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The key issue of English writing

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Good idea always bring wonderful achievement, while bad idea usually caused disasters. Therefore, ideas, whether good or bad, are vital important for society and community. If individual or common people accept and perform some bad idea, it only cause personal loss or limited loss and disaster. Provided a country leader adopt bad idea, it always produce huge disaster for whole country, especially in those countries under dictatorship or authoritarian or tyranny or totalitarian ruling. Such as Nazi's Hitler use the racism to kill six million innocent Jewish people as the "final resolve"; the CCP regime under Mao's totalitarian, more than eighty million Chinese people were either killed or deliberately forced die of starvation!
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"All is yourself ask for!" my love one always laugh at me. My ex-wife asked me stop fighting against the CCP for family's reason, I refused, my siblings all required me to stop fighting for justice of free new China, again, I turn down their kind demand. all disasters come from the CCP regime's order to kill all information of Mr.Guo from all media in China forever. However, my "two-hundred and fifty style English" become the biggest barrier for me to find any decent job in western country now. lacking Language capacity and talent has been making me always feel frustration during my eight years political refugee life. Although study extremely hard and read extensively, I still feel very difficult to write papers with my own words is a kind of torture!
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It is said that the age is secret for female, as for male, it does not matter. then how old I am? I am 18, I am 28, I am 38, I am 48, I am 58, I am 68 years young! Do not believe? Let me tell you some top secret of mine: at 18, My dream is to be an industrial worker( under Mao's regime, working class is the leading class, of course only in theory, in reality the CCP and Mao, then Deng, Jiang, Hu and now Xi, control all power of China) at 26, I seems become a philosopher,at 28, I first become a real man, at 30, I was confuse whether I can be a qualify lawyer, at 35, I was named as one of top four young lawyers in China, at 42, I was named as one of the top maritime lawyer in China by Legal 500, at 45, I thought I am strong enough to challenge the evilest criminal regime in the world, at 47, I was forced to exile and lost my law firm and lovely family in Shanghai, at 50 I know nothing of "heaven fate"(Confucius at 50 know his Heaven fate) , at 55, I became one of the poorest prominent lawyer in the world, at 56 I am a homeless and hopeless but self thought as a noble soul wonder in the world. I really donot know how young I am!
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I have been talk to a number of oversea Chinese students, almost none of them concern about Chinese future and only few willing back China after graduate, great majority of them plan and wish to live in north American instead of back to the CCP evilest criminal regime.
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the trouble is my academic English is really too poor to qualify any decent job and I do not know how to improve it, although I am trying my best.
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Love, friendship, home all are important element in one's life; however, the most important feature is Self-confidence. if you lost love, or friendship or home, you still have opportunity to recover it one day; but if you lost self-confidence, you will loss everything: love, friendship, home, hope and future. Emerson said "self-trust is the essence of heroism". " they can conquer who believe they can" said of Dryden. as South put it, "Society if built upon trust, and trust upon confidence in one another's integrity".However, confidence do not means praises all or censures all or indifferent all, only trust those well deserve trust. Then who are they? it depend on wisdom and experience of life, only time can be the final judge.
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"Home, sweet home, even I have visited all palaces in the world, no matter wherever I have gone, the most valuable place is still my home". After more than thirty years hard working and struggle for freedom and justice, I never realize that I will become a homeless scholar. I miss my home where my soul can have a good rest, I remember my home where My love remain forever, I recall my home where my youthfulness has pass. "the spirit wind already green the south of river eight times, when the shinning moon company with me beck home?"
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The Plato's Noble liar means tell something not true or cover something for a noble purpose in order to avoid some unnecessary trouble. It is not same as "for purpose use any mean". formal usually do nobody harm, later always create disasters. For Good purpose, even tell a liar or cover a truth, usually bring better result, by the contrary, used evil means can never reach a noble purpose, because if a purpose have to use evil mean to realize it, which prove that purpose itself is not good one. I have a good reputation of honest man in my whole life, but I have to recognize that I am not hundred percent tell true for I also has experience of telling false massage or cover some news, especially dealing with female friends. My friends tell me that western culture respect hundred percent honest and liar is liar, even with a noble purpose. However,I really doubt it, if there is anyone in the world who in every area at every time, never tell a single liar or never cover a single fact. If there is anyone is such pure honest man or woman, please let me know.
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Except love, friendship is very important for healthy life. The best friends are those who can share your sorrow while enjoy your happiness, help you handle sentiment and spirit problem; therefore, the true and pure friendship is more value than diamond in one's life. Basically, Love relationship is different from pure friendship, although the best love relationship itself base upon friendship, it is connect with must more close with materialism, for even purest love is base on bread and flesh love; however, the true and pure friendship between either male and female, has none business with materialism and flesh love, but spirit adoration. Whoever has such true and pure friendship in their life is really the luckiest one in the world.
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If one love you deeply, one day she might hate you to death and only desire is to ruin your future and career, unfortunately, in my short life during past decade, there are two girl friend who is my best love, and finally by totally misunderstand, they turn their deep love to hate and try their best to destroy every good memoirs we have. what human nature it is?!


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