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Law and Justice

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Plato in his Law put it“ man, when perfected, is the best of animals,but, when separated from law and justice, he is the worst of all.” Under the CCP regime, In Mao's time there is no law at all, while in Deng, Jiang, Hu and Xi's time, in surface China has law, but in essence, China still has no law, or only have evil law, for the regime treat law either like nothing or make law according to its extremely selfish evil will, and this is one main reason why majority Chinese become the worst animal.
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Right-wing political parties tent to stress the merit conception, while left-wing political parties stress the equality conception. Aristotle gave a (weak) argument for rejecting the equalitarian conception of distributive justice. John Rawls ingenious argument for acceptation equality needs conception and has added a less impressive argument for rejecting the merit conception. CCP scare of right to death favorite extremely lift to ridicule summit during the "cultural revolution" from 1966 to 1976.
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John Locke rejects the traditional Christian idea of the soul as the bearer of personal identity; He claims that the consciousness is the sole element determine the personal identity, he also claims that consciousness can be separated from body enter into different men’s body in different time and place, which show he believes the doctrine of reincarnation. Since both soul and consciousness means mind and thought, it is suggested that soul as spirit can separate from body and not rely on material substance, while consciousness cannot separate from body, for it relies on brain, when one dies one’s brain also die, then the consciousness will disappear at the same time; therefore, reject the soul as the bearer of the personal identity seems lacking sound reason, if not soul alone, at least both soul and consciousness should be the bearer of the personal identity.
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‘左’在 拉丁语和法语及英语中均是指不好的东西。例如: Sinister 拉丁文指左手, 该词在英语中则指邪恶(evil), 危险(dangerous)。 gauche法语指左手,在英语中指笨拙(awkward)拙劣等( clumsy)。右在拉丁语和法语及英语中指正确,权利等好的事物,比如法文的droit指右手,该词在英语中指机智( wit), 聪慧(clever), 灵巧(ingenious);拉丁文dexter右手;right在英语中指右方,正确,权利。中文的‘旁门左道’即指歪门邪道。根源在于绝大多数人的右手总是比左手灵活,由此推论右代表正确灵便而左则代表笨拙,进而引伸出右指权利而左指邪恶。语言是人类数千年文明进化的产物,每个字词皆有约定俗成的确切含义,是人们交流情感,讨论争辩问题的工具。中共故意颠倒是非,翻转传统价值理念,混淆视听,搞乱国人思维。‘宁左勿右’是中共一以贯之的价值选择。 ‘反右运动’‘右派分子’纯属中共暴政凭借暴力强行指鹿为马颠倒黑白的产物。因此,从语言渊源上亦可印证共产党政权的邪恶。
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Morals are the rule of human action, which based on the faith of good and bad, right and wrong, beauty and ugly, kind and evil. It is a value system help human being act according to the social norm to make public relationship and friendship contacting people and dealing with others. Morals norm is not made by the legislature, or back by state power, but come from one's inner mind and conscious, such norm comes from two channels, one is secular ethics, the other is religions. Following customs and become members of society self-control, whenever anyone broke moral rule doing something against morality, he will be punished by his own consciousness and social public opinion rather than by state power institutions such as court, police, prison, and jail. Although Law and morals both are mankind’s action rule, Law does not adjust the actions belong to morals. Offend morals rule not necessary to offend law, broken law always also offend moral rule. Like law, the moral rule will change accompany with developing of society. Christianity norms are base on the Bible as God’s words. If religion becomes out of date or people’s faith becomes weaker or no longer treat God as the top judge of social life, morality will change. Adultery used to be crimes punished by criminal law, now most countries have decriminalization of adultery and turn it to a moral problem, so do homosexuals issue.
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Love is the top value of life, and All life relies on love. Male and female, Yin and Yang attract each other, just like the law in physics science that the same characteristics material against each other, while different feature matters attractive with each other. Love in spirit and in flash is quite different, parent's love is generous and great. Friend's love is spirit and not necessary at the flash. Religious loves are sympathy and without condition to love all, even love an enemy. Sex love is mainly base on flash desire. Husband and wife's love combine both spirit and flash love. Therefore same-sex-marriage makes no sense and against natural law, thus it is abnormal and immoral. love desire and sexual desire are different matter, the former is good for love always are good for both subjects and objects; but sex desire if without constraining, always bring miserable even disaster, because outside marriages sex either immoral or against law such as rape, deceive rape, adultery; therefore, Neo-Confucianism during 13 and 16 century argue for maintaining reason of Heaven, eliminate man's desire. For they believe that desire always misleading man to do something wrong.
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In Chinse ancient wisdom, especially Confucianism one should train himself in both mind and soul, meditate day and night, nourish himself with good idea and kind mind, control his temper, get rid off any innormal desire, build up happy family, harmony whole society, manage the country, and harmony the universal. Human desires are so strong, that content both good desire and evil desire. A man should control his desire according to the law of Heaven, not let them reveal without constraining.
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In sum, free speech is one of the most important political rights, which is a double-edged sword, in general, the right help citizens enjoy great freedom, criticize government and officers and keep harmony of society, sometimes it might harmful and bring disaster; the best policy of free speech should maintain the largest degree of political speech freedom while controlling that public recognized social evil speech, balance different interest group, civil society, and government interest and social costs.
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Traditional values always contain a truth that survives thousands of years, Marx and Engels openly declare the communist party's goal is to eliminate all traditional culture, customs, religion, and this is why all communist parties in the world had tried their best to destroy traditional culture and civilization. From history we can learn great deal wisdom and knowledge, all modern science and technology are base upon historical achievement, evolution rather a revolution in social, culture, science. Sages are that most excellent representatives of every nation, ethnic, race who deserve later generation respect and learn instead of demean and slant.
Traditional values always have the greatest value, only that evil or stupid foolish ignorant people would close their eyes to demean and eliminate all of them
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Thomas G Guo is “An honest, just, righteous and kind lawyer.”
- Julie Chu New Zealand-
What kind of characteristics I have?
It is said that the characteristics decide people's fate, a good personality will bless by God, while bad characteristics will bring disaster. I am not a man of self-boasting nor a man who loves showing himself. But I am honesty, integrity, very kind to people, with a strong sense of justice and responsibility, always emphases on deeds rather than on lip service. I believe that I am a born noble soul with wonderful characteristics, such as generous, determined, quiet humility and modesty in essence. I always willing to forgive those who had done wrong thing to me, never revenge, even to those who had betray me; for example, Mr. Liu Xiaobo treat me like enemy, he openly announced that " I will never cooperate with Thomas G Guo" after I openly criticize some of his wrong opinion and statement. When I heard that I immediately declared that I will continue to support Mr. Liu's fighting for freedom and against the CCP regime, but I will remain my rights of criticizing any of his wrong thesis. while I sincerely welcomed public debate and discuss any issues, provided proved that I am wrong,I am willing to correct any proved wrong thesis and evidence, while openly apologize with thanks. I am not only said so but do so, when He was arrested by the CCP regime for Charter of 2008, I have contributed three essays base on extensive research defense for this legal rights. However, Mr. Liu and his supporters refused my application for membership of the independent Chinese pen association, with a purpose forbidden me to be employed by the association!
I never self-boasting, but always self-laugh and self-demean myself. During the past decade, I keep silence, even turn down the invitation for making a special profile TV show by the BBC, who had made appointment on 10 March 2005, they will sent a group of video maker to Shanghai for a program title of " A day of Lawyer Guo Guoting", which will start from 4:30 am to 12 pm. Because I started my day by a long-distance running about 10 Kilometer, which will take me one hour including having a shower... at 12 pm I went to bed to finish one day's life. Unfortunately, the CCP arrested me on 6 March at 8 am, then put me under house arrested with strict surveillance by both policemen and secret political police. In November 2007, BBC again invited me to either Calgary or Vancouver to make a Video TV program, because I am reading my Master of law degree that time, I asked them to come to Victoria to make the Video and BBC accepted my counter-offer, but a few days later they cancel the program for good. Finally when I back to the University of Victoria to read my second degree, I have trun down NTR TV's invited to make a Video twice, for I decide to close myself completely in order to focus my mind on studying, otherwise, it higher risks to fail my study again. Thank our Lord, finally, I successfully finish my BA major in Political science in June 2015.
I have experienced one failure after another, which made me tested years of the bitterness of depression and frustration, sometimes even almost lost my confidence to fulfill my study program. Thank God, my professors at the Uvic, my classmates of political science, and many friends around the world, whose invaluable friendship and encouragement and inspiration, that help me great to overcome obstacles and barriers both in language and emotion, such as the sense of loneliness and alienation. Does my time really come? Yes, I have to rebuild my confidence again now.

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