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Love and hate seems like siblings by Thomas G.Guo

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You are not good at politics at all!

Thomas G.Guo

In May 1986, My friend, a famous lawyer Li Weimin, said publicly that "Guoting, you are not suitable to be a lawyer, for you have too strong sense of justice and not good at public relationship". I thought he is right, so I tried to shift my job to be a judge three times, then I tried to transfer to be a teacher at university three times, unfortunately all my effort were failed and in 1994, I was accidently named as one of the top four young lawyer in China!

In Oct 2003, Miao Xiaobao, chief executive of Shanghai Justice Bureau, openly instructed me that " Lawyer Guo, do not involving politics! you are too young and too naive, the struggle between Political dissidents and us is the struggle of  bloody and life!". " I have no interest in politics, and in fact, I dislike politics and strongly look down upon politicians!" I responded. As the result, I lost my law firm in Shanghai in March 2005.

Again in March 2014, one of my twenty years old friend teached me that " you are not good at politics at all, I strongly suggest you to be a historical writer to write novel, which would be much better than being a statemen". "In essence, I hate politics, but seems the Politics love me and would not let me go, and I have no where to run away from politics, because my Heaven fate and mission is to eliminate the CCP regime in China" was my response.

If I can not be a good politician, who can?! If Chinese people really want to have a liberal democratic consitutional government and a geninue rule of law and a real happiness life, they will choose such "naive and stupid fool lawyer" as I am to be their future politician!

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True love is always base upon friendship, thus, understand and admire with each other is precondition of love. Ture love is nothing to do with age, wealth, outside... however, even if the purest love are base on bread, in this sense, it seems that there is no such thing as the purest true love.  Usually the outside attractive is first element decide who you will choose and interst, but inside charming is more important than outside handsome. other facter such as tall or short, fat or slin also have little influence on true love. To my understand, the essence of life is love, therefore, love life in human being is top important, life without love is boring and not well worth living. Love is always decide by fate, which means that there is something determine one's love life even if you do not realise that. in another word, it is the God who decide everything, of course including one's love life. Love is a kind of strong emotional felling, when one fall in love, he or she always miss his partner day and night. her or his imagin occupy his or her mind. When one lost his or her true love, either by fake or mistake, it always affect his life deeply for a long time. Love are base upon mutual trust, cheating and deceiting is the greatest enmey of the love. For in essence, Love is monopoly feeling, I doubt that in human being's mind whether they prefer have only one love.

If without moral requirement, if without law to adjust I am afraid everyone wish he would have more lover, both man and woman, and this is why one man and one woman marriage is only Christianity rule. According to human nature, man always want to enjoy sex love with many female, by the countrary, woman want to enjoy more than one sex partner, if without moral ethics restrain, therefore, marriage and family is the product of civilization and privaty property.

Plato is the first scholar who cliam communism and share wifes, for at antient time, women are property. In any society, if people's sex love ar satisy, where must be full of life and creatie power, because when man's desire meet greatest satisfy, they always can reveal the greatest stength of creativity. Western culture in this area is much open than Chinese, and this is might be one reason why since after 16 century, westerner invention achieve much great than Chinese. Some scholar said that westerner in fact learn from Chinese during 15 eentury after they got lots of information from China. since 1620 to 1720, European states had translated more than 500 classic Chinese work into English while Chinese only after 1900 start to translate some of western works into Chinese. thus, learn from others is the key issue to improve one.

love, understand,trust, admire, respect, tolerant, caring, and friendship are base of true love. True love make life become sunshine and love make people happy, lifes purpose is happiness, therefore, love play the most important role in any society and this is why love always are the theme of any literature in any country and in any civilization.

since to be happy is the main purpose of life, friends, let us love the God, who create everything, without the God without life. love life, which is the most valuable treasure, love friends, love all. love move the earth, love make the world become sunshine.

PS: I write this short massage with a purpsoe to force me to practice writing English, it is said practice make perfect. however, I did write a lots but it seems I did not make great prograss in capacity of this language,which make me sometimes feel so disappoint with myself. Since exile into Canada ten years ago, I have been living here long enough, read a lots, why My English write still in such a poor condition. sometimes I even lost my confidence and doubt whether I can really master English at all. whenever, I thought this I feel lost hope with my future.

Last week I caught a serious cold which affected by my roommate, and force me lie on bad for three days, during this time, I watch the seris speech by history professor Xin Haonian, and find that he is not only a wonderful historian, but also a great thinker, politician and theorier. I even think he is one of the best leader of New China, his elequent speech, clear logic mind, deep convience analysis, extensive knowledge of Chinese history and excellent memorary are really unique. thus I stongly suggest all friends to watch them twice, and sure enough all will earn something usufully in our life. Finally, I will try my best to practice my English here and wish I can overcome the biggest barrier in front of me.

March 13, 2015
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Competite for Name and fighting for intersting always being the main purpose of human life. Many people in their whole life to everything either for name or interesting. But fundamental end is for interesting, that is the 'little man' in Confucius word. In this sense, majority people in the world in nature are "little man". For YunZi or gentleman never pay attention to interesting.

As a man or woman, the biggest enemy always are themselves, which is desire for sex and greedy for wealthy. This is human nature and weakness almost everyone can not get rid of easily. Value of honesty is everyone ask for, but almost everyone tell lie sometimes, whether noble lie or malice liar. One of the evil is deceiving, which is so common in human society, either eastern or western, everywhere full of deceivers who are fooling people and cheating those greedy and stupid fool, however, even the smartest guy sometimes will become the victim of the deceiving.

Love is great feeling and affection, the true love is the top value of life, and this is why many criminal fool those naive person to robber them and ruin those politians.

I might be come from Heaven but from earth, despite not a stupid fool at all, but I have been deceived by a number of my best firends. As earlier as 1980s, I was betrayed twice by my two best friend for political reason. Because I trust my friend without condition, life teach me lessons, but I still trust friend and can not change my mind. Without trust, no love,no friendship, no life! even if sometimes being victim of betraying, I enjoy life, friendship and love much more than common people in the world!
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From my personal experience proved that honesty people always easily become the victims of deceiving and cheating, to some extension, Chinese people are honesty in general, because they always become the victims of deceiving and liar. The CCP fooled Chinese for 64 years and seems endless. One reason is the philosophy of Mencius "Human nature are good", this is clearly are wrong judgement, for only few person's nature are good, same as few person's naure are evil. majority people's nature neither good nor evil, depend on what kind of education they receive. The Government is only a necessary evil, which need constrain its power, otherwise it will easily trun into Levatan, a Monster eating mankind.  Political institution must be build on a presumption that all officers have a potencial to shift to evil under the power, which is a strong rotten juice. Life teach us lessons, We should learn from life to improve ourself day after day.
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Write academic papers is my biggest headacke job during my studying at Uvic. My original purpose back school to study is to improve my English language capacity, after five years extremely hard working, I might learn great deal, however, my English still belong to broken English, which show that I am not a smart student, but a slow mind.

"Practice make perfect" I first read this phrase when I was only 14 years old in the third middel school of Long Yen county, Fujian province. However I seldom write any essays in English until Spet 2011 after I back Uvic to read my second degree. Only from last year I start to write something online, to express my emotion, feeling, thinking, and dislike and love. It seems helpful to write daily in English. My friend told me that English is much better than Chinese, I disagree, for at least for myself, I can express myself clear and concise in Chinese much better than English, mother tonger always malt into our soul, second language, even you master it well may only catch half of original thought of yours.

Language is a useful tool, to help you communicate with others, to exchange ideas, thoughts,and information. The top important is ideas and thoughts, original thinkers are greatest and valuable treasure of nation, ethnics, and state. Thus, the best policy of government must be protect free thinking and thought, encourage free discussion and debate, becasue the great ideas and thoughts only grow up under free market of thoughts. Great leader of any country must be promotion of free thought and debate, he do not afraid others will over pass him and lost his power.

Politics is about power and authority, thus is the most important human rights. Rights of participate political debate, discussion, communication, are precondition of any great civilization, without such rights, none good ideas and thoughts can survive. Political rights and civil rights and economic rights are close connect and rely on with each other. Human being in essence are spirits rather than materials, especially to those great souls, although common person are lacking thoughts and only materials being.

My mission is through restore the Republic of China, to build up a genuine liberal constitutional republic democratic government with real rule of law. Political thought must be absolutely free. Freedom of expression, independent judicial, and fairness and justice elected all public officers, is the only way which can help Chinese people to have a dignity and happiness life.
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Last term I have a assignment to write a research papers, the topic I choose is about same sex marriage. However, before research I have no idea of homosexual at all, I only feel it is a abnormal and disgust act which might be human being's ancesters sin leave to their offsprings. Now I did read a number of articles in this topic, and I nerrow my research area to moral or immoral of homosexual issues. From pure morality perspective, sure enough the homosexual is immoral. The problem is that why people become homosexual? up to date, no answer.

In Febuary 1984, I fall into a deep thinking, during that time, starting from law, politics, history, I shifted into phylosophy issues, such as what is the nature of human being? whether mankind's nature is selfish? where is the mankind come from. Love as the nature of universal, the relationship between sexual love and spirits love and creativity. I thought at very beginning human being must be mixed their sexual life without such thing as marriage. For that time community must be a small tribal, with a chief and some courage warriers, they hunting and fishing and gather nuts and fruit, not broken back born labour agriculture, living a quite leasure and happy big family life. everyday they sleep, entertain, enjoy nature beauty, but not necessay to work. becasue there are other tribal also living the same style, each tribal must have their own jurisdiction and governance area, the board divide by natural georagy such as river, mountain, valley. They also have to face the danger of wide animinal to keep life safe. Thus warriers are respected by all members of tribe. Since that time the only competition come from two side, one is other tribals fighting for their hunting and fishing, and picking fruits and nuts, second is wide animal, the chief must be old wise man, woman and female belong to all male member of that society. Any in such primiary stage, people are still barbarious without civilization. They sex relationship are loose, each as husband and wife without strict limitation. But young strength and courage warriars heroes, must be have privilege to enjoy all young and beauty female. All according to natural law, old to old, young meet young, their offsprings must be strong and healthy.

When population grow up and live space not enough to support all members rely on natural economic only, people start dig land to plant rice, maize, milete and other agriculture products, labour make land product much more food than natural products. from then on, they would not killed the enemy who trun to be slaves who was forced to labour for their labour can produce much more foods than they exaust. When products is more than oneself need to survive, they will ask for comfortable life, use their own product to exchange others product, the wealthy gather into few chief's hand, born a rich and poor classes, which divide society into different group.

The homosexual must appear after this stage, for rice old people might marriage young and beautiful woman who might be their daughter even grand daughters generation. Although sex among same blood relative is harmful and through custom forbidded such marriage at very early stage, never have any law or custom forbidded different generation people's intermarriage, and this is might the secret reason why homosexual appear, that is, the homosexual is not create by the God, but by people's own wrong choose, although it is mankind ancesters wrong choose. Since all civilization exist the same problem, that rice old man can marry young different generation woman, this must be inbalance their sex rate in their offsprings biology, which make them innate have such abnormal sex orientation.

Of course, this theory is only base on my pure imagination and reference from logic and reason, no historical and scientific evidents to support my arguements. Since scientist until today, do not know where is the homosexual come from, and what cause it is, my presumption sound reasonable, at least can self-explainanation.

My argument is that homosexual is a issue of moral, homosexual is not create by the God bu by Men themselves, which is not nature, but abnormal, which is not innate as whole human being, but individual, which can avoid but inchangable.

My thesis is that homosexual is not nature or good will of the God nor is healthy way of life, by the countrary, it is harmful to social moral requirement, government should not encourage such practice. Despite it is not normal life style, a normal society should sympathy to the victims of homosexual, protect their legal rights and equal rights, but not neccessary to encourge them to effect sociey.

To support my arguements, I will used history, legal, literature, and other evidence to back my thesis. However, I have to point out that my argument is not scientific test nor is sound reason base on reality but only though thinking and imagination. thus my presumption might not necessay the only truth, although I did thought my arguement might be the best explaination to this issue.
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Why I choose this topic to write my academic paper? First, I have no knowledge of homosexual, in reality so many country nowaday recognize the rights of homosexual gays and lesbians, which make me want to know why and what reason. second, it become a constitutional issue, equal rights, and morality problem. third, one of my student who told me he pro-same sex marriage, which give me a sign that he himself might be a gay, and I learn that a famour democratic fighter is a gay, one of my best famale friend also told me that she support homosexuality, which make me really curis for such phenomenon. Finally, My purpose is through reseach this interest topic,I can learn something about human nature and understand human being.

Teach require us to reference at least six academic papers before to write our essays, I read more than twenty academic articles and four books on this topic instead, although I have enough information to write an academic papers now, when I sit down try to write my papers,I find that is not easy job at all. Too many information make me do not know which information I should use as evidence, what arguement I should cited to support my arguement, which thesis from those papers is useful as supporing theory to prove my argument are reasonable. To write any papers, first we should choose a suitable topic, which is not too grand nor too nerrow, former make you impossible to express yourself clear and convincing within limited pages, later make you not able to say enough points to help you establish your thesis and arguements.

Fixed the topic,and argue your thesis, next you should outline your papers, such as introduction, main arguements, usually three points, each with evidence and example to support your thesis, finally you conclusion. what you need make sure is that you must have a clear thesis, your arguements must have evidence and example to support, your conclusion must be sound in logic and reason. the most important is that you must use your own words, analysis your arguement and reference your logic and reason. the purpose is to convincing your readers, you must consider your readers interest and make them are interest in your topic, your thesis, your logics, and your arguements, your reason and your analysis.

To write a good articles, you must be use clear and concise language, plain logic, sound reason and common sense, interest and humor style and fluent language. objective attitude, fairness and justice judgement. respect readers. even if you disagree with someone's opionion, remember that you should respeact other people's dignity and always object instead of subject to make justice judgement.

Next essays is what is the best way of China? revolution or political reform? how to carry on revolution and why it is the only way to liberalization of China.
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whenever I hear the ligh classic romantic musics, my mind full of love. the most touch my heart music is western opera song by Sarah Brightman whose sweet voice transparent my soul to my inner heart. I really enjoy her singing which arose my emotion of affection easily.
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Since graduated from the University of Victoria in June 2015, I have been applied for numberless jobs and met deaf ear ever since, which turn my burning desire being a China analyst, Chinese translator, and Chinese language communication analyst to ice point, and finally I give up any application for I realize that all my efforts is useless in such a cold world which only pay attention to money and material wealthy but careless of spirit and soul that is the essence of human being. Nowadays, almost only those who with a noble soul might pay attention to such issues, and therefore you will have to suffer the greatest injustice and lost your own freedom, because you choose to be a fighter for freedom and justice.
In Feb 2015, A friend of mine invited me to move to USA to cooperate with him to fight for justice and freedom of China, I immediately accepted the offer for it meet my desire and life mission. However, when I am ready to move, the invited who himself move away from that city. From then on, the similar story repeatedly happened in my life like test my patient. In July, DC a lady called and offer me a generous condition to let me do my best for China democracy, she said that she knows me 15 years ago and from then on she keeps a close eye on me and have read all articles about me and she wants to help me to fulfill my dreams.Again when I went to DC to make sure whether the offer is a real, not a fake one, to my great disappointment that the offer simply comes out of the heart out of the mind, which beyond she could possible to do. At mealtimes, one of my students years ago, invited me to be a legal counsel, of course, this time I start to doubt my career under such a condition, what is the wrong, what has become I am? I really lost in somewhere, and after that one after another,I met deaf ears, again and again, I wonder why and suspect that whether I am finished.
What is the main reason why you have to meet so many disasters in my life. How can you avoid any bad situation. From the very beginning, you seem to have a brighter and promising career in anywhere and for any area but now it seems all doors are closed and you.
The faith has gone, there is no future no hope no wish no desire any picture in my mind. it is the time say goodbye to the world.
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The freedom and justice fighter have to face lose their own freedom and suffer a great deal of injustice.  Why you still want to choose this road? Have you ever think it over before you make the decision and did you prepare to handle the matters. As a lawyer, what you should do to deal with cases, it should study all facts, evidence, summary the main points and analysis what will be the result in the court trial and how many winners chances the clients might have. it is quite stranger that when you decide to shift your business from maritime to human rights, why you do not calculate what kind of risks will have to face and what the result will follow. To speak honestly, at that time I really too naive that I thought through our efforts to fight for justice we will change China step by step. How foolish were you? Everyone knows that the CCP regime is an evil criminal rogue state. All understand how bad such a political situation it is, few deny that the CCP is the source of all disasters happened during past seven-decade. The problem is how to eliminate such an evil criminal regime? We already know what and why, now it is how, the answer is waiting for reply and response by all of us.  
The Phenomenon of Guo Wengui, because we lost confidence for too long and when Guo appeared we mislead by his wonderful presentation and thought he might be the one who can lead people to end the CCP regime.  He did wake up many ordinary people who never pay attention to politics before, and so many ordinary people stand up to speak out their mind against the CCP regime. One reason is that Guo is a billionaire, commoner ar fantastic with wealthy, they admire such a powerful man who seems handsome and convincing for whatever he said. He is a good player and actor especially have a clear mind and sound public speech which fool many even me for a while. The time judge everyone, what is the real what is the truth, what is fake only the time can tell.
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