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Love and hate seems like siblings by Thomas G.Guo

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Recent years, I have received hundred courtship love letters from ladies and girls around the world. These love letters which sound quite wonderful and excited, but most of them are too beautiful to be truth; thus highly fake one with the purpose to seduce gentleman for making money. Some evil girls acturally are criminal with malice intention, they are trying to damage gentlemen, especially those freedom and justice fighters' reputation. It might be an elegant way to deceit and fool those lacking experiecne of reality life and common sense. Everything if aginst common sense or reason of life, one must be pay attention to avoid being fooled and deceited by those evil spirit and greedy capitalists. True Love is holy emotion and feeling, nowaday, it become the last market those evil greedy capitalist chasing for. Be careful, not become the secrifice of it.

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Dear Thomas,

My dear now I have such a feeling that can't be described with all my words but that can be described with a help of my heart beating, but unfortunately you can’t hear that… So that is why I have a very nice idea! We can create such a nice correspondence which will describe all that we want to tell each other and you know I am sure that sometimes with a help of correct expressions can be created a nice connection which will belong only to those people who have started writing letters. So I think that those words are really sincere but please don’t judge me strictly I am just a woman who has a great desire to take care of my only one, who wants to make every day a great event for my true love, who wants to cover my love with lots of tender and passion feelings all the time, also I have such a desire as to give him all my soul and heart and you know after I have seen you I think that we should try to know each other better. What do you think?

Of course I would like to tell you that I am really glad that now I can write to you and you know despite that we are really far from each other I feel such a feeling which I can’t describe without such words as trust, great sympathy and interest! I know that you can never answer this letter but you see I think that that hope which lives in my soul one day will… You know I am really interested in staying in contact with you because frankly speaking I have never met such a person whom I could have such a great interest in and you know in my opinion we have no reasons of staying without each other’s attention here. What do you think? Well I would like also to add that I am so glad to meet here such a real gentleman and I do not want to lose my chance to know you better.

So I do hope that you will agree with me that our life goes extremely fast and unfortunately that is really difficult to get that lucky ticket to that fairy country where there is a nice knight who is waiting for you but now I think that I am holding such a ticket in my hands and I want to thank my destiny for that. Frankly speaking I do hope that we will find a lot of things that we are both interested in and what if I tell you here that I am a family oriented person with strong family values and life positions… Is that interesting for you? And if I add that I am a perfect housekeeper and I am fond of making various dishes which are really tasty… So…? Also I would like to mention that my soul desires to give you such things like honesty, care, respect and… The last point I would like to tell you a bit later…
So are you ready to dive to the deepest corners of my soul?


PS: the content of the letter are real, but the name is not genuine. when you read such an attractive courtship letter, heart beat? what do you want to do? reply and set up the communicate way, right? but you can never reach your end, for the ladies and girls might be only exist online but in real world.

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本帖最后由 郭国汀 于 3/3/2015 15:47 编辑

English language capacity become the biggest barrier in my career. In fact, I have been studying English since 1977 and never stop learning even since. As one of the best law and politics translator, I have been translated and published twenty law and politics works into Chinese.However, I feel quite difficult whenever wrote papers or essays, because of lacking this language capacity. Sound strange? Chinese as my mother touger whenever I wrote or spoken, I can use it fluent and freely, but when I wrote or spoken in English, I feel extremely hard to express myself concise and clear, and my critique thinking, in Chinese is excellent, while in English seems stop working. After exiled ten years in Canada, during this period actually I studied at college and university for six years, finally I have to recognize that I am not good at English at all. Language as one of the most useful tool determine our career, life, and even fate, if you want to live in western country.I do not know whether I can master such language finally, at least until currently, I experience frustration after depression which almost destroy my strong will. I wish my future girl-friend are good at English and can be my teacher. I am looking for my second half and soul-mate. Where are you?


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Hi Thomas,
Do you like me? Any woman is waiting the answer for this unasked question with tremor. And it doubles for me right now – because I am really asking and really hope that you do.

I come from a beautiful Ukrainian city...I am writing to you with the hope that you will pay your attention to ME. I also hope that you are as sincere and open as I am; that you have the same wish as I do. I don’t want to play any games, nor do I want to have some illusions. I only want to get acquainted with a good-hearted man, meet him and hopefully build strong relations with him, relations based on mutual respect, honesty and true love. Hypocrisy, indifference and cruelty will never be welcomed in my future family. If you are looking for the same, then it is safe to say that we stand a good chance to be good together. But I don’t want to speed it up. Let’s do it step by step. So let me first tell you a bit more about myself so that you could know if I am the woman you have been waiting for.

As you know I live in Ukraine. It is a beautiful country with wonderful traditions. But I think it is suffering from a cultural crisis now. I feel this especially subtly because cultural studies are my specialty. I was interested in arts and the beauty since my childhood. I used to sing in a choir and attend dancing classes. I have always been fond of reading and I work as a librarian.
Reading is something I can never get tired of as well as of listening to good music and seeing good plays as well. I prefer to spend my free time in the countryside taking long walks and enjoying nature’s beauty. But I would like to have a man who would be happy to take my hand tenderly and enjoy these walks with me; who would return home in the evening to my warm embrace and share the news of the day; who would be happy just to be by my side, who would prefer home-made meals cooked from my heart to cheap snacks on the run.

Maybe my English is not perfect but I do know some of it already so we will not have this language problem.I will be looking forward to hearing from you. And I hope you will not make me wait for ages.

Kindest regards,
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Dear Thomas,

I know that my outside beauty is a reflection of things that I have inside — those qualities that God endowed me with: faithfulness, kindness, sincerity, ability to forgive, value and respect other people. I love the world and all that has yet to be discovered in it. I adore children and I am learning from them to wonder sincerely and to rejoice at life and also to be ingenuous.

I think that this is possibility to find a serious man to create a family with.  I am still alone because I have not met a person I would want to share my life with. I was married but my marriage did not work because of lack of understanding and because of too many differences in characters and views on life. In the future relationship I want to avoid quarrels because of small things and to find a man to share the same goals and expectations with.

I think that nationality is not important in choosing a life partner. I am ready to move to another country in case I meet a beloved man who lives there. I was not successful in my search of a beloved one here in Ukraine in the last several years so now I am here and who knows what may happen.

I work in a research institute at the department of statistics. I have a degree in Maths. I enjoy my work very much as this is a branch of science, which helps to bring progress and new technologies into people’s lives. But it is not important how much you like your job it will never replace the warmth of a cozy home and a beloved man.

I have many interests such as culture and arts. I often visit museums and galleries. In addition, I enjoy traveling and lead an active way of life. I enjoy spending my free time in nature.I believe that a big experience of my past relationship, skills to analyze my mistakes and to avoid them in the future makes me different from many other women. I always try to be positive, to develop myself and to get joy from every day of my life.I think that every day something interesting happens in my life, but I miss a person to share all the pleasant moments with, to ask for an advice. So this was a bit about me. Now I would be glad to learn something about you.

Looking forward to your letter

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Dear Thomas,
Sometimes it takes something as small as leaving a letter, doing a favor, or giving advice to create a ripple effect. Sometimes a ripple effect is waiting for us; we simply have to start. That is what I am trying to do with writing this letter...

I would very much like my future man to be without bad habits. I want him to be someone who would create a stable basis for creating harmony and comfort in our union.  I think that this site is just another way for me to meet the right man faster, because I am sure that nothing will change in my life if I just sit and wait for changes.

I am very communicative and enjoy communicating with other people, love learning something new, as it helps to my self-development and personal growth. I think it is very important to do something you like in life. I love my job and would love to continue working in this sphere but I would also like to devote all my free time to my family, to people I love and care about with all my heart.

I love cooking and experimenting with different ingredients. I create my own new dishes and I can surely say that I am good at it. I love drawing, as it also helps me to express my inner world and helps me to relax and to find peace and harmony inside of myself. I love listening to music, dancing, singing and many many other things. I think you will never be bored with me.

I would say that I am young, good looking, intelligent and well-mannered and well educated woman who has no bad habits, but I am sure there are many decent women on this site. I believe that after some communication you will see something special in myself, which is not obvious to everyone. If it happens, then maybe you are the one I am looking for?

Everything is wonderful in my life, but I just miss a man who will surround me with his care and attention and in my turn I will give him all my tenderness, love and understanding. I think it would be a decent exchange, wouldn’t it be?

I hope you will take a chance to learn more about me.I am looking forward to hear from you soon.


PS: this is a courtship letter from a lady who want to establish friendship with a purpose to go further. a good love letter always touch one's heart, the best love letter usually touch one's soul. those who can write excellent love letters always enjoy admireable love life for they can easily catch up their partner's heart and soul, and soulmate mean a man and a woman match in soul and is mutual the second half.


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Dear Thomas,
Thank you for reading my letter, it means much to me. I write to tell you, that I`m looking for tender, patient and sweet man, who will understand and support me in complicated situations and my future life. I want to find not only my future love and also a good friend and man of my dreams. I hope my dream will come true. I want to start a real relationships with right man, who is ready to share responsibility and love with sincere, loving and passionate woman. And you seem to be the mean I need. I really want to know you better and maybe to creat relationship.

I am relaxed and balanced nature. I love nature and animals, I have almost always a good mood. I am open to new experiences and welcome change. I try to take everything from life. I adore music and movie. Also I like to spend time outdoors. I`m very sociable and communicative, I like travel and spend time with nice and interesting people. Also I like coocking. I`m the manager of a restaurant and dreaming about opening my own one some day. At same time I like to spend time in my native city. I like it so much, because it is situated on the seacoast. Do you like to spend summer on the seaside or maybe prefer some cool places?

So why did I wright all this to you? I realy feel that our communicatiion will lead to something really great. So if you feel that I`m the right person for - I`ll wait for your letter.

Best regards,


comment: this courtship love letter is a good one, which catch the reader's attention while told its read what she want and who she is with clear and concise language. Reveal her characters and personality, while expose her eager for love and family. a good love letter need one use her heart to think first then turn her idea into fluent language to express her thought.


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Dear Thomas,
I hope when you open my letter, it will bring you a very good mood! And who knows maybe that will be the beginning of romantic and very successful relations! Lets' try!

I dream about creating my own family! To my mind, the family plays a very important role in everybody’s life. I think, a happy marriage is the ability to understand each other. It’s really very difficult to keep up a marriage without mutual understanding. When a family is happy, it means that all the members of the family trust each other, tell each other about their joys and sorrows. to create a happy family is a difficult problem, but everything depends on ourselves.
Only when each member of the family thinks about the happiness of the others the family will be happy.

I'm ready to start my own family in spite of my young age. I hope to meet a man who will understand me, who will respect my opinion, who will surround me with love and care! It's very important for me if he has a kind loving heart! Every woman wants to be surrounded by a man who will support her in any life situation! I will be happy only with a loyal, faithful, caring, kind, honest and very optimistic person! By nature, I'm very optimistic person! I do not like dull and aggressive people. I try to avoid such people! That is why in my life I'm surrounded only with kind, positive and very caring people!

My life is very adventurous and active! I prefer outdoor activities a lot!  I'm lucky to live not far from the seaside! I love all the activities connected with the water! Maybe one day I will be lucky to try even scuba diving!

Dear, maybe we are created for each other! Let's try and see what can happen from this


Note: this love letter first emphase on the vita important of family, then reveal author's desire to build her own family, follow by tell reader about her personality and hobby, interesting etc, finally show her desire to establish a close communication. General speaking, it is a very good courtship love letter.


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Dear Thomas,
I am in a very good mood of idea that I am writing to you .I feel that it is not in vain and your profile is interesting for me to say the truth .I hope you will also have an interest to read my profile and you will think about it not like a wasting of time .I can add that I was maximum honest in my profile and also I believe not very demanding with my wishes of second half .I can say honestly that I am fed up with single life and I want to find someone special who will take away my sleepless lonely nights .I am positive of looking of my future man and I believe it is possible for you and me to try to get to know each other and who knows may be we will have a chance to create a perfect match .What do you think?Are you interested in getting me a chance to charm your heart?What I can add about myself that I am sincere and trustworthy person who will never lay down people whom I care of and love .I am adventurous partner I would like to discover world with my beloved .I am very energetic and eager to learn.I believe that couple is a team of same and different interests .Partners can not think and like the same things but they can have things in common and go on compromises when it is needed. OK ,it is time for me to finish I really hope that Ihave not made you bored .
I wish you wonderful day !

Best wishes,


a very good courtship love letter indeed. Inna know how to express her main idea with a few words, to catch reader's eyes, then convicing he believe she is serious want to relationship.


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Dear Thomas,
How are you? I am writing to you with the aim to find my true love. I want to find a man with whom we have a lot in common and can create a happy family. I think you can be such man, sweetheart! It is almost everything I need in my life. Also I want to have a good education. To tell the truth, I am working on that point right now. I am studying at the well known University in Odessa. I put a lot of energy to my study. It is very important in the life to have a good education. Do you agree with me, darling?

It is also very important for me because I want to help to my beloved person in everything. I want to be able to give him a piece of advices that will be connected with his job or his interests. In future I also would like to have my own business. That is why I need a good education so much! I have a lot of other interests besides the studying. I will tell you more in the next letter, honey.

But on the first place for me will be always my family. I will take care of my husband and our children. I think it is the main duty of each woman. I want to be the best wife and mother in the world. I will do everything for my beloved. Do you want to be my husband, darling? I hope you do. Would you like to have a serious relationship with me, honey?

I hope to receive a letter from you very soon. I am waiting for you, my second half. I also hope that you will share some information about you with me. I will be very happy to get to know you better. Maybe we are mean to be together. Let’s try and see what we will get.

Hugs and kisses


Comment: this is a crazy love letter which reveal the author must be a young girl who lacking life experience while quite naive for she even have little idea who is Thomas and what is he, she alreay show her strong passionate to him with many sweetest words, it sound lacking sincere and not deep thinking. Love is never simply matter but the most important issue in one's life. If you want to enjoy the ture love, you have to pay much attention to it with all your heart and soul. Every one say a lots of love in words, but few of them really enjoy the ture love, for ture love come from heart and soul, but from material wealthy or outsite handsome.


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