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[国学论道] Racism, War, and Politics -reflection of reading Orwell by Thomas G Guo

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Racism, War, and Politics -reflection of reading Orwell by Thomas G Guo

Racism base on the race to decide one's political and social or other rights. In mainland China, discrimination mainly basis on political idea and opinion, in Western countries, in historical perspective, discrimination strongly base on race. Even today, the form of racism change a lots, in essence, did not disappear totally. Only after reading a number of articles in this area, we learn a little of reality. Only when disappearing off the race itself, the discrimination could be eliminated eternal.  Justice, equal, and freedom, as the top values always is human being's dream. What decides the race? culture or biology or geology environment? Is there so-called superior or inferior race? is there advanced or backward cultures? does civilization development depend on culture? why human being divide into white, black, yellow, red people? is it the Creator intently to make the different race? is there a number of Creators or only one? dose the evolution theory are truth? naive questions only?  "state is the product of the class struggle" Lenin declared, I argued in Feb 1984 that the state is not the product of the class struggle, but the product of national(race) struggle, wherever when the conflicts between different nation (race) can not compromise through either treaty or legal court, the state will appear as the resolve, always by violence and war.

I used to believe I must be somebody because I have been suffered so much in my life; it is said that life without experiences is not well-worth living; therefore, in this sense, my life should be wonderful. However, since being forced exile to Canada, I have been experienced great deal suffering for my fighting for Justice China. " Justice fighters always have to suffer the most injustice themselves first, some of them even has to suffer for good." This is the truth almost everywhere, even though, still, there is a number of "foolish and stupid" freedom fighters go on without hesitating, to sacrifice themselves for better common good. This is human history.

Recently I feel so frustration that I have no mood to read, to write, to sing, to laugh! Because it seems I have lost both hope and law career, I even doubt whether I have lost confidence and talent to go on. English writing always drives me crazy, for I can hardly express myself clear and concise English, not to say elegant and accurate. Lacking the capacity of language make my life in Canada from worse to worst, who know?  who cares? Only the God, but who is the God and where is He?

"China's ordeal", unless the CCP regime gone for good, majority Chinese, whether they are in mainland China or in oversea unless they forget their duty as a true Chinese, they must always suffer great pain and torture in mind and soul.

¨You are a dreamer¨ ! my friend Huang Xiaoming told me. ¨No I am not the dreamer but idealist thinker and practitioner¨. I reply. For dreamer always have the day-dream base on dilution and imagination, but idealist thinker base their activity on reason and natural law. In fact, I might one of the last idealist lawyers in mainland China, for what I have been doing is promote the real rule of law and freedom and justice of New China with constitutional government. However, reality is cruel, majority people only concern their own family's interests, idealist thinker mainly concern the whole nation and state and nation's fundamental and long-term interests, they are fighting for justice and freedom for whole people not for themselves and this is why they have to suffer the greatest injustice themselves first, even forever in a number of situation.

again I did not know the meaning of the ¨Whiney¨, which according to Longman dictionary, means to complain too much in an unnecessarily sad voice, usually about something unimportant.  I did not complain anyone but myself. I have been translated at least 20 British law, history, political books into Chinese and published 10 of them in various university press, a well-known translator, but was repeatedly rejected offer the translator job in Canada. I thought I am an expert of China issue but again rejected as a ¨Chinese researcher¨. If I did whine, I only whine to the God, not to human society, for ordinary people can not understand who I am and what I have done and what I have the reward for my fighting for justice and freedom of new China.

No offend, you are welcomed, I teasing myself, even more, I named myself as ¨Mr.Nang-Guo¨, a famous Chinese who lacking the special talent to play music, but always attend a large group musician to perform in the palace to entertainment the emperor. Only after old emperor died, and the new emperor prefers individual musician to play one by one, Mr. Nang-Guo, therefore, have to go for good. My situation in Canada exactly similar to Nang-Guo, is it?

At the very beginning, I thought western liberal democracy countries are Garden of  Eden. After years personal experience, I realize that I am really too naive to face cruel materialist cold world. Life is extremely complicated, freedom and justice are the permanent dreams of mankind only. Anyway, hereby what I write is for practice writing not for argument. Thanks for your comment.

Arrested, tortured, and death, even Chinese human rights lawyers and activist always enjoy them! International well-known human rights lawyer Gao Zhisheng was tortured with electronic barred his private part that is penis repeatedly in 2007,  a Law student (LLM Beijing University Law school) Ms. Cao Shunli was tortured to death on 10 March 2014!

The Political revolution does not mean blood only, at least under modern electronic science technology precondition, for people is the power itself. The wake-up people is the greatest power, especially when they are organized to act together. Therefore, Violence or bloody killing is not good policy for modern political revolution.

In fundamental principles, Mr.Sun Wen has no problem, although in a number of trivial matters he has some error, even sometimes he made a big mistake. Even great like George Washington still has some serious shortcoming, some act he did even equal as crime, dishonest, and indecent. If you have read the biography of those great men in the world, you will find none of them are perfect. for all human being is the inner.

Mr.Sun Wen is a great man, the father of republic revolution, today, China needs a reborn Sun Wen, otherwise, no change will come. Although Sun Wen also had some shortcoming, compare his contribution to China, that is nothing.In my eyes, Mr. Wang Bingzhang is one of reborn Sun Wen, Mr.Gao Zhisheng is another, Mr. Guoqiun, Mr.Yang Hongbing, etc,  all are heroes.

The human being can bear with any kind of tough environment and difficult situation, whether hot or cold, whether ocean or mountain; however, mankind can not live peacefully with themselves. If you look back history, we will find that the war is a common phenomenon of human society and genocide almost happen everywhere even today. The Racism plays a very bad role which should be criticized, the problems is that why race are different and what cause the race so diversity. Is there any way to eliminate race? To my understanding,  Through intermarriage might be the only way to eliminate race, assimilation of culture is another way to reach the goal of peaceful living together of all the people in the world.  Aborigines have been genocided for years, their culture was destroying and their traditional values disappear and this is why they asking for self-determination and sovereignty, everyone believes their own culture is best in the world, to eliminate one's culture and language means to destroy their nation.

The Racism is the evilest ideology which caused numberless genocide, ethnicity, holocaust in human history. All human being are born equal with dignity and equal before the Law. Although each individual might distinguish in Intelligence, capability, strength, wisdom, knowledge, characteristics... everyone is not equal in such area but only in human dignity and before the Law. The Culture but race decide one nation is great and advance or backward. Through Cultural and voluntary assimilation but war or forced assimilation, to establish justice and fairness human society and common community is the only correct way for all mankind.

The Racism seems to come from Western culture, especially after Darwin's theory of evolution was born, the social Darwinism cause the great disaster in human history. The Superior race destroys the inferior race without any morally responsible sense. In the Western country, slave system lasting until 1864 in the USA, but In China, even in 221 BC, the slave system has already disappeared.The Western culture hold on power-politics, that is, whoever is stronger always want to have hegemon over others, fighting for hegemony cause war, Religion dictatorship wants to destroy other faith roots religious war, believe power and force can do anything, led colony and finally born the world war I and II.

Chinese traditional culture believes harmony and universal common society, the principle has been set up after the spring and author and war-state, because the war brings people endless suffering that makes Chinese people love peace ever since. Chinese extending her territory mainly base on voluntary assimilation through her great civilization which developed by her traditional culture, which is open and generous, in Chinese history, although She is always the largest and strongest country in the world, her emperors never have the policy of colony to invasion other small countries. Is it very strange? before 1800, China is the largest and strongest country in the world for nearly 5000 years. The main reason is that Confucianism believes that the best policy is harmony and peace. Chinese give up force prefer literature and respect foreigner, tolerance with the different religions. Only in China, all religions can live together without war against with each other for centuries.How great Chinese culture it is ?!

The God and the modern politics                                                        

Using a madman’s month, Nietzsche said that“The God is dead... And we have killed him”. The background of this statement is that after the industrial revolution, especially 18-century enlightenment, many intellectuals believed the rationalism instead of religion faith. For natural scientists had made many discovering in science, Copernican’s theory of the Sun center proved the earth center theory is wrong, which shaking the Christianity faith.  Thus many modern men no longer believe there is a real personify God. “God is dead” means that God is no longer in the hearts of modern men, and rationalism and natural science has killed the God.
If there is no God, moral system based on Christianity faith would collapse, and society will fall into nihilism. Since no God, the human being will believe nothing, and life becomes meaningless, and moral system will collapse too. For social life and order, not only rely on the law but also moral system. Nietzsche seems to believe that he can build a moral systemin earth, for he believes the superman who has the strong will and the will to power.
Christianity faith dominant western society for two thousand years, it influences western society, culture, politics, moral and social life deeply. For western civilization, Churches and priests used to have privileges in political and social life in Western states.  Since modern science prove that there is no such thing as a personify God, Church should separate with State, and politics should separate with religion; religion and secular should divide and not mixed together.  Religion dealing with citizens spirit life, should not intervene state’s political life, this principle becomes the universal acceptance.  Modern states, especially in Christianity society, actually all become the highly secular government.The problem is that human being always needs some superior power to govern them, since God is dead, both Nazi and Communism regime tried to create “new men” which only bring huge disasters to Human being.

Politics and Truth

The totalitarian is the most horrible political regime in the history. In his famous “1984”, Orwell G. wrote that Winston was tortured to believe that “ 2 plus 2 equal 5”! However, it does not mean that one can be forced to believe anything as true.  As “no compulsory learning remains in the soul”, the forced believe can never last. Orwell used exaggerate technical described the phenomenon to ridicule the communism regime and warn western against such enormity regime, defense individual rights, and freedoms, constraint state’s power.

Totalitarian regime is the rule of terror, deceit and violent, it destroied traditionalculture, religion, and customs; individuals have deprived all rights and freedoms; one ruling party totally control all state power, public realm and private life, as well as citizens thought and spirit. Secret-policemen surveillance Citizens 24 hours, state control public media such as newspapers, magazine, TV, radio blocked any true news transfer freely, propaganda and brainwash through art, film, literature,  fool people. Therefore, by deceiving and cheating, through long-term brainwash, mass were misleading to believe ruling party’s spuriousideology.

Totalitarian regimes always tortured people for humiliating and destroying their dignity, force them a confession, but seldom tortured people for forcing them to believe something ridicule, because they can through deceit achieve the end more effect, more important is that it is impossible through torture forced people to believe such thing, unless the tortured become insane.

It is quite clear that Orwell believes that under the tyranny, the politics are false, far away from the truth, for the truth could not survive in such a regime. Ruling party rely on terror, violent and deceit mean maintain power, use Newspeak, double thought, deliver fake news, fool people.

Totalitarian basis on spurious science such as Marxism which declared discovered the law of history process, and Nazi’s racism, which derive from social Darwinism. As a result, Nazi had murdered more than six million jew; however, communism regime not only killed ten times as Nazi did but also forced brainwash billion people through deceit and terror.

Orwell is a great political novelist, with a rich imagination, vividly describes what will happen in a totalitarian regime. State intervene citizen's private life, individuals lost all rights and freedoms, the whole society under strict control by secret police. Any dissidents will meet the same fate as Winston, the whole country actually become a large prison both in body and spirit. No one can run away.Orwell shows us how terrible the regime it is, warn the whole world to defense individualism, protect human rights and freedoms, against totalitarianism.

12 September 2011 at the Uvic

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