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[法律人士] English writing by Thomas G.Guo

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The good and bad ideas by Thomas G.Guo
The Good ideas always bring wonderful achievements, while the bad ideas usually caused disasters; Therefore, ideas, whether good or bad, are vitally important for societies and communities. If an individual or common people accept and perform some bad ideas, it only causes personal loss or unlimited loss and disaster. Provided a country’s leader adopt the bad ideas, it always produces huge disaster for the whole country, especially in those countries under dictatorship or authoritarian or tyranny or totalitarian ruling. Such as Nazi's Hitler use the racism to kill six million innocent Jewish people as the "final resolve", and the CCP regime under Mao's totalitarian dictatorship, in the name of the communism, more than eighty million Chinese people were either killed or forced die of starvation by the "great, glorious, correct" communist party of China!

"All is yourself ask for!" My lover always laughs at me. My ex-wife asked me to stop fighting against the CCP for family's reason, I refused. My siblings required me to stop fighting for justice of freedom for new China; again, I turn down their kind demand. All disasters come from the order of Hu Jintao:"to kill all information of Guo Guoting from all media in China forever"; However, my "250 style English" become the biggest barrier for me to find any decent job in the western country now. Lacking English Language capacity and talent has been making me always feel frustration during my ten years political refugee life. Although studying extremely hard and read extensively, I find that to write English academic papers with my own words with a critical thinking is a kind of torture. The trouble is my academic English is too poor to qualify decent job and I do not know how to improve it, although I have been trying my best.

It is said that the age is the secret for female. As for the male, does not matter. Then how old I am? I am 18,  28,  38,  48,  58,  68 years old. Do not believe? Let me tell you some top secret of mine: at 18, My dream was to be an industrial worker( under Mao's regime, working class is “the leading class”, at least in theory, in reality, the CCP and Mao, then Deng, Jiang, Hu and now Xi, totally control all power of China) at 26, I seems to become a philosopher, what in my mind are the origin of the human being and the universal and the world, the law of the nature and the nature of the human being, the selfish, the love, and the fate etc; at 28, I first become a real man, which means lost my virgin body at that year;  at 30, I confused whether I can be a qualified lawyer, thus, during the first ten years practiced as a practice trial lawyer, I had tried to be a judge three times, and to be a law professor another three times; at 35, I was named as one of top four young lawyers in China, that is, by the Lawyers and Legality, I was named as the second famous young lawyer in whole China; at 42, I was named as one of the top maritime lawyer in China by Legal 500, because I had published a serial leading British Law books on International Trade Law, International Maritime Law, Marine Insurance Law, Bills of Lading, Charterparty and FOB and CIF Contract etc;  at 45, I thought I am strong enough to challenge the evilest criminal regime in the world, and become the first Chinese human rights lawyer strongly and publicly defense of Political dissidents, Religious believers, FLG practitioners and the victims of eviction; at 47, I was forced to exile and lost my law firm and  law license and family in Shanghai;  at 50 I know nothing of "heaven fate"(Confucius at 50 know his Heaven fate) ; at 55, I became one of the poorest prominent lawyer in the world; at 56 I am a homeless and hopeless but self-thought as a born noble soul wonder in the world. I really don't know how young I am!

I have talked to a number of oversea Chinese students, almost none of them concern about Chinese future and only a few willing back China after graduate, the great majority of them plan and wish to live in north American instead of back to the CCP regime if they have alternative choose.

Love, friendship, home all are the important element in one's life; however, the most important feature is Self-confidence. If one lost love, or friendship or home, he still has an opportunity to recover it one day; but if he lost self-confidence, he will lose everything: love, friendship, home, hope, and the future. Emerson said that the "self-trust is the essence of heroism", while Dryden points out that " They can conquer who believe they can". As South put it, "Society if built upon trust, and trust upon confidence in one another's integrity".However, confidence does not mean praises all or censures all or indifferent all, only trust those well deserve trust. Then who are they? it depends on wisdom and experience of life, only time can be the final judge.

"Home, sweet home, even I have visited all beautiful palaces in the world, no matter wherever I have visited, the most valuable place is still my sweet home". After more than thirty years hard working and struggling for the freedom and justice, I never realize that I will become homeless and the poorest great lawyer in the world. I miss my home where my soul can have a good rest, I remember my home where My love remain forever, I recall my home where my youthfulness has a pass. "the spring wind green the south of river bank twenty times, when the shinning moon will company with me home?"

The noble liar means tell something not true or cover something for good reason or justify purpose in order to avoid some unnecessary trouble. For instance, a doctor tells his patient a liar to cover his serious illness to avoid a shock. Another example is that a husband told his wife or girl friend a liar in order to avoid her jealous.  The noble liar is not same as "for the purpose to use any mean". The former usually do nobody harm, the later always create disasters. For Good purpose, even tell a liar or cover a truth, usually bring better result; by the contrary, used evil means can never reach a noble purpose, because if a purpose have to use the evil mean to realize it, which prove that purpose itself is not good one. I have a good reputation for honesty and integrity man in my whole life, but I have to recognize that I am not hundred percent tell truth, for I also had experienced of telling false massage or cover some truths, especially dealing with female friends. My friends tell me that western culture respect hundred percent honest, and liar is liar, even with a noble purpose. However,I really doubt it, if there is anyone in the world who in every area at any time, never tell a single liar or never cover a single fact. If there is anyone is such pure honest man or woman, please show me.

Except for love, friendship is second to none important for healthy life. The best friends are those who can share your sorrow while enjoying your happiness, help you handle sentiment and spirit problem; therefore, the true and pure friendship is more value than a diamond in one's life. Basically, Love relationship is different from pure friendship, although the best love relationship itself base upon friendship, it connects with much more close with materialism, for even the purest love is base on bread and flesh love; however, the true and pure friendship between either male or female, has nothing to do with materialism and body love, but spirit adoration. Whoever has such true and pure friendship in their life is really the luckiest one in the world. The true love is for the benefits of your loved one, and never do anything which will ruin or hurt your loved name and reputation. If a guy only pay attention to the passion and lust for flesh and body love, he is not the true love but a lust guy who might ruin the purest soul in the world.

If one love you deeply, one day she might hate you to death and only desire is to ruin your future and career; unfortunately, in my short life during the past decade, two ladies who are my love, finally by misunderstood, both of them turn their crazy love to hate and try their best to ruin my career and destroy every good memoir we have. what kind of the human nature have they?

The Justice fighters are those being with a noble soul who sacrifice their own interesting for a nation, state, society, community and others. In essence, they are idealist rather than materialist, they must be come from heaven but earth, for graceful soul belove to holy state. Since majority human being are materialist and life is never easy, for making a live one has to work hard, either suffer backbreaking labor or bear the death of huge number cell of brain, in reality, only few people concern or care about justice. Everyone has their own right and benefit according to their ability, might be fit the natural justice, since human being are social and political animal, only natural justice is not enough, thus the political justice is the top value in a society, while social justice as a balance power adjust divide wealth among social members through tax redelivery natural source. Due to  human being’s selfish nature, all above reason decide that justice fighter have to suffer the greatest injustice first and sometimes even forever. In any situation, they are the noblest souls in the universal; therefore, and the most treasures in any societies.
The great poets are those man or woman who has the unique power of imagination and creativity, their product is unrivaled, their idea is breathtaking, their thought sometimes is second to none of the best philosopher.
Life like a long lasting dream. Nobody who can know exactly what will meet or what will be in the future. Great people must has significant dreams, for dream is nothing but a imagination of one's brain; therefore, in some sense, no dream, no reality as no pain, no gain. I do not know Floyd's dream theory, Mr. Li Hongzhi, who is the creator of FLG, said that dream is ¨real but in another space¨. Everyone must be have a number of dreams in their life, many realise some of them, few come true all of them, still huge number of common people might never achieve any glorious deed, for they never have a great dream. However, since dream is the product of the humanity's brain when it reflection during sleep, and individual's capacity power are quite different, thus, everyone's dream is various from almost every perspective, for there is no two dream are the same. The Good dream and the bad dream; the glorious dream and the miserable dream, all depend on yourself. Humanity life have ¨bitter water¨ while also have elegant wine, all depend on your choose. If you courageously stand up with confidence to face the life, even the bitterest water will turn into the exquisite wine.
The way of thinking is a vital important for anyone in any business. The philosopher, politician, scientist, economist, scholar, researcher, business-man/woman, student, worker, farmer, soldier, and others all need critical thinking, that is thinking with analyzing, question, hypothesize, evaluate, compare, judge, reconsider, synthesize, weigh evidence, draw the conclusion. One of my shortcomings is lacking the capacity of the critical thinking talent in English which led me always keep silence during the class discuss or in a seminar. It seems the majority Chinese have absolutely thinking way, but in reality, the relatively thinking way should be much close to the truth. For absolute truth almost nowhere exist, all depend on time, place and condition.
"A rooster or Han, no matter how great rooster or hen it is, its ideal dream is only a hand of corn, one should not expect it appreciates the value of diamond". In the last letter to my ex-girl friend in 1988 I wrote. Ironically, history always repeat itself, my personal experience always prove that is the truth, a rooster or a hen is always a rooster or hen, they can never turn to be an eagle who will fly blue sky for ten thousand miles. Only those have noble souls could understand great souls, just like the human being could never know exactly what is the God.

The most expensive flora and fruit painting in the world by Jan Van Hyrum during 17 century, it said that the top one worth more than 7 million pounds.
"The first and worst of all frauds is to cheat oneself." G.Gailey put it. I doubt this conclusion, there are tons of evidence proved that a state use violence forced-frauds its subjects, is the worst of all frauds. for example, The CCP regime not only repeatedly self-fraud, but also force-fraud through all state totally control propaganda machine, to rape billion Chinese people's spirits more than sixty-three years! As the forced brainwashing for years, a large number of Chinese, especially those in power the CCP members, even lost their basic human nature, turn into the shameless criminal and economical animal without a moral sense at all.
The Good idea always brings wonderful achievement, while bad idea usually caused disasters. Therefore, ideas, whether good or bad, are the vital important for society and community. If an individual or common people accept and perform some bad idea, it only causes personal loss or limited loss and disaster. Provided a country leader adopt a bad idea, it always produces huge disaster for the whole country, especially in those countries under dictatorship or authoritarian or tyranny or totalitarian ruling. Such as Nazi's Hitler use the racism to kill six million innocent Jewish people as the "final resolve"; the CCP regime under Mao's totalitarian, more than eighty million Chinese people was either killed or deliberately forced die of starvation!
Use your own word¨! But I always do not know enough words and phrase to express a clear idea or argument, which really make me feel strongly disappointed for myself.
I used to have a dream to be a painter when I was a kid; however, the dream dies on the hand of my teacher when I was openly criticized as a reactionary for my drawing of an army vessel and air plane.
Every happy family is similar, while those unfortunate who suffered unhappily have their own various characteristic. I used to have a very happy family, at least from my perspective it is a happy one. However, My ex-wife thought " it is a failure marriage"! Lacking necessary heart to heart communication is one of the vital element which led broken relationship among many relationships, for misunderstand exist almost in every matter in daily life. Thus, love and trust, while care and understand each other and tolerance but never try to control or change your loved one's way of life, leave some space and freedom for each other, might be the key figures to maintain a happy family and love relationship. If you always put your nose to other's personal business or try to control other's life with a jealous mind, definitely will meet disaster one day.  
You should stand on world perspective and historical view to comment and judge the spirit and principle of Confucius, basically, Confucius' idea and the principle is same as western father Socrates, Plato and Aristotle, then why western society praise their sages so much while many modern Chinese totally deny and demean their own greatest sages?! It is the CCP's dictatorship criminal regime totally destroy our traditional culture and civilization and values which cause modern Chinese people suffered great, it is none business of Confucius at all.  
Years ago, one of my friends whose name is "Xuefeng", a very intelligent gentleman, tried to persuade me to give up for defending Mr. Huang Jingqiu, an oversea student who organized an online political party with a purpose to push the Chinese government to carry out it's political regime, for it is too danger to defense for such a political dissident, I refused; More so-called Christian argue that we should reform the soil of China, before overthrow the Evilest regime of the CCP since 20 years ago; however, I never accept this fake theory; lots of Chinese Christian want to respect the authority of the CCP, for it is Paul said in new testament which is the God word, I strongly doubt such fake theory too. In my opinion, your understand of religion and revolution has some problem which needs clear: whether we have to wait for the majority of Chinese turn to Christian, then we can success to do something for China? I disagree this opinion and firmly believe that without first finish the Evilest criminal regime, it is absolutely impossible to build up a liberal constitutional democratic new China because, under such regime, people's mind and soul inevitable will be rotten and corrupted much sooner than any effect of improvement action of education. Thus, wake up people as soon as possible is the best policy, which totally reveals all crimes and evil deeds the CCP have been doing since it appeared in this world.  
In my definition ¨the fake Christian¨ are those Chinese in race who know almost nothing of Chinese traditional culture and her great civilization as well as her great spirit, but they pretend they know everything and master the only truth in the world, while totally deny Chinese sages, cultures, language, customs, even race, and ethnics.  
The last term I met a Taiwan female student whose ancestor is Ke-Jia when I mention that I come from Fujian province so we come from the same hometown; however, she is pride enough announce that she is not Chinese but Taiwanese! It is said that About 13% population are Ke-Jia, 6% are minority aborigines people, 10 % from mainland other province and 70% remained are Fujianese. Then why Taiwanese deny they are Chinese? It is the evilest rogue regime of the CCP destroy the reputation of great Chinese!  
The Culture can be defined as sets of learned behavior and ideas that human beings acquire as members of society. the culture makes us unique among living creatures. learning is a primary focus of childhood, which is longer for humans than for any other species. the culture is central to explanations of why human beings are what they are and why they do what they do. A particular social group behave in a particular way not because the behavior was an inevitable result of their biology, but because they observed other people and copies what they did. Both biology and culture contribute to any particular form of human behavior. human being are biocultural organisms. see Emily A.Schultz and Robert H.Lavenda, Cultural Anthropology: A perspective on the human condition,6ed, Oxford University Press 2005. p.4
¨No body want justice¨a great American lawyer said years ago, for either common people or politician only care about material interests and money. However, wherever lacking fundamental justice definitely will lead to either disorder in a society or violent struggle even war among interests group and people. What is justice? although everyone might have his or her own definition, I define the justice as the fairness, balance among all social community members, everyone are able to obtain whatever he or she should enjoy share own according to the rule of fair-play which is the top value in any normal society. Whoever broke the law of God or natural law or any laws passed by parliament house should be punished under the rule of law.  
Confucius or Confucian or Confucianism is not a religion at all, it is an ethnic and morality and common wisdom of human life which will survive as long as the son on the sky.
Whether the professor lying, I have no evidence, neither you have any evidence to prove it. if you do not understand original text, you should read it twice at least. it is not my opinion at all. what I put here, simply to show that anyone has some shortcoming and merit, no such thing as absolute truth in any theory or faith.
Frankly speaking, you almost know nothing about the theory and history of democracy; however, you pretend that you know anything of it. If you really want to learn something, you should open your eye and mind and soul to learn from those who are genuine expert and scholar. again, I would like to recognize that I myself is not expert yet but a student of liberty constitutional democracy.

For you even do not understand I strongly support the fundamental value of the Christianity. Whoever base upon totally demean Confucian to a promotion of Christianity, in my word is stupid and foolish, for they do not understand the culture and history spirit at all!
I do not like English writing at all, however, I have to practice every day, for I have no choose living in English speaking country I have to learn to express myself in English, otherwise, I even can not survive and this is not because I love it. I love Chinese, especially ancient Chinese although My Chinese knowledge also quite limited. After ten years living in Canada, I find that it is almost impossible for an adult to master English well enough when he or she immigrate to western country too later, the language barrier will constrain their career even survive, unless you give up your dream to any work decent and respectful. Although everyone said that I do not care to do any job if you have chosen, you must choose a good and suitable interest job, for eating for life, but life not for eating!
To write good essays, you must first have good ideas. Essays must have at least one main argument, a thesis, objective evidence and rich language. Philosophy shows their wisdom through their smart idea and wise remark, while historian use facts and evidence to prove their judgment of event; musician borrows tune to reveal their philosophical thinking of life, love, and emotion; poet used plane language to express their thoughts. excellent Writers always are a thinker rather than a story teller, just like lawyer always are the best politician who knows what is wrong with society and how to cure social disease.
Frankly speaking, I am scared to write any English essays, because when I was forced to write English papers, I find that my brain seems to stop work and always can not able to find a suitable term, words, or phrase to express myself well.
To write good essays, first you need good ideas, then you must have examples, and evidence to support your thesis, next you should use plane language to argue and debate, research and gather all necessary information, analysis, and comment, presumption, suppose and interference. Finally, make an object and convince conclusion and summary. Telling readers what is your comment and judgment. What kind of opinion you want to share with your readers, what purpose of your writing.
I am writing papers about indigenous people's right of self-determination. Indigenous people's rights such as land claim, self-government, self-determination, are root in sovereignty.
The Title: How can Canadian Indigenous People practice their self-determination rights?
1. what is the sovereignty? the superior power to handle its internal matters without outside powers intervene; external practice independent decision.
2. where are the rights of sovereignty come from? in ancient time the sovereignty comes from the Heaven or the Dao or the God, in modern society the sovereignty come from the people.
3. who have the rights of the sovereignty? According to Western theory only those political institution that strong enough to control their territory to governance their population. Such political institution is State or Country, there are enough population, territory, enough military power to defend foreign invasion and maintain social order.
4. Does the sovereignty dividable or can not divide at all? if it is dividable, can tribal, province, or county exercise their sovereignty?
5. various kinds of sovereignty. state sovereignty, federal sovereignty, tribal sovereignty. the relationship between state and province and tribal.

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