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Constantine reigned from AD 306 to 337, the council of Nicaea was couvened to proclaim Jesus to be God. (Baigent 2006: 88) in AD 386, executed Priscilliam, Bishop of Avila, on the ground of heresy. (89) Pope Damasus I (366-384) hired a group of killers to spead three days massacring his oppornents. then Siricius (384-399)

In 1216, Pope established Dominicans. In 1209 it launched a crusade against the Cathars, burning thousands of Cathars alive. (Baigent 2006:98) The Inquisition in 1908 was renamed the sacred Congregation of the Holy Office (100). In 1965 it become the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. Head of the COngregation called the ' Prefect', Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, elected Pope in April 2005 (101).

Vaticans entire existence is founded upon a fraud, they fear the evidence that Juses was not God, but a man.(Baigent 2006:102)

Once the Cathars had been destroyed, the Inquision eradicate krights Templar, then turn upon the Franciscans, a hundred years later, turn upon Jews and Muslim in Spain, In Seville, 288 Innocent victims were burned alive between Feb and Nov 1481.
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Michael Baigent, The Juses Papers Exposing the Greatest Cover-up in History, Harper San Francisco. 2006

Jusus was sentenced for execution on the basis of political crimes of sedition. Crucified other two men, English Bible describe as thief, Greece text is 'lestai' and 'brigand', 'zealots' consider them to be terrorists. Platonist viewed humans as housing an immoratal soul within a mortal, perishable body (Baigent 2006: 29)

In 1947 Mohammad Adh-Dhib find the "Dead Sea Scrolls (35) provide original document from the Zealots (36), reveal a deep hatred of foreign domination, fuded by a desire for revenge for years of slaughter, exploitation, disdain for the Jewish religion by enemy Kittim (Romen).

Zealots loathed and detested the Romans: they would sooner die than serve the Kittim(37). they lie only for the day when a messiah would emerge form the Jesish and lead them in a victorians war against the Romans and Puppet King and high priests, erashing them from the face of the earth, a pure line of hight priests and Kings of the line of David in Israel, they wait for two messiahs, hight priest and the King (37).

At 2 B.C. the term 'messiah' was used to name a legitimate King of Israel (38). Loyal line of David. Jesus through his father was of line of David; his mother, of line of Auron, the high priest.  This is Jesus the King of the Fews (Ma 27: 37) C.A.D. 44 James, the brother of Jesus is executed. AD 67, Josephus, defeats Jewish military leader, write Jewish history. the Jewish war AD 77-78; the Antiquities of the Jews. C94; AD 6 Zealot uprising, AD 73. Masada is destroyed, 960 Zealots commit suicide.

AD 66, Zealots took the fortress of Masada on Dead sea. Judas of Gallees' son appeared in Masada to Jerusalem like a King.  John the Baptist was execute in AD 35 for critisied Herod Antips marriage to Herodias the wife of his brother (52). It must be the passover of AD 36 Jesus was crucified (53).


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at Gumda, five thousand people killed themseleves (Baigent 2006:54). Zealots believerd that if they died in a state of ritual purity, they would be resurrected together in accoodance with the prophecy of Ezekiel. in the summer of AD 115, the Jews outside of Judaea in Cyrane Libya, Alexamdrial, Egypt, rose in revolt(58). In August 117, destruction of the Jewish community in Alexandria. in AD 131 Bar Kochba led Isal revolt, AD 133 Roman supress, change Judaea to Palaestina(60)

Jesus was born and spent his formature years in the area of the earlier Zealot movement. some closest followers were known to be members of this messiamic movement (63).  Jesus was never a christian; he was born, lived a Jew (64). Jew was unafraid to die and sometime to bared his peck to the sword rather than susmit to an order which ran counter to his law (see Jim Bishop, The Jewish: The Day CHrist Died, Happer and Brothers, NY 1957.p. 48)

all Jews were exempt form military service in Roman legasion; Roman soldiers could not carry images of Emperor on banners; Roman coins in Palestine were especially minted and bore symbals rather than emgrvings of the Caesars (56).

Romans enhanged the prestige of the Sanhedrin and gave it greater power, which have supreme authority in religious matters and a fair amount if power in civil affairs (58) which could, in local jurisprudence, pass sentance of death on Jews, or Gentiles who were not citizens.
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there was not a New Testament in existence at the beginning of the second century AD (70). or even by the end of it. it was deliberately imposed upon a god who was actually quite happy with a wide expression of teachings by who wished to control the vivine expression for their own benefit and power(70). In fact, for the first 150 years of the CHristian tradition, the only authoritative writting were Old Testment (70).

Greek philosopher Cdsus in "on the True Doctrine AD 178, he tell a tale that Mary was pregnant by a Roman Soldier Panthera (64). Jacob, grandson of Jesus, brother Judes, passes on the teaching in the name of Jesus the son of Panteri, at the end of 1 AD. the earliest account of the last meal come from Paul, not form any of Gospels. In a letter to Greek city Corinth, written AD 54 Paul said " Jesus took a loaf of bread, 'this is my body that is broken for you. this is cup is the new convenant in my blood. you drink it, in rememberance of me. corinth 11:23-25.

all humankind is saved from sins by the sacrificed body and blood of Jesus. the idea of eating human flesh and drinking blood, even symbolically, is completely alien to Judaism. Torah forbids the consuming of blood, Noah was first given the prohibition against eating blood (Genesis 9:4) Mose (Leviticus 17: 10), James (Acts 15:20) originate from Greco -Roman magical rites. Paul grew up in the Greco-Roman culture of the city of Tarsus in Asiaminor, outside land of Israel, he never met or talk with Jesus.

Zealots would admit no one's authority except God's and carried out this principle with rigor that the Zealots often submittd to cruel punishment and death rather than bond the knee to anyone (64)

perpetual virginity of Mary is not in New Testament, and not part of the earliest Christian creeds. he first official mention of the idea does not come until AD 374, from the theologian Epiphanius(75)

Gospel of John was written about AD 125 in Egypt ( Hold in the John Rylands library in nbmchester England). Harrard univeristy professor Helnut Koester in his book Ancient Christian Gospels, the Gospel of Peter, Thomas, the Secret Gospel of Mark (76).

New Testament was settled until the councils of Hippo and Xarthage in AD 393 and 397.  Around AD 140, a wealthy shipowner convert to Christianity, Marcion, established commnities all over the Raman empire, claimed that only Paul know the truth:

official list of texts was first put into form by Irenaeus, Bishop of Lyons, He first draw together Four Gospel of Mathew, Mark, Luke, and John. created the identification of the one Divine God Jesus, both son and eternal creator (82).


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James D.Tabor, The Jesus Dynasty: the Hidden History of Jusus, His Royal Family and the Birth of Christianity, NY and London, Simon & Schuster, 2006, author is the Chair of the Department of Religions Studies at he University of NorthCarolina At Charlotte. he is an expert of the Dead Sea Scrolls, Q source.

Jesus had 12 deciples whose name are: Simon Peter, Andrew, James and John, Philip, Bartholomew, Mathew and Thomas, Jame, Jude, Simon and Judas Iseariot. Jude is called " Judas of James" in Luke 6:16, he calls himself as "brother of James". James is called as the "son of Alphaeus" in Luke 6: 15, Alphaeus is another form of the name Clophas, the brother of Joseph. Simon is called as " son of Clophas", thus, they are Jesus's borthers. (Tabot 2006: 164)

Matthew is described asa "leri son of Alphaeus in Mark 2:14. Jesus' great -grand father was names Mathew, and his great-great -grandfather was levi(160). when Jesus died he turned to his brother James, James is the mysterious 'beloved disciple' of the Gospel of John(165). All Gospels were written after the great Jewish Revolt against Rome AD 66-73(216)

the high priests Annas and Caiaphas delivered to pilate charging him with sedition who send him to Herod Antipus. Herod examined him but Jesus refused to say anything in response, mocking him as King, then sent Jesus back to Pilate decision be crucifixion (216-17)

original mark report no appearance of the resurrected Jesus at all. at 4 AD add 16: 9-20 (230). earlliest account of sighting of Juses is not in the New Testament Gospels but in the letter of Paul I Corinth around AD 54.  Mathew is dated to the 80s AD. Lukke 90s, John around 1 Century (232). 2 AD Gospel of Peter, Gospel of Thomas. The Gospel of THomas was discovered in uppor Egypt in 1945 outside the little village of Nag Hammadi (255) dates to the 3 AD. the Gospel of the Hebrews.

In Paul's letter to the Christians at Rome, AD 56, when Nero was emperor, Paul insturctedc them to pay taxes and honor all Romen officials, emperor, who is God's agent for good (Roman 13:6) this is surely opposited from revolutionary message that Jesus had preached. Kingdom of God for Paul was a spiritual Kingdom, not on earth but in heaven (260).

Paul's view of Christ as the divine, preexistent Son of God who took on human form, died on the cross for the sins of the world, and was resurrecte to heavenly glore at God's right hand become Christian message (273).  the most neglecte document in the entire New Testament is the letter of Jame (273)

the Q source is the earliest collection of the teadings and sayings of Jesus date around AD 50. letter of Jude, brother of Jesus. James, Jude and the Q source stand as witness to an original version of the Christian faith that take us back to Jesus himself, with firm history links reaching back to John the Baptizeer (280).

the goldern rule: whatever you do not want to happen to you, do not to another.  


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sacrifice and forgiveness of sins in the Didache come through good deeds and a consecrated life (4.6) which discovered in 1873 date beginning of the 2 A.D. (280)

Zaddik =righteous on =just one.  the name "Jesus" in Hebrew is "Yeshua", the word "salvation" is Yeshuah.

Jesus said in order follow him, must take up a cross, fulfill the same role, that of suffering for righteousness sake. James ends his own life in testimony to the same idea. speaking out boldly and opposing all evil, then facing whatever persecution or suffering the message entail (283).

the high priest Annas, son of Annas, was behind the mumder of James at AD 62.

emperor Constantine turned to Christianity by AD 325, classified Ebionite veiws as heretical, which grounded in the teachings of Jesus himself (303). the tomb James son of Jeseph, brother of Jesus, find in 2002.  Important role of John the Baptizer was reduced to that of a forerunner of Jesus, while the existence and role of James, the brother of Jesus, who took over leadership of the movement following Jesus's death, was muted denied. Jesus as God in the flesh, into a figure hardly human, christ come and died for the sins of the world. by the 3 AD a new religion had been born (306)

what become the dominant Christian story was really built on Pauls revelations, more than on Jesus's teaching. the Jesus story is a thoroughly human story, but one bursting with spiritual potential and direction.  Jusus activiys stirred bitter opposition among certain leaders among the Herodians, Pharisees, and the Sadduceees (309). whoshared a measure of political power with Roman.


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Paul begin to preach in 40 to 50 AD. so adamently insisted, was in no way depend on, nor derived from, the original Jesus apostles led by James, based on his visionary experiences of a havenly Christ (310), his message bacome the foundation of Christian theological orthodoxy.

Jesus said " let your Kingdom come, let your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. " (311)

the book of James, the teaching in Q source, emphasize doing the will of God as a demonstration of one's faith (315)
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Bible is the God's word, Christianity claimed. However, there are lots questions in Bible which could not answer reason and this is why after years reading Bible, I still have tons of question in my mind.
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