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Love and hate seems like siblings by Thomas G.Guo

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Dear Thomas,
I decided to you write you a letter and to share with my thoughts and hopes! I want you to respect me and love me with all your heart! You don't need to be somebody else just to impress me, I would like it more if you'll simply be yourself. I like you for who you are anyway.
I wish you'd be able to stare straight into your heart! I want you to see real me!

All I really want is somebody who can make me smile, who can talk to my parents and tell them how much he loves and respects me, who will hold my hand when I need it! Your voice will be my favorite song! Your arms will be my home! I want you to make me feel special! Tell me I am cute even though I look like a mess. Listen to my stories even when you are sleepy.

We should not forget the "friend part". Inside the relationship I want you to be my best friend! I want to be comfortable with you. I want to hand-out with you, I want to talk, to laugh, act and be me without fear that you might get disappointed. I want us to continue grow as a person, to discover new things about each other every day!

I want you to tell me how much you love me until my heart memorizes it! I am working on being the right woman for you! I will wait because I know you will be worth it! I hope the magic will happen and we can truly say that we found each other!


Comment: this is the most crazy love letter I have ever read in my life. The girl who express her strong affection and adoration with strong will, either show her personality is quite streight and innocent, who must be have a pure heart and passinate emotion, who eager for love and be loved, who feel lonely and want to get rid off it as soon as possible. Her words sound genuine, her feeling seems real, and her desire are extremely strong. whenever a man receive such a love letter, it is almost impossbile for him to turn down such a lovely girls chasing. This is a typical western girl's way to pursue her lover. For she imagine herself as a princess. Few Chinese lady and girl will write such style love letters.


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Dear Thomas,
I feel right now like I'm taking my chances here, and I so much pray to God to have luck to have your response! Yes, I'm that determined! Why? Simply because happiness in my life was always out there but then some instance I realized I want to change it, and here I am.  Full of hopes and faith!

Give me the thumbs up please! I need it deseprately! I have a big soul where there's room for the man who wants to be my second half.  I look with wonder at that which is ahead of me and I ask you tenderly to light the candle for me in your heart and let me in to share all I have with you. I'm ready to expose for you my personality, my views, my emotions and opinions, I'm here, I wait...

Just throw the note that you are in and ready to dovetail with me! So let's catch this moment and make it last forever!

Your sweet Rose

Comment: this love letter come from a young lady who are desire for true love and a happy family, who must has strong personality and passionate emotion, even with strong will to dominent.  Her letter is short but full of strength and power, for the words come from her heart, and with faith to help her fulfil her sweet dream.


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Dear Thomas,
I am sure it is a wonderful day today, because I am writing this short but a very important letter to you! I am so overwhelmed with feelings and wish to share so many thoughts with you, but I am afraid it is impossible to do in one letter.

On this stage of my life I am searching for the only one who will be able to make me happy and forget about everything with me. I wish to meet him and I wish us to be dizzy from our love. I want to feel him and I want to dissolve in him. I am such a woman who is so deep in real feelings, who has life experience, who knows the art of man’s and women's mutual understanding and their souls!!! Yes, I know that I am not a young girl, but I am a woman full of passion, commitment and experience!!!

You know dear, love is honey that is sweeter than new sensations!!! Love is a wind and it can not get there where the doors are closed!!! But I am open and I am ready!!! I am very soft and tender and the man who will be beside me will be endlessly happy with me!!! I know the way to make him happy! Wink

I need mutual understanding in relations. I just need to love and be loved! Just write me and tell me about you, your life! What makes you sad and what makes you happy?

Warmly hug,

Note: I receive this courtship letter from one of my facebook friend few days ago, I have no idea who is she and where is she, neither know what is she and what is her true mind. Because I have receive several hundred similar love letters from all over the world, which make me puzzle why so many ladies and girls want me to be their boy-friend and why they choose me. frankly speaking, I suspected that most of them are fake one, for nobody will want and love the poorest man in the world, even if he used to be a prominent lawyer! Anyway, I appriciate Ms. Oksana's interest and love, and I sincerely wish you will find your soulmate and lover soon. May the God always bless with you.


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Dear Thomas,

I don’t have great traveling experience but I know a lot about other countries from books and movies. I can’t tell that my greatest dream is to live in another country, but I’m sure that if I find my love and am sure in my choice, I will follow my partner wherever he goes. I’m tired of loneliness and lack of love in my life. I’d like to be sure in my future man and to give him my love and care.

I always prefer to tell the truth and not to give empty promises. I think that people will treat us the same way as we treat them, so it’s better to be kind and generous to others. I am cheerful, optimistic and active. I really prefer the active and healthy lifestyle. In love I am tender and passionate at the same time. I am ready to give all my love and care to the only one who will be my second half for the rest of my life.

I’d like to find the man for whom the words like trust and support are not just empty words. I really want to build a family with my beloved man and if you communicate with me you will become sure that I’m the person who will never cheat on you.

Kind regards,

note: I almost believe it is a true love letter and Rose might be a perfect lover. However, when I find out that she is 182 cm tall, born in January 15, 1982, I strongly suspected whether it is a fake love letter again, how can a beautiful girl who are 14 cm taller than me and 24 years younger than me, fall in love with a penniless old gentleman. Anyway, I still thank Rose's love and wish her to find her true love as soon as possible. Life without love is not well worth living. Love more the world and touch the soul. Wish all lover in this materialism world find their lover. It is said that there are three kind of ladies and girls, first love money, second love power for power bring money, and third love love and family. I love the third catagory and I have no idea where is she and wish the God sent her to me in time.

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Dear Thomas,

I am writing you because I am an intelligent and enthusiastic young lady that you might like. I like to put an aim and get it. I think that I am a determined person, so, I am determined now to get your attention. I am sure you will not be able to resist!

Most of all now I need my beloved man’s tenderness, his care and his attention. I realized this and I will value this very much. I believe that love is the most beautiful feeling that has ever existed. And I am ready as never to give my heart away to the special one that I am sure I will soon find!I don’t want to persuade you. I don’t want to be imposing. I just want to tell you that time has come –time of love! And you will make the right choice with me.

Let’s try. We can both prove the law of life. People are best in love.

Sincerely, and waiting to hear from you!

Note: Believe it or not, since last January, when my ex Canadian girl friend kick me out of her house, nearly ten hundred beautiful ladies and girls in the world are pursuing me and sent me many attractive love letters. If only I am ten years younger I might be so excite and forge who I am. I am mature enough and of course I know what I want in my life, I also know what kind of woman I want to be my lover in the rest of my life. General speaking, Chinese ladies and girls prefer while man, because they have dilution that western man are romantic, caring and loving woman. To my knowledge, only those who are luck enough might met real western gentleman, majority Chinese woman who married western men might have a lots of trouble, such as life style, barrier of languge, food, seperate of financial responsibilities, customs etc. Usually westerner know how to express their feeling directly, and more romantic and passionate than Aian man, who looks much younger than westerners. Mix race marriage might be a good idea for a long run, for future human being become a genuine mankind family and eliminate war, poverty, and babarary forever.

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Dear Thomas,
What do you think about virtual communication? I think that on one hand it is rather difficult thing because you do not know person well, you do not know how to get along with this person, how will he or she react on your way of communication on your jokes and so on, but on the other hand you feel yourself safe to some extent and you are free in asking questions, in telling about yourself. As for me I incline more to positive side of virtual communication and I would like to invite you on our first virtual date, where we can feel ourselves absolutely free!

Now let me tell you a little bit about myself :) My friends tell that I am easy-going, have a good sense of humor, that I am a goal-oriented person and always achieve my purposes.

I consider myself to be not very demanding as for relations. I do not need a man who is perfect for everybody. I just want to find a man who will be perfect only for me, whom I can infinitely trust, be loved by him and feel myself like behind a stone wall. I know that I will love my man with all my heart and I will accept all his advantages and disadvantages.

Perhaps it can be you and I will be waiting for your message…



Note: When I was young I always dream that one day I will have a pricess with golden hair, brue eyes, preaty face and charming and sexy figure. Today, Lana wrote me a love letter and she met all in my dream! Love and be loved is really wonderful. However, If only I am ten years younger! Because Lana is only 26 years old!


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Dear Thomas,
Let me be a special woman for you. I want to cover you with my passion and love. I can be tender and romantic and I can turn into a wild woman. I want to start a new life – full of love and happiness. And I want you in this new life. Will you join me? Will you let me know you closer? One word, one smile, one breath – and a new chapter begin.

You may think that I’m too young and don’t have much experience in this life. But you will be surprised. I promise you!

I'm a good listener. So you are always welcome. I'm not a kind of lady who needs only feast. If you are sad and think that the whole world is against you, just remember - I'm here. I will listen to you. I want to inspire you. I want you to feel your wings. Do you feel them now?

And I want to play a game. Imagine yourself in a big house. You know that I’m there. How will you find me?
Bye for now!


Note: this is a 24 years old crazy girl wrote me days ago, which show she is very smart and know how to attract her pursuer attention. No man can trun her down and of course, she will always success whenever she want to catch up with her chasting. Love letters, whether long or short, the most important element is know the need and desire of others,not yours. Toruno must be a girl who know what man want and what man's desire in their heart and soul. If only I am ten years younger, definately I want her to be my sweetheart and lover.


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Dear Thomas,

I would like to ask you a question. I hope that you don’t mind. The matter is that I think there should be full clearness and understanding between the people when they want to have something in common. And what could it be that could connect different people from different countries with diverse mentality and way of thinking? In my opinion it is love!!!

I hope that you would agree with me that due to this high and light feeling everything in the world is possible! And of course the main thing in the life of every person – happiness can be obtained only when you are in love and when you have a partner who loves you very much and more than everything in the world!

I would like to meet such a person in my life and I think that I am able to make my man happy. I don’t know how to explain you my emotions but there is such assuredness that we should give it a chance and see what the future will bring to us! Let’s do it!

With hope,

Note: When I read this love letter, my heart bit fast, is it the girl who I am looking for? of course I agree with the love is everything, acturally my life philosophy there are three principle in life which are truthness, kindness and love, and the top value is LOVE. The problem is that as a penniless gentleman has no right to fall in love, even if he is famor lawyer and professor! For even the purest love is build upon bread. I even can not able to survive myself at the moment, and this is why I dare not fall in love again. I am sure your hope and dream will come ture soon and may the God bless with you, my good friend.


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