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[群策中国] 台湾自由宪政民主之路

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Gandhi states that it is impossible to 'get a rose through planting a noxious weed'.  see Gandhi, M.K. (1997) ed. Anthony J. Parel, Hind Swarraj and other Writings, Cambridge university of Cambridge . p.81.

the trump card for the oppressed is always moral justice.

political maturity means to increase the ability to recognize the world as it is and endure this reality losing your sense of self. (59)

while geniuses tend to be proud and cold-hearten, endures tend to be modest and warm-hearten. geniuses waiver easily and their endurance does not last. many geniuses became as good as dead after they abused their talent. we rerely see the endures falling into evil ways and spending their life as failures. the advantages of endurance are far better than the benefits of genius. God is indeed fair. (59)

author thought that KMT was a semi-Leninist revolutionary party which always took the policy of killing chickens to make monkeys quiet.

the essence of democracy lies in legal opposition, parties that criticize the government party freely, and provide options to voters.(81)

no matter how a vicious a system is, there is always a tiny human element since it is created by human beings. (84)

any one who tries to overthrow a tightly organized system by violence will inevitably need a secret revolutionary organization and this cuts off the revolutionary from the people. (85) as Gandhi says that if  the enemy is strong, then the method of struggle has to be the more open. it is impossible for a secret organization quickly to reorganize a nation that has suffered from unspeakable oppression over a long period. Non-violent and gradual methods of reform are a long one that provide a fair opportunity for ordinary people to participate. (85)

the patriarchal dictatorship established by Jiang Jieshi's family start to shift to a developmental dictatorship. the shift from hard authoritarianism to the soft authoritarianism that come to characterize the party state system under Jiang was not overlooked in Taiwan society. (87)
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in tranditional Chinese political culture, if you expressed dislike of the status quo, you would be arrested, imprisoned and executed the universal political culture of dictatorship does not tolerate different opinions so that dictotorial governments change only through bloodshed. at 1990 conference, political prisonals who had been given 10-15 years jail terms set at the same table with the enemy who has sent them to prison, they exchanged their views on the future of democracy in Taiwan. thus begun a pluralistic political culture that is unprecedented in the history of the Han Chinese. (99)

constitutional study under dictatorship inevitably leads to moral retrogression as one ends up justifying the rule of naked violence.(107)

Tainan has become democratic. conflicting parties no longer govern through assassination and terror but fight for control by trying to win us over though elections and debate. (109)

the sovereignty of the people can only be realized after complicated democratic systems and rules, such as universal suffrage, division of power and rule of law, if will be achieved through the accumulation of self-governing ability in civil society over several generations. (109)

grafting varieties of all kind of good things onto one another is the secret of Taiwan's cultural dynamism, and is what makes Taiwanese culture so attractive.(110)

the fact is quite simple that egoism and social sense (brotherhood and love) are not virtues or vices. they are the basic element of human life,without which there would be no history, no development, but either the scattered life of wild beasts or else a herd of tame troglodytes. kill social sense in man, and you will get a savage coany-utan; kill egoism in him, and he will become a tame monkey. slaves have the least egoism of anyone. (111) see Herzen, Alexander (1979) From the Other Shore & The Russian People and Socialism. Oxford, Oxford university press. p.140.

self-control and compromise are the golden rule for avoiding the worst. (112)

Mencius' theory of revolution, argues that it is acceptable for a people to overthrow or even kill a ruler who ignores their needs.

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civility provides the base to support human dignity, liberty and human nights from the inside. (139)  love for home district, courage, and an unyielding spirit and responsiblity have been the forms of civility shown by the Taiwanese during very difficult times. (139)  it took three centuries for the idea of civil society to flourish in Britain.(142)

throughout the last 400 years, Taiwan has always been ruled by foreign forces, which arrived armed, by ship. it came into Dutch hoards in 1626-1642. in 1661, a naval fleet led by the half-Japanese trademen Koxinda oust the Dutch. from 17-19 century Taiwan was outside the orbit of the Qing Dynasty. then it became Japanese colony and KMT controlled authoritarian state, which is quasi-Stalinist party state system. (143)

under KMT martial law, merely to study Taiwanese language, history and culture was enough to attract surveillance from the state, suspected lead the notion of secession and rebellion. (145)

Douglas Mendel found that between 1949 and 1955, more than half of the 90000 political prisoners were executed. see Anonymous (1966) ' A Report on Formosan Political Prisoners', Formosan Readers Association Report, now; reprinted 1967 in The Progressive December, as 'Tyranny in Free Formosan' cited in Douglas Mended (1970) . The politics of Formosan Nationalism, Berkeley and Los Angeles CA: University of California press p.11.  however, in Democratizing Taiwan by J.Bruce Jacobs, Brill Leiden.Boston 2012. Professor show that the number of executed during the same period is about 3000-4000.

when Jiang's forces retreated to Taiwan in 1949, they kidnapped about 8000 students, in mainland China's Shangdong province, landed on Penghu where it was planned to make them advance guards to fight against communists executed the head teacher Zhang Minzi, and put a considerable number of students who supported their head teacher into bags and dropped them in the ocean off the coast of Penghu. (146) see Wang, Peiwu (2000)《十字架上的小张,张明自夫人回忆录》台北文经社。孙震差点被杀,因蒋经国指示才保住小命,后在李登辉总统时代,孙任国防部次长,孙离任后写道他‘读内部文件时哭了’。
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civic identity defined in terms of ethnic and linguistic identity is the source of the evil that creates violent conflict.(164) thus we cannot accept ethnicity and language or culture, as a principled basis on which to gain political power. if hemogeneity of ethnicity and language are taken to be integral elements of a nation, then a dangerous dynamic can arise . the group that demands self-determination might, ultimately forcefully expel, assimilate or kill groups which do not share the same links of ethnicity and language.  (164)

the ethnic composition in Tainan is 75% Fujian, 13% Hakka, 10% Main-lander, 2% Aborigine.(165)

the right of people to self-determination and the civic right to self-determination, is becoming closer and closer to self-government. in Europe absolute Sovereignty has become a thing of the past as sovereignty has been divided into factions. some functional decision-making has gone to super national organizations, some to regional level and some to each state government. (168)

there are two principles for interpreting the construction of a social organization. one is that society is based on families, the other is that society is based on a social contract of individuals. former base an birth, later on individualism. kinship nationalism easily mobiliese feelings of egoism and altruism.

nation neither race, language, nor culture form a nation,but rather a deeply felt sense of community and shared destiny. peng 26.
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the consensus amongst the majority of Japanese  is that Japan should prepare for the military defense its own territory but should limit its contribution to affair of outside its territory to non-military purpose. there is no possibility of Japan belong willing to defense Taiwan with arm force.  Taiwan has been forming an original culture by comprehending Chinese, Japanese and American Culture. (181)

'I am Taiwanese and need to democratise Taiwan' said Jiang Jinguo. His vision of democratization was clear.(199) He realised that if the KMT was to be presserved in the long term, changes were needed to link the party with Taiwan society. He wanted the Taiwanese to become more involved in public affairs and needed democratization to do this. He thought of Taiwan as being at the centre of politics. He decided to loosen the reins of power and lift restrictions, one by one. eventurally, martial law was lifted and opposition parties and Public Political meeting were formed. (199)

for a year after his death, I merely followed the course he had set and did not attempt anything new. Li Denhui said.

unless there is strong internal  and external pressure, democratization is difficult. Jiang Jinguo was shot in New York and there was the incident of Gao Xiong. (200) I was surprised that Chen Li-fu critisized Jiang Jinguo severely.

'unless you are a member of the KMT, you cannot become a public servant in the first place. in the army, the situation is worse. I had been a left-winger for ten years.' Li told interviewer.

US cross party policy towards Taiwan is four nos: no to independence; no to integration; no to war ( a peaceful solution) and no solution. (212)

the money politics culture in Taiwan has to be multiplied by a factor of 10 or 100 times in compromise to other developed states. Li Denhui found his way  to teh top in the way through money politics.  without Lee, it would have been extremely difficult to have had non-violent change in Taiwan. his biggest contribution to Taiwanese seciety was to bring it peacefully into the post KMT era. (214-15)

in the mid 1990s, as the president of ROC, Lee advocated unification and argued the independence is an illusion: in the late 1990s he changed his stance to 'the ROC exists in Taiwan'. in the 2000s he changed to 'the ROC does not exist. (217)
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