilest criminal rogue of the CCP which turn me into such bad condition. I will never give up my fighting for the freedom and justice responsibility, for it is my life mission. Another purpose of posting this message here is there any friend can tell?
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世界上根本不存在所谓好的共产党。美国共产党或法国共产党,德国共党,意大利共党,是因为未能夺取政权,因而好话说尽;一旦其真暴力夺权,立马原型毕露!共产国际曾在世界上设立90个共产党,其中28个一度夺取过政权,凡是夺取政权的共产党没有一个好东西的事实,充分证明共产党纯属流氓匪帮。对共产党的研究恐怕我比你有发言权。当然我指的是马恩列斯毛式共产党,不包括抛弃了马列的共产党,人道共产主义,无政府共产主义,原始共产主义多少还有点人性。伯拉图是共产主义的鼻祖,他主张的是和平自愿的共产主义,而且仅限上流社会实行。许多人认为:不需要揭批共匪罪恶,因为人人心知肚明。然而,事实表明,大多数国人实质上迄今仍对中共暴政的滔天罪恶几无所知,对共产党的罪恶本质严重认识不清,这是导致中共暴政能够继续苟延残喘的根本原因。真理当然是客观的,世界上也必然存在绝对真理。真理不以任何人的主观意志为转移。上帝就是真理,认识上帝服从上帝就是服从绝对真理。共产党中天良未冥者最终必定要么退党,要么认罪服法。其中抱着花岗岩脑袋向马克思报到者是因为其比较无知愚蠢。人道共产主义仅是一种不切实际的空想,马列共产主义则是一种罪恶。因为其从根本上反人性,反自然,反上帝。因此共产主义永远是一种空想或罪恶。这是有关共产主义的真理,它是客观的,不以人的意志为转移。-Thomas GT Guo-
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Chinese did not like to read longer article and essay, they only enjoy short sentence or slogan, I have been invited all leaders of democratic liberty of China to join our website to discuss and debate any issues about future China, however, most of them seems too busy to attend or simply ignorant it. for they only interest in power, money, ladies and girls? show no interest in politics, law, economics, society, religions or community. I have enough patient to wait and welcome all of you, it is the time united together and fight together for the liberty and justice of China.Welcome Home all my dear friends in China and the world.
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I understand Trump, in essence, I support his policy, however, I also understand your worry about something, for you are intelligent enough with rich experience. We should open our eyes and mind then we can make a sound judgment.
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Law School at Xiamen University, Director Sheng, and the Dean Mr.Chen An were expressly welcomed me to Xiamen, I did not expect to mobilize working so hard, until six months later the Fujian Provincial Judicial Bureau agreed to release. Xiamen at this time changed their mind, saying that I do not have a master's degree, and no intermediate should not be transferred to universities, so, tune into the work set but ended up not working at ease " reputation ".I think since I lack a master's degree, I will earn one. In February 1987 I passed Shanghai Maritime University International Maritime law entry exam for the master of law. I Thought the fate of God has favored me, I can realize my dream of a graduate student, I never expect that another disaster being quietly forced me to.
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我认为中共虚弱无比!应当只争朝夕!因为中共无论理论信仰还是精神道义及合法性均已输得一干二净!中共业已堕落成为货真价实的利益犯罪集团。早已彻底丧失民心,而失民心者失天下,乃千古不易之至理。真理正义精神的力量要远胜于物质力量,中共已是末日黄昏,中共彻底崩溃的日子日益临近。推翻、彻底唾弃中共极权专制流氓吸血鬼暴政,业已成为今日中国时代最强音!中共必定灭亡,因为中共自已造成逼就了千万个中共掘墓人!-Thomas GTGuo on 8 november 2015-
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You have done great job. I will support this program when I have income. unfortunately, I have been turned down by almost all for past 12 exile years which forced me to become a penniless wonder in the world. However, I believe the time comes for a great change soon.
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政治大字报?! 还是令暴政胆寒的枪炮?!迄今仍期望中共良心发现平反六四的人,不是政治白痴至少也是糊涂虫,尽管期望实惠的受害人亲属的某些现实考虑可以理解;然而,刽子手无权因自已的杀人罪行,而行使对受害者的平反权,此乃浅显普通的道理,中共唯有忏悔、认罪接受公正法庭正义审判的义务!迄今仍对中共抱持任何幻想的人,该猛醒了。正如狗改不了吃屎的习性,狼改不了吃人的恶性一样,要流氓中共变成有人性的执政党只能是痴心妄想!面对残暴下流至极的邪恶流氓中共,全体国人唯有认清其邪恶流氓本质,彻底抛弃、唾弃、推翻中共专制暴政,才有自由民主人权法治宪政的希望和明天! -郭律师2007年6月4日-
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Happy birthday to you, professor Wu, we met in Taibei last September and you give me very deep impression for your profound wisdom and knowledge about the Republic of China and the formal president Jiang Zhongzhen. Very nice meet you here again and, I concur the most thesis of yours, You are a true scholar and expert in the history of the Republic of China, I wish one day we could cooperation in this area, and do something for our nation and people.
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