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people mourned for him as if for a parent for three years.p.40
司空superintendent of Works.司徒minister of Instruction.
24. the emperor said: I appoint you to be Director of Music, and to teach our sons, so that the straightforward may yet be mild, the gentle may yet be dignified, the strong not tyrannical, and the impetuous not arrogant. Poetry is the expression of earnest thought; sining is the prolonged utterance of that expression. The notes accompany that utterance, and they are harmonized themselves by the ptch pipes. In this way the eight different kinds of instruments can all be adjusted so that one shall not take from or interfere with another, and spirits and men will thereby be brought into harmony.” p. 48.

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I appoint you to be the minister of Communication. early and late give forth my orders and report to me, seeing that every thing is true.p.49
no men of virtue and talents will be neglected away from court; and the myriad States will all enjoy repose. To give up ones own opinion and follow that of others; to refrain from oppressing the helpless; and not to neglect the straitened and poor. P. 53.
罔失法度, 罔游于逸,罔淫于乐,任贤无二,去邪勿疑,疑谋勿成,百志惟煦,罔违道以干百姓之誉。罔咈百姓以从己之欲,无忌无荒,四夷来王。(尚书:大禹谟)
Do not fail in due atttention to the laws and ordinances. Do not find your enjoyment in indulgent ease. Do not go to excess in pleasure. In your employment o fmen of worth, let none come between you and them. Put away evil without hesitation。Do not try to carry out doubtful plans. Study that all your purposes may be with the light of reason. Do not go against what is right to get the praise of the people. Do not oppose the people to follow your own desires. attend to these things without idleness or omission, and from the four quarters the barbarous tribes will come and acknowledge your sovereignty.p.55.
virtue is seen in the goodness of the government, and the government is tested by its nourishing of the people. there are water, fire, metal, wood,earth,and grain,these must be duly regulated; there are the rectification of the people’s virtue, the conveniences of life, and the securing abundant means of sustentation, these must be harmoniously attended to. p.56.
皋陶曰:帝德罔:临下以简,御众以宽,罚弗及嗣,賞延于世,倄过无大, 刑故无小,罪疑惟轻,功疑惟重, 其杀不辜,宁失不轻,好生之德,洽于民心兹用不犯于有司。(尚书:大禹谟)
12. Gaotao said, “your virtue emperor, is faultless. You condescend to your ministers with a liberal ease; you preside over the multitude with a generous forbearance. Punishments do not extend to the criminal’s heirs; while rewards reach to after generations. Your pardon inadvertuent faults, however great; and punish purposed crimes, however small. In cases of doubtful crimes, you deal with them lightly; incases of doubtful merit, you prefer the high estimation. Rather than put to death an innocent person, you will run the rish of irregularity and error. This life loving virtue has penetratedd the minds of the people, and this is why they do not render themselves liable to be punished by your officers.”P.59. James Legge.
14.The emperor said, full of toilsome earnestness in the service of the State, and sparing in your expenditure on your family; and this without being full of yourself or elated; you agains show your superiority to other men. Without any prideful presumption, there is no one in the empire to contest with you the palm of ability; without any boasting , there is no one in the empire to contest with you the claim of merit. p.60 James
15-16.the mind of man is restless; its affinity for the right way is small. Be discriminating, be undivided, that you may sincerely holdfast the Mean. Do not llisten to unsubstantiated words; do not follow undeliberated plans. p.62 James
蠢兹有苗, 昏迷不恭,侮慢自贤,反道败德,君子在野,小人在位,民弃不保,天降之咎。(尚书:大禹谟)
20.stupid is this prince of Youmiao, ignorant, erring, and disrespectful. Despiteful and insolent to others, he thinks that all ability and virtue are with himself. A rebel to the right, he destroys all the obligtions of virtue. Superior men are kept by him in obscurity, and mean men fill all the offices. the people reject and will not protect him. Heaven is sending calamities down upon him. p. 64
Yu saying, “it is virtue which moves Heaven; there is no distance to which it does not reach. Pride brings loss, and humility receives increase: this is the way of Heaven. p.65.

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To be an Emperor, is the greatest of many ambitious Chinese dream, even today, Mr. Chang Gutang, who claimed himself as re-coming Jesus, the God, still dream to be a Chinese emperor! Being a Chinese emperor, one can enjoy the privildge second to none in the world, for example, he can legitimately to have ten thousand the most beautiful and charming young girls as his legal wifes, as a man, is there any happiness can compare such power and authority? Of course, this is why in China history, so many fathers killed their sons, so many Sons killed their parents and brothers and sisters, all for the bloody struggle for the position and status of Emperor.  When the sovereignty come from divined the God, everyone declare that they are the Sons of Heavan, representative of the God in the earth etc, history chapter has passed. The sovereignty come from people, ruler's legitimacy come from the consent of the ruled. In this sense, Mr. Chang is not only know nothing of the spirit of Western political philosophy, but also totally out of mind!  
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