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[司法援助] 袁伟时先生的文章值得天易網所有網友認真思考

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陈泱潮 发表于 5/31/2013 01:09
回复 郭国汀 的帖子

    “将孙文等同于毛泽东,将国民党等同于共产党,混淆了形似与实质相同的是非。列宁 ...

I totally disagree your strong blar of opinion about Sun Wen and Jiang Jieshi, this is fundamental principle disagreement between us. Before serious study and research both Sun and Jiang, I once took yours and others such as Professor Yan Weishi and Liu's wrong idea as truth, however, after years hard study and seriously thinking, I have to point out that you make seriously wrong judgement which make your failure. The more study of modern Chinese history, the more love and respect of Sun and Jiang I become.
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Yan openly claimed that the CCP should rule China at least thirty years more, so called professor is clearly "little critisize, great helpful for the CCP regime, and this is why he can make public speech everywhere in mainland China. Becasue he not only has no danger to the regime, but helpful for them. Do not forget that Anyone who are really threat the regime will be forbidden to public speak, press, and express online.
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郭国汀 发表于 3/24/2015 00:09
I totally disagree your strong blar of opinion about Sun Wen and Jiang Jieshi, this is fundamental ...






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陈泱潮 发表于 3/27/2015 04:59

        您是從政治 ...

After ten years extensive studying of Modern Chinese history, I am sure your judgement of Sun, Jiang and GMD, made great mistake and what is you biggest mistake you have ever commited,which ruined your whole life struggle for democracy, because your way is absolutely wrong way. After I graduate, I will critize your wrong idea and opinion,especially after your so called fifth program. Divided the CCP into two party, while forbidden any parties existence or create is ridiculte worst idea of yours. To my understand, Chinese best way, is restore the Repubic of China which established by Sun Wen, and successed by Jiang Jieshi, and 1946 Constitutional government might be the best choose, Mr. Xin Haonian's idea is much better then yours.
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郭国汀 发表于 3/27/2015 16:56
After ten years extensive studying of Modern Chinese history, I am sure your judgement of Sun, Jia ...

      我已經說了  “有如空中巴士被劫匪劫持,中國及13億中國民眾事實上已經為中共所綁架所劫持。投鼠忌器,這是今日認識、論斷和解決中共問題不能不面對的現實。”


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郭国汀 发表于 3/27/2015 16:56
After ten years extensive studying of Modern Chinese history, I am sure your judgement of Sun, Jia ...


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陈泱潮 发表于 3/27/2015 20:08
我已經說了  “有如空中巴士被劫匪劫持,中國及13億中國民眾事實上已經為中共所綁架所劫持。投鼠忌 ...

I have to point out that you have made a nunber of great mistakes which ruined your almost all efforts during the past fourty years, anti-Sun Wen and Jiang Jieshi and GMD as well as the Republic of China, is the worst one. I firmly believe that the best way of New China is to restore the Republic of China, to follow the direction of Sun Wen and Jiang Jieshi, to fulfil the "three People's ideoloy, which is the true Chinese characteristics socialist way, which in essence is liberal consititutional democratic government with the rule of law......
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At very beginning, when I first learn Mr. Yan Weishi's name and read one of his article about Sun Wen, I was mislead by him and accepted his conclusion about the Republic of China. Because at that time I have little knowledge of history. However, after studying in free country, I have the opportunity to read extensively and thinking freely, I find that Professor Yan is a fake scholar who are helping the CCP regime in essence. You and Liu Xiaobo, Wang yi and others, are seriously fooled by Him. Yan of course has some knowledge, but he seems lost his objective judgement for selfish interest. Otherwise he will not has such a nonsense conclusion of Sun Wen and Jiang Jieshi. Nowaday, even the leading scholars within the CCP regime, have to recognize that Jiang Jieshi is a great national hero. The Rupublic of China definitely will be restore soon, I firmly believe that.
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Erji, I strongly suggest you to correct you serious wrong stand position, otherwise, you only ruin yourself totally either in political or moral, you seems do not understand Sun's true mind, or you simply misunderstand his great soul. Yan Weishi is a fake scholar, I got this conclusion only after my studying of the history of modern China for years.

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Thomas G Guo note: I have defined Mr. Yan is a fake party-used scholar, hereby is an evidence, you will see this guy demean the Father of the Republic of China.









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