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[情感] One of the poorest lawyer in the world

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One of the poorest lawyer in the world

Today online I find follow massage which said that Thomas Guo Guoting "serves as visiting legal professor at many universities". It sound wonderful, is it ? However, it is not truth. Because since being forced exile into Canada, I were turn down by many university serves as visiting law professor one after another: including Harvard, Columbia, Yale, UBC...currently I am a mature student studying at uvic, and "one of the poorest lawyer in the world"!

“Good versus evil. A fractured nation. A family torn apart. The banished hero continues to fight from exile. This book carries all the hallmarks of myth, and yet it really happened. Tang Baiqiao has torn back the veil. Let the world take a good long look. Here is a true story of Tiananmen Square.”
—Thomas Guo Guoting, leading human rights attorney, law professor, author

Award-winning Chinese human rights lawyer, Guo Guoting, practiced law for over 20 years in Shanghai. But in 2003, Guo turned his practice toward defending journalists, cyber-dissidents, fellow civil rights lawyers, and Falun Gong practitioners. The Chinese Communist government reacted strongly. In 2005, it revoked Guo's license, placed him under house arrest, and launched a criminal investigation into his affairs. Thanks to appeal by the international human rights community,Guo was released from captivity and safely arrived in Canada in May of 2005. He now lives in British Columbia, where he writes articles for the international press, edits and translates same, and serves as visiting legal professor at many fine universities. http://damondimarco.com/tag/thomas-guo-guoting/


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China: Guo Guoting, Lawyer
April 7, 2005 http://www.lrwc.org/guo-guoting-lawyer/
In March 2005, the Shanghai Bureau of Justice banned accomplished Chinese lawyer Guo Guoting from practicing for one year. Charged with defiling and slandering the Communist Party and government, this recent action is only the latest in a series of harassment Mr. Guo has faced in past months for his legal work on behalf of activists.

Labelled the accidental activist by the New York Times, Mr. Guo is a respected, nationally known attorney in China who specialized in maritime law for over twenty years before he began human rights practice in 2003. A founding partner of Shanghai Tian-yee Law Group, Mr.Guo is Arbitrator of the China Maritime Arbitration Commission, a member of the International Bar Association, Committee of Maritime Law and Committee of International Trade Law, and visiting professor of Wuhan University, Shanghai Maritime University and China Economic and Trade University. He has also translated and authored over a dozen law books and published more than 200 papers in the fields of commercial litigation, arbitration practice, international trade law and maritime law.

Guo Gouting, also known as Thomas G. Guo, first raised the ire of Chinese authorities when he represented fellow Shanghai lawyer Zheng Enchong, who had been jailed after a five-hour secret trial for defending the right-to-housing for Shanghai residents. Zheng, who was sentenced in October 2003 to three years in prison, was formally charged with supplying state secrets to foreign entities after faxing public documents about a real estate case to a human rights group in the United States. Guo's client had angered Shanghai officials by filing hundreds of lawsuits on behalf of dispossessed Shanghai residents amidst alleged official corruption in land sales.

Since 2003, Guo has been legal counsel on a number of controversial cases involving Falun Gong members, activist journalists and cyber-dissidents, including imprisoned writers Shi Tao, Zhang Lin and Huang Jinqiu. Guo was handed a year-long work ban after being accused of defiling and slandering the Communist Party and state government. In their decision, authorities cited articles written by Guo and posted online, including a piece for the Epoch Times online magazine on February 16, in which he explained his defence of Qu Yanlai, a Falun Gong practitioner imprisoned near Shanghai (http://english.epochtimes.com/news/5-2-16/26439.html).

Guo has faced significant official harassment and intimidation designed to prevent him from carrying out his duties as a defence lawyer. Authorities have illegally prevented Mr. Guo from meeting with his clients and have stormed his office, seizing his computers and licence. He was also placed under house arrest and may face imprisonment.

Mr. Guo’s case has drawn the attention of international human rights groups, including Amnesty International and Reporters Without Borders.


On April 7, 2005, a letter of concern written by Clive Ansley, LRWC China Country Monitor, was sent to Mr. Hu Jintao, President of People's Republic of China, with copies sent to the Minister of Justice and Director of the Shanghai Justice Bureau. The letter expresses grave concern for the safety of Guo Guoting, and for the acts of intimidation perpetrated against him by the Shanghai Justice Bureau and the Chinese Public Security Bureau. The letter reminds President Hu of China's legal responsibilities under the country's own constitution as well as numerous binding international conventions to which it is a signatory.

LRWC laments the treatment of Lawyer Guo Guoting, whose case is indicative of the lack of progress on issues of human rights and the rule of law in China.

The Epoch Times | Chinese Attorney Exposes Human Rights Abuses in Shanghai Prison

Falun Gong practitioner Qu Yanlai is currently imprisoned near Shanghai. As his attorney, I have not been given permission to meet with him despite my repeated requests. Through the process of his detention, he has been physically abused and mentally tortured.Qu graduated from the Energy Engineering…


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Reporters Without Borders expressed outrage at the treatment of a brave lawyer, who defends journalists and dissidents facing heavy prison sentences, after the Justice department in Shanghai, eastern China, searched Guo Guoding’s office on 23 February and seized his computer and lawyer’s licence. A few days later he was banned from practising his profession.

Reporters Without Borders expressed outrage after courageous lawyer Guo Guoting, who has defended several journalists and cyberdissidents facing harsh prison sentences, was warned he is to be banned from practising law.
A few days before he received notice of the ban, Justice Department officials in Shanghai, eastern China, searched his offices, on 23 February 2005, and seized his computer and lawyer’s licence.

"This case shows very well that the Chinese government has no desire to respect the rule of law. By banning Guo Guoting from following his profession, the authorities are also denying journalists and cyberdissidents of their fundamental right to be defended," the worldwide press freedom organisation said in a letter to Justice Minister, Zhang Fusen.

The lawyer told Reporters Without Borders that the seizing of his computer and his licence was a form of "theft". He had been warned that the ban would last one year. A hearing will take place in Shanghai on 4 March to confirm the ban.

He said the decision followed pressure from Beijing to prevent him from defending journalist Shi Tao, whose trial in Changsha for "illegally divulging state secrets abroad" is to be held behind closed doors on 7 March. Despite this, Guo Guoting was still planning to attend court with a colleague.

Guo Guoting, also known as Thomas Guo, said the Shi Tao case was based on a poorly defined law on state secrets. The interpretation of and concept of so-called secrets was very vague so it was easy for the authorities to apply this law to journalists expressing themselves too freely.

Guo Guoting is one of very few Chinese lawyers prepared to defend journalists and cyberdissidents. He recently took on the cases of dissident journalist Yang Tianshui, just released after a month in prison in Hangzhou in the southeast, and of cyberdissident Huang Jinqiu, sentenced to 12 years in prison in 2004. Guo Guoding recently brought to international attention the fact that Huang Jinqiu was tortured to prevent him from bringing an appeal before the supreme court.

Lawyer for several journalists and cyberdissidents harassed and facing a professional ban -...
Reporters Without Borders expressed outrage at the treatment of a brave lawyer, who defends journalists...

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" Freedom and Justice fighters have to suffered the greatest injustice and lost their own freedom" Thomas G.Guo said in May 2005 after being forced exiled into Canada. Unfortunately all my personal experience proved my remark is absolutely truth. No body care about justice, only those "stupid fool" like Thomas really care about justice and freedom.

It seems same that the " Honesty people always have to suffered the great deceiving, cheating, lying themselves". Such phenomemon prove that human nature are evil and rotten in modern world. Becasue pure soul and mind are simple, they never imagine the evil or any mean in their mind and soul, however, majarity people in the world are corrupted by the evil spirits and rotten by materism. Justice is not always winner, just as the good men and women are not always enjoy happiness life.
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Sometimes I really thought that I am one of the "stupid fool" lawyer, who are too integrity and too simple as well too honesty. In this highly corrupted and rotton world, everywhere full of dirty game, cheating, deceiving, lying...

Generally speaking, I am an honesty man who trust friends, believe the God, with a golden heart and pure soul, although I am not a perfect either in morality or in love. I love life, love all kind of animal, plant, love mankind, love nature, love mountain and ocean, in a word, my heart full of love and without space for hate.

Despite treat my friends with whole heart and sincerely, I was betraied by my best friends twice for political reason, one is my best friend in Jilin University, the other is my first girl-friend and finace!

Life taught me a lots of lessons, women become my good teachers, I respect women and love those who understand and love me. However, some women also tried their best to destroy me when they misunderstood me.  It is said that even the pig will not hit the wall for twice, I sometimes doubt the remark's correction.

The first woman I love is my beloved mother, who is an ordinary but great female with a golden heart and pure soul. the second women I love is my siblines who understand and support me, no matter whatever I become. The third women I love are those ladies and girls who understand and love me in my life.  In fact, I do not understand women's mind and soul, but I do love those ladies and girls who can understand and love me. "Your success are because of women, your failed also because of women".  Any successful man must be have a great woman back him.

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